How To Become A Model in Australia – A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you have big dreams of walking the runway? Or perhaps flaunting your curves on the pages of a fashion magazine? No matter who you are or where you come from there is opportunity for everyone to get in front of the camera. This is a step-by-step guide on how to become a fashion model in Australia.

By Natalie Dawson

1. Look After Yourself

Balancing a healthy diet and exercise regime alongside an optimistic outlook is both a personal and a career win. As your workload increases, it’s imperative that you look after yourself.

Getting into modelling & turning professional is difficult, with many career highs and lows. That’s why it’s important to keep your mental and physical well-being a constant. The glitz and glamour of fashion modelling can sometimes overpower its reputation as a cutthroat industry. The beauty business is notorious for its controversy; it’s vital that you manage your physical and mental health.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences will certainly help brave the storm. Be sure to put your own health and happiness at the forefront of your modelling career. If you feel overworked and under appreciated, put yourself first and take some time to recharge. Future you will thank you later!

2. Dare to DIGI

Your gorgeous face is your ticket to a prosperous modelling career! While your portfolio may be filled with an abundance of artistically lit and creative shots, it’s essential that modelling agencies can see the real, raw you.

So how do you become a model in Australia? Digitals or often referred to as “DIGIS”, are the foundation of your portfolio (Here is our Model’s Dictionary). Makeup free, un-retouched photographs that best represent the real you! These naturally lit photographs should show your true beauty to potential casting directors.

These snapshots are beneficial for designers or clients who do not have the available time to meet dozens of models in person. Specific agencies, such as WINK Models, may choose to re-shoot your “DIGIS”, but getting your own taken is favorable. A simple jeans and fitted-T combo, captured in natural lighting will best emphasise your beauty. Throw your hair up in a topknot and let your facial features speak for themselves.

3. Networking

Managing and maintaining a steady stream of content for your Instagram followers is no easy feat. It’s important to acknowledge that while you might find your latte and acai bowl aesthetically appealing, others may not.

Your Instagram followers want to interact with you and familiarise themselves with your beauty and talent. Your page should reflect your unique and remarkable personality through the means of fabulous selfies and fantastic photo shoots. An increase in followers could result in agencies interacting with your content. In order to network and build a loyal fan-base, it’s vital to respond when you can.

Potential casting agents will use your social media pages as a way of delving into the type of person you are! Having appropriate content that reflects who you are and what you represent will undoubtedly help you get your foot in the door.

4. Know Your Market

Who are you influencing? Due to your height, shape or physical strength, your target demographic may be clear to you, the industry and your followers.

However, surprises are around every corner and you might find your agent suggesting that you dip your toe into another category of modelling. It’s important to be versatile but actively working within a specific type of modelling may help garner a stronger reputation quicker.

Some agencies represent a selection of different avenues of modeling, while others focus entirely on one division.

Research and discover what agencies will best work for you and your unique look and then build your network around them.

5. Research Modeling Agencies

Casting agents have seen all types of agency applications — from the over confident to the tragically under prepared. When it comes to becoming a model in Australia, getting an agent may seem like the first stepping-stone to success, but there is plenty to be done prior.

Research! Research! Research! There are plenty of modeling agencies in Melbourne and modeling agencies in Sydney to delve into! Once you sign with an agency you may be with them for the rest of your career. Delve into what and who your desired agency represents and what it wants from their models.

Learn about their history and successes in order to find the best potential partnership for you. Freelance modeling is also a possibility should you have difficulties finding an agent that fits you perfectly.

6. Australian Agencies

There are many reputable Australian modelling agencies. It’s important to decide where your passions lie and which agency is right for you. Once you sign with an agency, you may be with them for the rest of your career. Delve into what and who your desired agency represents and what they want from their models. Learn about their history and successes in order to find the best potential partnership for you. Freelance modeling is also a possibility should you have difficulties finding an agent that fits you perfectly.

Agencies such as WINK Models and Brooklyn MGMT represent both plus-size and petite models. Whereas  Brats and Bettina are exclusively for children.

Check out the following articles for more information to help you narrow down your choices:

Modelling Agencies in Melbourne | Modelling Agencies in Sydney | Modelling Agencies in Brisbane

7. Prepare for Castings

How to get into modelling in Australia? Preparation is the key to success. Very rarely do jobs go to models that don’t prove they’re professional about their career and the project at hand.

Arriving to a casting with all the required information shows clients that you understand the industry. While a bright red lip may be your signature look, casting agents want to see you in your raw form. A little black dress or a tank-top/skinny jeans combo with a pair of black pumps is your best bet. Neatly presented hair and a minimal makeup look will also make a positive first impression.

Similarly, male models are required to keep it au naturale. Jeans and a t-shirt paired with clean semi-smart shoes. Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early with your comp-card and portfolio in tow. Punctuality and preparation are extremely important casting characteristics.

8. Red Flags

The unfortunate truth is that not everybody can be trusted within the modeling industry (or any industry for that matter!) More than anything do not ignore red flags, it’s important that you comprehend and act on the warning signs. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for an agency to request nude photographs.

Reputable agencies, with the exception of child modeling, also do not take money from you in order to be represented. When signing contracts make sure to thoroughly highlight and consult your agent before signing.

A parent or trusted guardian should always accompany minors when applying and auditioning for agencies and jobs. Should anyone from a photographer to a casting director make you feel uncomfortable, put your safety first and leave promptly.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing happens over night!

Unless you’re lucky enough to be scouted at a shopping center by a legitimate model scout or through instagram, modeling takes time, effort and practice.

Know that your career goals may take longer to achieve than others in the industry but use their success as motivation and inspiration.

Your strong work ethic and natural beauty will be the foundation for an ultimately reputable career.

For a little perspective on how to become a world class model, legendary Gisele Bündchen was rejected by 42 different agencies. Her determination eventually paid off when she walked for Alexander McQueen in 1998.

10. Looking For More Information?

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone and everyone to get into modelling. As long as you’re passionate and willing to put in the time and effort you’ll find your niche.

Don’t get discouraged if an agency doesn’t immediately sign you. Plenty of models have their start through freelance modelling. This will give you the opportunity to build a portfolio, and practice, practice, practice!

How To Become A Model

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