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Has Beauty Modelling Changed For The Better?

From Dove’s Real Beauty to the phenomenal squad fronting Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign, we ask the age-old question: has beauty modelling done enough to spread messages of self-love and inclusivity?

By Marcelyn Wijaya

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If unique, sharp features are the norm in fashion modelling, beauty modelling used to be exclusive for models with symmetrical, “ideal” facial attributes that spell out the conventional standards of beauty. 

Beauty brands typically hired models who at first sight were “breathtakingly stunning”, so consumers couldn’t help but itch for the product that’d make them as “fabulous”. Big round eyes, fair skin, plump lips, and straight nose: models who did not tick these boxes didn’t really stand a chance.   

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Thankfully, several beauty brands have come forward to break down the industry’s misleading, heavily photoshopped, if not staggeringly problematic definition of beauty. It was about time.
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Revolutionary brands like Fenty, Dove, and Covergirl are key drivers of change. They proved that there is not one prescriptive description of beauty

Along with her 40 shades of foundation, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launched a video that celebrated women regardless of their skin colour. Babor debuted an airbrush-free project that featured women of all ages. CoverGirl cast Amy Deanna, a model with vitiligo, as the ambassador of their TruBlend liquid foundation. Milk Makeup’s #BlurTheLines campaign showed that beauty had nothing to do with gender identity.

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Beauty modelling is paving the way for a 180-degree change in the industry. Brands become relentless advocates for embracing beauty in every shape and form.

The truth is, you don’t need to look like Bella Hadid to feel beautiful. No amount of make-up can transform you into Margot Robbie’s döppelganger, and none should

It truly is great that some beauty brands are beginning to see and endorse that. But we still need more un-retouched skin on display. 

We want to see ourselves represented in the media. Simple as that. 

Your move, fashion brands

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