Where are your studios located?

We have 3 Studios across Australia. The addresses are below:
Sydney – 5 Franklyn St, Glebe. NSW 2037
Melbourne – 2 Hertford Street, Fitzroy. VIC 3065
Brisbane – 308 Montague Road, West End. QLD 4101

Is there parking available at your studios?

Onsite parking is available for our Melbourne and Brisbane studios.
For our Sydney studio the easiest place to park is next door in Broadway Shopping Centre.

Who do I contact if I’m running late, need to cancel or reschedule?

Please call the studio on 1300 818 288 and follow the prompts.

Are you a model agency?

We are not a model agency and do not represent models.
We are a Photography Studio and we act as a stepping stone to the modelling industry, helping you to build a portfolio and gain experience to increase your chances of success as a model.

Will you submit my photos to model agencies for me?

We do not submit your photos to model agencies for you. We can however, provide you with a list of recommended model agencies based on your unique look and we also cover agency applications as a topic in our modelling workshops and webinars.

Can you guarantee I will get work as a model?

Unfortunatly, we cannot guarantee you will get work as a model, as modelling is a competitive and fast-changing industry. Our expert and experienced team will guide you and give you the tools and knowledge to start your modelling journey but you will need talent and dedication to become successful. We also run modelling workshops available for you to attend. See our Workshops page.

Can my friends/family come to my photo shoot?

Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 1 parent or guardian can come to your photo shoot and all in attendance must be double vaccinated and provide a vaccination certificate.

Do I have to bring a parent/guardian?

If you are under 21 we recommend you bring a parent/guardian to your photo shoot for support. If you are under 18 then it is required.

Do I need a portfolio to model?

Your portfolio is like your resume. Do you need a resume to get a job?
Not always, but it certainly helps. Model portfolios can be useful in a variety of ways – to apply for agencies, to publish on an agency website, or to gain work as a freelance model.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, card and offer afterpay, payright and more.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Orders are confirmed during the viewing apppointment and should not be cancelled or varied. Please contact your Producer directly should you have questions.

When will my order arrive?

Once your order is placed, you should receive text message updates on the production status.
If you would like to check the status of your order now you can call the studio on 1300 818 218 and follow the prompts.

Who do I contact regarding my payment plan?

For any matters regarding your payment plan, please contact your Producer directly.
You can find their contact information in the client pack given to you at your photo shoot.

Do I have to buy photos?

You are not obligated to buy photos from your photo shoot.
Of course we hope that you will take something home as a keepsake, but the choice is yours.

What are the requirements to become a model?

The modelling industry is becoming less strict about people meeting ‘requirements’ to be accepted.
Even IMG Models – the biggest model agency in the world – has removed a minimum height requirement from their website.
We are finally starting to see more diversity in the modelling industry and we are proud to be part of this change.

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308 Montague Rd, West End, 4101

We are located 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Onsite parking available.

1300 288 818


2 Hertford St, Fitzroy, 3065

We are located in the heart of Fitzroy between Brunswick St and Smith St. Onsite parking is available when prearranged.

1300 288 818


5 Franklyn Street, Glebe, 2037

We are located in the heart of Glebe just 5 minutes from the Sydney CBD. The easiest parking is in Broadway Shopping Centre directly behind the studio.

1300 288 818

Why do we collect your Birthday?×

If you are under 18 we will need to speak with your parents or legal guardians to arrange your photo shoot.