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Our photographers Melbourne are the best in the field. Their extraordinary work has been admired by Vogue, Hunger Magazine and -most importantly- our clients.

Juan Farrell

Juan’s impressive knowledge of photography, French impressionism and rückenfigurs make him a walking encyclopedia - he’s definitely one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.  Juan has worked as a photographer in India, Germany, Hong Kong, Dubai and Lima shooting fashion, advertising and m... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Why It's Time for Modelling Agencies to Start Signing Petite Models
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The modelling world has been continuously evolving with more people using their voices to promote diversity in the fashion industry. We no longer want models to represent the image of perfection but rather see them as something natural and realistic. Thanks to our voices, brands such as ASOS and Aerie embraced the changes and stopped photoshopping out their models' stretch marks. We are now closer than ever to finally proving that beauty comes in all sizes, colours and backgrounds. However, ther... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Meg's Top 11 Editorial Makeup Looks
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Do you need a boost of makeup inspiration for your photoshoot? Look no further! In this article we are breaking down 11 of The Photo Studio’s most iconic editorial makeup looks. From glamour makeup to natural looks, we’ve got you covered with tips to help you achieve these looks yourself.

By Meg Swain

1. Galactic Glamour

Source: The Photo Studio

This editorial makeup look combines dark colours with sharp lines. The vampy, deep red lip contras... Read More
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If you are a petite model, it can be difficult to find petite modelling agencies to represent you. The fashion industry defines petite models as women under 5'7" and men under 5'11". Petite models are often overlooked by modelling agencies, and those that do have a petite modelling division may only sign a small number of models. Petite modelling agencies are few and far between - but we have done a deep dive into the modelling agencies in Australia, and found 7  modelling agencies that ha... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Cassandra Lubin
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High School Student Cassandra Lubin came into The Photo Studio Australia after seeing a competition on Instagram, deciding it was time to take the next step.

“Modeling and taking pictures has always been something I’ve been interested in and passionate about, although I had never had enough motivation or confidence to do anything about it until The Photo Studio contacted me.” Says Cassandra.

While her day-to-day style is classically modern one day and alternative the ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Ghazal Morad
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Primary School Teacher Ghazal Morad came into The Photo Studio Australia with the intention of creating a series of shots to empower her.

Describing her style as, “independent, unique, and sophisticated”, Ghazal worked to create a portfolio that was classical, playful and distinctive. As she explains, certain garments were chosen to express aspects of her personality.

“I love fashion, styling and looking my best. I have always believed that beautiful souls have positi... Read More
flip card Thumbnail 10 Iconic Photo Shoots to Inspire Your Shoot
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Whether this is your first photo shoot or your 100th, it can be hard to know what to expect when you come in and can be difficult finding inspiration for styling your shoot. We picked 10 of the most iconic photo shoots of all time to help you plan your shoot.

By Monique Courtney

10. The Power of the White Shirt, by Peter Lindbergh

Shot in 1988, this shoot featured six supermodels—Estelle Lefébure, Karen Alexander, Rachel Williams, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana P... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Catherine Chea
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University Student Catherine Chea came into The Photo Studio Australia after a split second decision to enter a competition that was running on Instagram.

2017 had been one of the hardest years of Catherine’s life, dealing with both mental health issues and an eating disorder. Catherine wanted to use her time at the studio to celebrate how far had come after recovering.

“I always hated the way I looked and I always hated taking photos. But that one day when I went to ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Evangeline Hbeiche
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Mum of two Lucy Hbeiche came into The photo Studio Australia to encourage positivity and self-love in her daughter Evangeline.

Lucy says teaching kids the importance self-esteem at such a young age is critical in a world where people constantly compare themselves to others.

“I believe photography can increase self-esteem, and I often encourage my family and friends to get their professional photos done. I’m a mother of two girls, Evangeline is my eldest and I talk to ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail How I Got My Son Into Child Modelling - Troy Cabuenas
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Troy Cabuenas is a star in the making. He may only be 8 years-old, but he is already a child model signed with a major agency. How did Troy get signed? What qualities does he possess that makes him a great model? What advice does his Mum have for other parents looking to get their child signed by an agency? Read this article to find out.

By Meg Swain

This year, Troy was signed by JR Management. His mum, Jessica, used the photos taken of Troy at our Melbourne studio to g... Read More
flip card Thumbnail 7 Opportunities for Petite Models
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There are vast opportunities for petite models in the fashion industry. Doors that used to be shut to them have begun to open, and we are seeing more petite models working in the industry than ever before. We have rounded up the top career opportunities for petite models right here.

By Meg Swain

Petite models typically do not work in high fashion modelling in runway shows. For this type of modelling there are height and size requirements, as models are hired to fit the ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Five Reasons For Men to Try a Photo Shoot
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We’ve all considered it. Laid awake late at night, partner asleep next to us, wondering what they’d think if they knew. What your friends would say once they found out. How your mum and dad would look at you differently. How you would muster up the courage to open your mouth and say the words “I want to do a photo shoot”.

Like it or not, there’s a million different excuses for us men to say we don’t, wont, and can’t do a photo shoot. But when you boil it down, it’s really about ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Tokaya Saunders | Featured Portfolio
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High School Student Tokaya Saunders first came into The Photo Studio Australia wanting to channel the British street style she had picked up from her time living in London.

Tokaya’s personal look is an eclectic mix of different decades. Taking the best styles from the last 40+ years, she really let her panache shine through the photos.

“I think my personal style is kind of a mix of all different aspects of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and sometimes even a little bit of the 2000... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Ashton Booysen
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Working Fulltime in sales, and part time as a Barber in his own studio, Ashton Booysen came into The Photo Studio Australia to finally step into the world of modelling.

When describing his personal style, Ashton says he tries to create a mix of old meets new. Combining garments like tailored pants with pristine white trainers, he finds the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down.

“My personal style would be a mix of old school and also new, influenced by s... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Aleya De Leon
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Fashion Student Aleya De Leon initially came into The Photo Studio Australia to take her modeling skills to the next level. With a personal style she defines as ‘street and sporty’, she wanted to capture her relaxed but luxe look for the shoot.

“I’ve been doing fun photo shoots between my friends outside of the studio and thought it was time for a professional shoot to gain experience and have a glimpse into the industry.” Says Aleya.

“The styling choices of my outfit... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Temy Lantiyana
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Working a nine-to-five in finance as well as a musician, Temy Lantiyana was inspired to create a portfolio with The Photo Studio Australia after seeing work online.

“I had seen their work around the web and I loved the creativity and felt my vision could be brought to life with them.” Says Temy.

Describing her a look as a “blend of edgy and sophisticated”, Temy was able to craft a portfolio that showed a wide range in both outfits atmosphere. From classic black and wh... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Amy Griffin
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High School Student Amy Griffin always played with the idea of becoming a model. So when she stumbled across a promotion for The Photo Studio Australia, she knew it was time to give it a shot.

“I saw an amazing opportunity to kick start my dream. Their creativity and passion for modelling and photography drew me in straight away.” Says Amy.

Amy describes her fashion sense as varied and diverse, with her day-to-day style switching between casual streetwear and a refine... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Damian Manczal
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Site Manager Damian Manczal was already a budding Freelance Model when he decided to enter one of The Photo Studio Australia’s Instagram competitions, hoping it would help him build up his modelling portfolio.

“Contestants had to submit a direct message using 25 words or less to describe why they felt that they should win. From there I got a call with an offer to do a shoot and I was in.” Says Damian.

Damian describes his style as a mix between traditional and modern ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Andrea Machado
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Hairdresser Andrea Machado came into The Photo Studio Australia to create a series of photos that expressed who she is a person. By using different clothes, Andrea wanted to create a story – something she has always loved about photo shoots.

“I really enjoy the way a photo can tell a story and, most of all, what you can transform yourself into for a photo shoot, whether it’s a costume or nice dress.” Says Andrea.

“I would have to say I do enjoy a lot of different styl... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Stephan Rochescouste
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Professional Wheelchair Tennis Player Stephan Rochecouste came to the Photo Studio Australia with the goal of creating a shoot help make disability modelling more mainstream.

For the shoot, Stephan took creative nods from big name brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss. Working with the team, his shots were used to tell a wider story involving the nature of disability and modelling.

“I wanted to show that both the model and the clothes could be on show in a ... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Christi Wescombe
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Bar Hostess Christi Wescombe originally came into The Photo Studio Australia to create a shoot contrasting light and dark. By pairing bold hues with murky backgrounds, Christi and the team created something truly striking.

“I’ve always been interested in photo shoots and the whole fashion and modeling industry, so when I saw The Photo Studio was doing a competition I thought it would be a good opportunity.” Says Christi.

Describing her style as “anything but beige”, C... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Vyntana Black
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After being tagged in an Instagram post by a friend, Vyntana Black decided to step out of her comfort zone. The University Student, and now Freelance Model, has since gone on to work a number of modelling jobs since her initial shoot at The Photo Studio Australia.

Describing her style as “comfortable but still fashionable”, Vyntana normally wears a mix of streetwear and grunge styles. She wanted to change it up for this photo shoot, instead opting for a lighter colour palette to... Read More
flip card Thumbnail Featured Portfolio | Gabriella Millen
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With a lifelong passion for dance, Junior Dance Teacher Gabi Millen has dedicated much of her life to the art. Coming into The Photo Studio Australia, Gabi wanted to create a photo shoot that simply expressed who she was as a dancer and as a person.

“For my shoot there wasn’t a story as such, it more self-exploration. My studio stylist helped out with bringing my ideas to the next level and I really just wanted the photos to reflect me.” Says Gabi.

Embedded in her sto... Read More