We believe that high-end fashion photography shouldn’t be exclusive to high-end fashion models.

 Founded in 2007 by renowned advertising photographer North Sullivan, TPS blurs the line between editorial fashion photography and personal portraiture. Located in two retro warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, our studio’s offer people the chance to step out of their comfort zones and spend a day playing adult dress-ups with the professionals.

Ultimately our mission is to help people to see beauty in themselves while creating wonderful works of art that will be passed down through generations.




Located in a chic industrial warehouse five minutes from the Sydney CBD, The Photo Studio Sydney is a buzzing hive of playful creativity. The space consists of three photography studios, three hair and makeup stations, two viewing rooms and a large post-production space.



Located in the heart of Fitzroy, The Photo Studio Melbourne is a third-wave creative space of epic proportions. The building comprises six photography studios, five hair and makeup stations, three viewing rooms and a signature cocktail bar.


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Jude Stevens Head Photographer Inspired from a young age by Ellen Von Unwerth, avid surfer Jude has a rare talent at making people feel comfortable on camera. Her deep knowledge of studio portraiture and level headed nature helped her climb the ranks to head photographer at TPS Glebe.    
Jude Stevens
James Broadhurst Head Photographer Loved for his calm and creative demeanor, James' distinguishable black and white style has built him an enviable reputation within the Australian fashion industry.
James Broadhurst
Saphira Tuffery Producer / Modelling Consultant Saphira is a seasoned model who has worked across major markets in Europe, Asia and right here in Australia. She has a passion for health and well being and runs her own online superfood business #superyoublends
Saphira Tuffery
Karolina Karolinka Producer Emanating from a background in fashion design, Karolina works as a Creative Director on numerous advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and look books whilst designing with one of Australia's leading fashion labels. 
Karolina Karolinka
North Sullivan Creative Director One of photography's most iconic names, North has spent the passed 35 years travelling the globe shooting some of Australia's most celebrated advertising campaigns. In recent years North's passion turned to portraits and in 2008 he founded The Photo Studio.
North Sullivan
Pernilla Ackerfors Head of Hair & Makeup With family heritage in the Samisk tribe (Swedish equivalent of the Eskimo), Pernilla sees the world through rainbow coloured glasses.
Pernilla Ackerfors
Tyrone Logue Photographer Tyrone is a London photographer and ex male model. You can find him in the kitchen at parties.
Tyrone Logue
Linzi Sullivan Managing Director Little Linzi is The Photo Studio's very own Betty Draper. Hailing from a background in psychology, Linzi works to ensure that every client receives VIP treatment from start to finish.
Linzi Sullivan
Mette Kortelainen Photographer Mette is a free flowing fashion photographer with a stripped style symbolic of her Scandinavian heritage. She is an expert at working with natural light and brings an effervescent energy to the gang at TPS Fitzroy.    
Mette Kortelainen
Annaliese Raftl Producer A talented photographer with an eye for style, Annaliese ensures that there are always good vibes in the studio. When she's not at the studio you can find her dancing on a beach or working on photography projects of her own.
Annaliese Raftl
Drew Sullivan Marketing Director Marketing geek and salsa dancer extraordinaire, Drew spent 3 years travelling South America on a motorbike before returning home to join the family business.
Drew Sullivan
Jake Farra Photographer The biggest thing to come out of Estonia since the invention of Skype, Jake travels the world shooting high-end fashion portraits.
Jake Farra
Stephanie Wiebel Producer / Stylist Health and fitness enthusiast Steph put a successful career in advertising behind her to get up close and personal with clients. She uses personal photo shoots as a way of helping people to come out of their shell and build self-love.
Stephanie Wiebel
Michael Green Photographer Micky G is a high octane photographer with international experience shooting large-scale fashion editorials. During his stint in London he was lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in the business including Kate Moss and Jessie J.
Michael Green
Heidi Anderson Head Booker Head Booker Heidi is a multi-creative. Her experience in professional dance, music and photography helps to inspire people with photo shoot ideas.
Heidi Anderson
Jolanta Opiola Photographer Polish portrait photographer Jolanta brings a huge amount of energy and versatility to every photo shoot. A seasoned traveler her aesthetic influences range from luxurious European fashion to vibrant tribal looks.
Jolanta Opiola
Jessica Bustamante Post-Production Manager AKA Her Majesty of Operations, Jess is a caffeine-loving prankster and a belly dancing extraordinaire! With a background in live music photography, Jess is a complete perfectionist when it comes to photoshop.
Jessica Bustamante
Sarah-Jane Turner Booker Believe it or not before joining TPS Sarah-Jane donned steel-capped boots and a high-vis vest while mining for iron ore in the desert of Western Australia. How does that saying go again? 'Don't judge a book by it's..'
Sarah-Jane Turner
Bree Wright-Ryan Head Booker Gothic Barbie Bree has 3 years experience as a photographic assistant and has a particular interest in boudoir style photo shoots.
Bree Wright-Ryan
Mary-Jane Hair & Makeup Artist The beautiful MJ got her start in London's West-End theater shows. She brings over 9 year experience and unbound creativity to every photo shoot.
Beatrice Grimoldi Hair & Makeup Artist Beatrice's fascination with beauty boils down to three simple elements; colour, light and shape. Her career has taken her from backstage of the Milan fashion industry to travelling the globe working on film sets and photo shoots.
Beatrice Grimoldi
Issy Favaloro Production Assistant A lover of all things vintage, Issy's latest photographic work has a strong conceptual style that plays with the notion of nostalgia.          
Issy Favaloro
Jessie McDonald Sales Admin Having spent 5 years working in student services for Melbourne's Photography Studies College, Jessie brings just the right mix of motherly and bossy to the gang at TPS Fitzroy.      
Jessie McDonald
Stephen Lew IT Support Business architect and IT whiz Stephen is one of the longest running members of TPS gang. He got his break more than 5 years ago working as tech support for the pop-up studio.
Stephen Lew
Morgan Harris Production Assistant Morgan's incurable case of FOMO keeps him on the front-line of the latest fashion trends. His quick-wit and satirical sense of humor means there's never a dull moment in post-production.
Morgan Harris
Pixel Customer Relations Manager After beginning his career at just 2 months old, this scruffy teddy bear has seen more photo shoot action and flirted with more models than any other pup in history.