Here at The Photo Studio, we combine our fashion industry expertise with a mission to empower you to be your best self in front of the camera. Want to learn more about the Photo shoot process? We have all the details written for you below!

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Yay! You have booked your photo shoot! One of our talented in house stylists will call you a week before your photo shoot and chat through your looks and outfit choices.

Pro tip: Over the next few days, please create a moodboard for your photo shoot. It is a collection of reference images, for your creative team to refer back to and make sure you share with your stylist to discuss on your call.

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There are a few things to remember the day before your shoot. Stick to your regular skincare routine, dont fake tan & drink lots of water. Ensure you arrive with clean & dry hair and nice nails on the day of your shoot.

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When you arrive at the studio you will be met by your personal Creative Producer! Your clothing will be whisked away, hung and steamed ready for your shoot. Your Creative Producer will then introduce you to your team including Hair and Make Up artists, Photographer and assistants for the day. During this time they will discuss your moodboard, wardrobe and what you hope to gain for the shoot, ensuring a smooth running for the day.

You then head into hair and makeup – your make up artist will work their magic and you just need to relax! They do everything simple & natural to full blown editorial, whilst always referring back to your mood board and vision.

On the day you will also receive wardrobe styling – a collaborative effort between you & your creative team. We try to ensure that your clothing & accesories are chosen to fit with the theme of the shoot, including sets, backdrops, make up tones & overall aesthetic.

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Now it’s time for the super fun part. The Photo shoot. Your photographer will direct you and support you through it. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the process. Your makeup arttist will apply touch ups as you go. Remember, you have over 40 backdrops & sets to play with!

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Your viewing will happen approximately 1 week after your Photo shoot. By this stage we have selected the best 100 photos from your shoot for you to look through! Your viewing is where you make the final selects from these images with all the help of your creative producer. On the day you will be able to order digital images, prints, portfolios, albums and wall art. It’s totally up to you!

Pro tip: If you are interested in Modelling and need some more advice, during your viewing you will receive a personalised consultation where your creative producer will tell you more about the Modelling industry and agency suggestions.

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If you are under 18 we will need to speak with your parents or legal guardians to arrange your photo shoot.