We believe that high-end fashion photography shouldn’t be exclusive to high-end fashion models.

 Founded in 2007 by renowned advertising photographer North Sullivan, TPS blurs the line between editorial fashion photography and personal portraiture. Located in two retro warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, our studio’s offer people the chance to step out of their comfort zones and spend a day playing adult dress-ups with the professionals.

Ultimately our mission is to help people to see beauty in themselves while creating wonderful works of art that will be passed down through generations.




Located in a chic industrial warehouse five minutes from the Sydney CBD, The Photo Studio Sydney is a buzzing hive of playful creativity. The space consists of three photography studios, three hair and makeup stations, two viewing rooms and a large post-production space.



Located in the heart of Fitzroy, The Photo Studio Melbourne is a third-wave creative space of epic proportions. The building comprises six photography studios, five hair and makeup stations, three viewing rooms and a signature cocktail bar.


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Linzi Sullivan Managing Director Little Linzi is The Photo Studio's very own Betty Draper. Hailing from a background in psychology, our English Rose Lady Linzi works around the clock to ensure that every client receives VIP treatment from start to finish.
Linzi Sullivan
North Sullivan Creative Director An icon in photography, North has spent the last 35 years shooting some of Australia's most celebrated advertising campaigns. In recent years, his passion has turned to portraiture and founded The Photo Studio.
North Sullivan
Drew Sullivan Marketing Director Marketing geek and dance extraordinaire, Drew spent 3 years travelling South America before returning home to join the family business. His infectious laugh means you’ll hear him before you see him.
Drew Sullivan
Hana Schlesinger Photographer Hana is the master of macabre and the queen of taking kick-ass photos. Her charming attitude and laid back nature makes her a Melbourne studio favourite. She is known for her editorial standard of work.
Hana Schlesinger
James Broadhurst Head Photographer Loved for his calm, creative demeanour and flamboyant flair, James' distinguishable black and white photography has built him an enviable reputation within the Australian fashion industry.
James Broadhurst
Jude Stevens Head Photographer Inspired from a young age by Ellen Von Unwerth, avid surfer Jude has a rare talent at making people feel more than comfortable in front of the camera. She has a deep knowledge of studio portraiture.
Jude Stevens
Mette Kortelainen Photographer Mette is known for her minimalism. A natural light expert, this fashion photographer brings an effervescent energy to TPS Fitzroy. Mette runs her own touring company: @hikeandseektours 
Mette Kortelainen
Liam Burnett-Blue Photographer Liam's talent for model direction is indescribable. The quickest TPS turnaround from intern to photographer has passion and determination beyond his years. Instagram: @liamburnettblue
Liam Burnett-Blue
Jolanta Opiola Photographer Portrait photographer Jolanta brings a huge amount of energy and versatility to every one of her shoots. A seasoned Wanderluster, her aesthetic influences range from luxurious European fashion to vibrant tribal looks.
Jolanta Opiola
Tyrone Logue Photographer Photographer, experienced editorial model and a professional gentleman, Tyrone brings a gritty English charm to his magazine standard work and works closely alongside some of Australia’s biggest social media influencers.
Tyrone Logue
Annaliese Raftl Producer A talented photographer with an eye for style, Annaliese ensures that there's always good vibes at the TPS. Away from the studio, you can find her dancing away at the beach or working on her own photography projects.
Annaliese Raftl
Sara Tariq Producer Fashion designer by trade and producer extraordinaire, Sara has worked with Vogue Spain and has worked for Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo as a fashion stylist. She designs and paints in what spare time she has and has a deep rooted passion for art.
Sara Tariq
Jessica Selkirk Head Producer With a background in Spatial and Interior Design, Jess knows exactly how her clients should be treated; with major TLC. Her laid back, humorous nature & knowledge make this Kiwi a pleasure to work with.
Jessica Selkirk
Jindan Sun Producer Beijing creative JD is the designer of her own line ‘Jin & Yin’, and studied fashion styling at the Australian Style Institute. We love JD for her sweet and artistic nature as well as being a top producer in Melbourne.
Jindan Sun
Heidi Anderson Producer Heidi is a multi-creative with a background in cheer dancing for The Roosters. With experience in music, photography and professional dance, her input from all areas really helps to inspire shoot ideas.
Heidi Anderson
Stephanie Wiebel Producer / Stylist Steph put a career in advertising behind her to get up close and personal with clients. To her, photo shoots are a way of helping people to come out of their shell and build self-love.
Stephanie Wiebel
Anita Tana Booking Stylist Manager Sydney's Anita is known for her eclectic taste and psychic abilities. Her problem solving skills are to the standard of a saint and her fashion style ensures she isn’t one to pass by unnoticed.
Anita Tana
Chloe Rose Hair & Make-Up Chloe is one of the go-to girls for editorial make-up work in Melbourne. With her broad skillset & ferocious ambition, everyone walks on set feeling 110%.  She’s a sweetheart underneath her badass tattoos!
Chloe Rose
Kaori Zena Make-Up Artist Japanese beauty Kaori has painted faces at huge events such as Sydney Fashion Week and has worked commercially for Loreal Paris (just to name a couple) not to mentioned previously working with Hugh Jackman on his movie The Wolverine. Wowza.
Kaori Zena
Marce Ortiz-Monasterio A Marketing Manager Before working with us at The Photo Studio, our marketing babe Marcela worked for InStyle Mexico. There’s nothing this little lady doesn’t know about the industry and is the glue that keeps the department together.
Marce Ortiz-Monasterio A
Kelly Tee Head Stylist & Content Manager London College of Fashion graduate Kelly Tee is our all-round creative. She has worked with industry moguls such as Select Model Management, Sony, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out & Urban Outfitters.  www.planetkellytee.com 
Kelly Tee
Bree Wright-Ryan Head Booker Gothic Barbie Bree has 3 years’ experience as a photographic assistant and has a particular interest in boudoir style photo shoots. Her contagious laugh and epic enthusiasm are sure to make you feel instantly at home.
Bree Wright-Ryan
Sarah-Jane Turner Booker Believe it or not before joining TPS Sarah-Jane donned steel-capped boots and a high-vis vest while mining for iron ore in the desert of Western Australia. How does that saying go again? 'Don't judge a book by its..'
Sarah-Jane Turner
Ashlyn Farenden Senior Booking Coordinator Mrs. Organizer Ash will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you’re well looked after. Having graduated from RMIT University with an Honours degree in Fashion Design, she's always on the ball with the latest trends.
Ashlyn Farenden
Natasha Formosa Booking Stylist Natasha’s wild curly hair is a metaphor for her personality; wild and free. She inputs her love of all things art into every photo shoot she helps create through her booking stylist skills and artistic eye.
Natasha Formosa
Charlotte Pinfold Booking Stylist Charlotte holds an Honours degree in Photographic Design & is experienced in working on commercial look books. When she isn’t visiting her home of NZ, she has her head in Robert Mapplethorpe's photography books.
Charlotte Pinfold
Surhey Tuck Booking Stylist Superwoman Surhey is the Queen of getting it done. Surhey goes above and beyond at TPS and runs her own agency outside of. Not only is she a businesswoman, she's also a mum, a fitness fanatic and a major #girlboss.
Surhey Tuck
Emily Hughes Booking Stylist   Avid Shakespearean Emily is signed with an agency as a professional screen actor and spends her spare fine tuning her skills. As for her hair, she says it's ‘a pillow, a beanie and an everyday essential.’
Emily Hughes
Ntombi Moyo Booking Stylist Melbourne has its very own Angel in the form of Ntombi. Not just a booking stylist, Ntombi works heavily within the creative community producing personal shoots. Her heart of gold can do no wrong.
Ntombi Moyo
Alvina Zimmermann Booking Stylist Alvina left her career in law to work with us at our Melbourne studio to surround herself in creativity. Outside of the studio, you’ll find her making hand-made Mala beads, meditating or playing the viola.
Alvina Zimmermann
Antonette Aguas Sales & Admin The glue that holds the Sydney studio together, Antonette is the go-to girl that gets stuff done. She's the ringmaster and makes sure everything behind the scenes runs at 100%.
Antonette Aguas
Jess McDonald Office Manager Photographer turned #girlboss, Jess brings just the right mix of motherly & bossy to the gang. What would we do without her? What Jess doesn’t know about photography and art isn’t worth knowing.
Jess McDonald
Stelios Stylianou Studio Manager & Photographer Stelios has worked for some big players in the industry, like Kanye West & George Michael. He was also previously a 3D artist for Disney, National Geographic and The Discovery Channel.
Stelios Stylianou
Dayna Tate Studio Coordinator Dayna was quickly promoted from intern to studio manager and works together with the professional team. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a passion for graphic design and typography.
Dayna Tate
Warwick Post Production Warwick has a ridiculous amount of experience. He’s worked with commercial clients such as Ferrari, Land Rover, Jaguar, Bentley & previously spent time in Greece shooting for Belle Magazine.
Arpan Data Management & Production Arpan is a technological guru. Winner of the Most Creative Solution Award, he also designed an asteroid mining probe for NASA in the Space Apps Competition. Impressive, huh?
Issy Favaloro Production Assistant Issy's photographic work has a strong conceptual style that plays with nostalgia. She is a true Photoshop whizz and you’ll never catch her without a smile. www.isobelrosephoto.com
Issy Favaloro
Pixel Customer Relations Manager After beginning his career at just 2 months old, this scruffy teddy bear has seen more photo shoot action and flirted with more models than any other pup in history.