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Love the idea of being your own boss and managing your own modelling career? Not gaining enough traction from agency applications? How about trying freelance modelling to boost your career!

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If you’re a freelance model, then you’re representing yourself and you are fully responsible for finding and booking your own work. One major advantage of securing your own work is not having to divide your earnings with your agency so you will take home the full amount of the job. Generally speaking though, freelance modelling gigs tend to pay less than fashion and commercial jobs, as clients that hire freelance models generally have a tighter budget.

Whereas when you’re signed to an agency you have committed to a contract that ONLY they will represent you. This usually happens for 1-2 years but there’s no guarantee that they will actually find you jobs or get you work. Whilst being signed to an agency can give you a platform to showcase your look and contacts, it can be frustrating if it leads to a dead end.


Unlike high fashion modelling, there are no real physical ‘requirements’ to becoming a freelance model. You usually get furthest when you have a proportional body, great smile and sometimes even an unusual, quirky look. You’ll be commended and booked more for your good reputation, great attitude and reliability.

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Finding Work

There are plenty of opportunities out there, especially with the help of our good friend, the Internet! There are great online platforms such as: , and that allow you to source jobs and connect with future employers.

As with any type of modelling, your social media presence and personal brand is key! So make sure the way you present yourself online is true to yourself but also professionally appealing.


It is absolutely imperative that you have your own website that is user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and showcases the best of your portfolio. This is the most professional way to promote yourself and will set you a bar above your competition.

This is not to say you shouldn’t focus a lot on your social media presence, they should run adjacent to each other. But when a casting agent wants to look at more of your photos, sending them to your website ensures you look like a true professional.


Of course freelance model rates are entirely situational and will vary depending on the individual and the job. Many of the modelling jobs you secure will have predetermined rates but there will be chance to negotiate or even determine your own.

Depending on your level of experience, your modelling portfolio, the size of the production, a good starting off rate is somewhere around $50/$100 p/hour. But of course this will adjust as time goes on. Before you raise your rates, evaluate your success and analyse the progress you have made. Pick a rate that is fair and try not to get greedy!

Career Path

Our in-house modelling consultant Saphira says, “Even though Freelance modelling has its perks, it doesn’t beat being an agency represented model as it’s a lot more work. It can be hard work finding your own castings and jobs. Agencies also help weed out all the dodgy photographers/clients and will ensure you are paid at the end of each job. Try to pursue the agency representation route as much as possible and go for Freelance Modelling as a backup option.”


So if you haven’t been signed to an agency or you just really like the idea of being your own boss then maybe freelance modelling is for you!

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Melanie khoo

Hi I’m Melanie and I’m 16 and I’m very interested in freelance modelling,


I really want to try modeling since m tall and I like the way sometimes clothes fit and look on my body,everyone has been telling me to try modeling since high school and it’s something m keen on trying


hai I am loida Dela Cruz Sumile
I am a practical nurse graduate I want to became a freelance model
i love bikini photoshot and etc.

Cherry Rose Oliva

Hello. My name is Cherry Rose Oliva. Call center agent. I do photo shot and I want to become a freelance model.


My wife and I have been trying to help out my brother with promoting a new product he invented, and I think that hiring models to help would be helpful. I’m glad that you talked about how models use the internet to find work, and I think that being able to use that knowledge to find the right person to hire for this job would make things much easier. I’m going to have to do some internet searching to hire models and hopefully find the right one for my brother’s new product! Thank you!

Drew Sullivan

Hey Max, glad we could help! Try for hiring freelance models. Good luck!

muhammad azmeer bin abdul razak

I want to be a part time model if I am qualify. Please reply me. TQ


Hi, hello, My name is Kathleen Cindy Candare from Philippines and I really want to be a model since then. I have a question is it ok to join if a model doesn’t have experience?

Drew Sullivan

Hi Ruby, which city do you live in? We would be happy to recommend some agencies if we can!


Hi. I am currently 16 years old . I am a Malaysian Chinese. I have the height of 167cm ( 5’5 feet) and wishes to be a freelance model. Hope to achieve any opportunity in becoming one .

Misty Redding

Hi Misty here. Looking to being a freelance tatoo model. Im 37 from Ontario, Or..

Jenelle Gregorio

Hi! I’m Jenelle Gregorio and I want to be a model. I’m 13 years old.


i tried being under an agency but it failed really hope this freelance will work

Vinny Warmington

Hello good morning my name is vinny and i am interest in freelance modelling

Jeffrey john

Hi I’m Jeffrey john I’m 28 and I am willing to join freelance model of your company and be part of freelance model of your company..thank you

Kristine Joy

Hi I’m Kristine and I’m 21 yrs. Old and I’m very interested in freelance modelling and to be your model.


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