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How To Become A Model – The Ultimate Guide

This is your ultimate guide on how to become a model! Do you have big dreams of walking the runway? Or perhaps flaunting your curves on the pages of a fashion magazine? No matter who you are or where you come from there is opportunity for everyone to get in front of the camera. This in-depth article will answer all your questions about any avenue of modeling that takes your interest. Start your career as a model today by following these industry tips and tricks!


By Natalie Dawson

How to Become A Model: General Model Tips

Vimbai Gutu
Vimbai Gutu

1. Look After Yourself

Balancing a healthy diet and exercise regime alongside an optimistic outlook is both a personal and a career win. As your workload increases, it’s imperative that you look after yourself. Becoming a model is difficult, with many career highs and lows. That’s why it’s important to keep your mental and physical well-being a constant. If you feel overworked and under appreciated, put yourself first and take some time to recharge. Future you will thank you later!

2. Dare to DIGI

Your gorgeous face is your ticket to a prosperous career! While your portfolio may be filled with an abundance of artistically lit and creative shots, it’s essential that agencies can see the real, raw you. How to become a model? Digitals or often referred to as “DIGIS” are the foundation of your portfolio (Here is our Model’s Dictionary). Makeup free, un-retouched photographs that best represent the real you! These naturally lit photographs should show your true beauty to potential casting directors. These snapshots are beneficial for designers or clients who do not have the available time to meet dozens of models in person. Specific agencies, such as WINK Models, may choose to reshoot your “DIGIS”, but getting your own taken is favorable. A simple jeans and fitted-T combo, captured in natural lighting will best emphasis your beauty. Throw your hair up in a topknot and let your facial features speak for themselves.


3. Networking

Managing and maintaining a steady stream of content for your Instagram followers is no easy feat. It’s important to acknowledge that while you might find your latte and acai bowl aesthetically appealing, others may not. Your Insta followers want to interact with you and familiarize themselves with your beauty and talent. Your page should reflect your unique and remarkable personality through the means of fabulous selfies and fantastic photo shoots. An increase in followers could result in agencies interacting with your content. In order to network and build a loyal fan-base, its vital to respond when you can. Potential casting agents will use your social media pages as a way of delving into the type of person you are! Having appropriate content that reflects who you are and what you represent will undoubtedly help you get your foot in the door.

Didi Deng

4. Know Your Market

Who are you influencing? Due to your height, shape or physical strength, your target demographic may be clear to you, the industry and your followers. However, surprises are around every corner and you might find your agent suggesting that you dip your toe into another category of modeling. It’s important to be versatile but actively working within a specific type of modeling may help garner a stronger reputation quicker. Some agencies represent a selection of different avenues of modeling, while others focus entirely on one aspect. Research and discover what agencies will best work for you and your unique look and then build your network around it.


5. Research Modeling Agencies

Casting agents have seen all types of agency applications — from the over confident to the tragically underprepared. When it comes to how to become a model in Australia, getting an agent may seem like the first stepping-stone to success, but there is plenty to be done prior. Research! Research! Research! There are plenty of modeling agencies in Melbourne and modeling agencies in Sydney to delve into! Once you sign with an agency you may be with them for the rest of your career. Delve into what and whom your desired agency represents and wants from their models. Learn about their history and successes in order to find the best potential partnership for you. Freelance modeling is also a possibility should you have difficulties finding an agent that fits you perfectly.


The Photo Studio can help you gain the experience, knowledge and confidence you need to take the fashion industry by storm ⚡ Submit your details below and let your modelling journey begin!

Miah Argent

6. Prepare for Castings

How to become a model: preparation is the key to success. Very rarely do jobs go to models that don’t prove they’re professional about their career and the project at hand. Arriving to a casting with all the required information shows clients that you understand the industry. While a bright red lip may be your signature look, casting agents want to see you in your raw form. A little black dress or a tank-top/skinny jeans combo with a pair of black pumps is your best bet. Neatly presented hair and a minimal makeup look will also make a positive first impression. Similarly, male models are required to keep it au naturale. Jeans and a t-shirt paired with clean semi-smart shoes. Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early with your comp-card and portfolio in tow. Punctuality and preparation are extraordinarily important casting characteristics.


7. Red Flags

The unfortunate truth is that not everybody can be trusted within the modeling industry (or any industry for that matter!) More than anything do not ignore red flags, it’s important that you comprehend and act on the warning signs. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for an agency to request nude photographs. Reputable agencies, with the exception of child modeling, also do not take money from you in order to be represented. When signing contracts make sure to thoroughly highlight and consult your agent before signing. A parent or trusted guardian should always accompany minors when applying and auditioning for agencies and jobs. Should anyone from a photographer to a casting director make you feel uncomfortable, put your safety first and leave promptly.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing happens over night! Unless you’re lucky enough to be scouted at a shopping center by a legitimate model scout or through instagram modelling, modeling takes time, effort and practice. Know that your career goals may take longer to achieve than others in the industry but use their success as motivation and inspiration. Your strong work ethic and natural beauty will be the foundation for an ultimately reputable career. For a little perspective on how to become a model, legendary Gisele Bündchen was rejected by 42 different agencies. Her determination eventually paid off when she walked for Alexander McQueen in 1998.

Fashion Model Tips

Jennifer McDonald

1. Fashion Model Requirements

There is a checklist of requirements for any career. The beauty community continues to flourish with increasingly diverse and unique faces. Yet specific “types” of modeling still require certain attributes for success. Discovering where you best fit physically can help narrow down your choices in such an expansive industry. A fashion model often has to fit into selective runway sizes and therefore height plays a large part in the success of a fashion model (females are expected to be 5’9 – 6’ and males 5’11 – 6’2). Fashion models are often hired to represent a designer and their vision. Editorial spreads for big names usually have models with similar figures but varying looks and ethnicities. However, remember rules are made to be broken! Plus size models such as Ashley Graham and Marquita Pring regularly grace the high fashion runway throwing pre-conceived expectations to the wind.

Laura Watson

2. Walk, walk, fashion, baby!

In the infamous words of Tyra Banks, “every hallway is a runway.” Practice your moves wherever you can and strut your way from point A to point B. Stand straight and take long strides as you march across your house, the street or the dance floor. Find your own personal unique walk while simultaneously taking inspiration from the greatest supermodels of all time. Naomi Campbell draws a crowd with her sassy attitude and feminine hip swing. Gisele Bündchen’s graceful bounce, Coco Rocha’s memorizing theatrics and Karlie Kloss’ authoritative strut all individually and equally captivate. In other words, that’s how to become a model! Let your eyes focus on the prize and allow your body to portray your strength and power.


3. Location, location, location…

Major cities all over the world uphold their own unique and individualized reputation. A face that fits for a Paris runway may not be pertinent for London. Hilary Rhoda attempted to make a splash within the New York and Milan scene, only to be met with rejection. It wasn’t until she was handpicked in Paris did her career skyrocket. Rejection from prestigious Australian agencies such as Vivien’s Models is not the be all and end all. With enough dedication and determination there is a world of opportunity to slide your foot in the door.

4. Educate Yourself

Relying on your looks and fierce walk will only get you so far. Like any job, knowing whom your working for and what they represent is of the utmost importance. Having an interest in other areas of fashion will show designers that you are passionate about the work outside of personal gain. Delve into the history of how to become a model by learning all about the three G’s: Gucci, Gabbana and Givenchy.

5. Fame, Fortune & Finances…

Relying solely on runway gigs to fund your fashion forward lifestyle is unfortunately not a financially viable option. Unless you’re Karlie Kloss, who pockets an estimated $300 per step during Fashion Week, exposure is the crucial outcome. The runway is often a mirage of fame and fortune, but the shows are usually clumped together during the fashion season and the pay for a newcomer isn’t great. It isn’t unheard of for models to be paid in trade. Instead of collecting a paycheck, brands may offer clothes in exchange for your golden strut. Alternatively, pre-show fit-modeling can offer a newbie upwards of $1,000, purely to try on clothes. Even if hitting the catwalk is your dream, building your experience in other aspects of modeling is smart business.


6. Tear Sheets…

Editorial spreads are the home of fashion models, providing the exposure necessary to build a reputable career. A tear sheet is a page “torn” from the magazine you’ve modeled for. Filling your portfolio with tear sheets shows potential employers that you’ve done professional work. Designers often overlap and use campaign models for runway in order to uphold the brands aesthetic. Otherwise, a less restrictive, yet still highly regarded form of experience is through catalogue modeling. Notorious fashion models such as Tyra Banks and Joan Smalls began their careers posing for catalogues.

how to become a model

7. Be Cautious

The glitz and glamour of modeling can sometimes overpower its reputation as a cutthroat industry. The beauty business is notorious for its controversy, its vital that you manage your physical and mental health. Editorial modeling is particularly known for its intensive workload. Providing little opportunities for such a vast amount of hopefuls, the runway isn’t for the faint of heart. Rejection is guaranteed and the hours are long and tiresome. Surrounding yourself with positive influences will certainly help brave the storm. Be sure to put your own health and happiness at the forefront of your career.

Commercial Model Tips

Jennifer McDonald
Mikayla Nicolaides

1. Commercial Versatility

The restrictions tied to the world of fashion modeling are lifted within commercial modeling. There are avenues for men and women of all shapes and sizes to find their footing within the industry. Commercial models are required for a selection of jobs, including of catalogues, campaigns, trade shows and television gigs.  Flipping through a non-fashion magazine is the perfect example of your options as a commercial model. Beautiful and “real” looking people portraying and selling fundamental clothing, items and lifestyles.

2. Composite Card

Composite cards, or more commonly referred to, as “comp-cards” are essentially a models business card. Producers, directors and agents don’t always have time to interview and audition every model interested in the job. Comp-cards provide a quick and easy way for the aforementioned to see exactly what you’re made of. The simple A5 card can be sent internationally to help you garner exposure without mailing your bulky portfolio across the globe.  A comp-card should be made up of five photos and an about me section. The photographs should include a clear headshot followed by smaller versatile images showcasing your work. On the back, your basic statistics, measurements and contact details for the agencies benefit.


3. How to become a model? Act Like one…

Acting classes aren’t only for the aspiring thespian; they provide crucial performance skills for models and actors alike. “Modeling is really silent acting,” commendable advice from British American model Arizona Muse. While training isn’t a requirement when getting jobs, it is beyond beneficial for your abilities and confidence. Knowing how to audition correctly and how to navigate a set is priceless skill for commercial models. It will make you appear professional and feel prepared for your first gig.

how to become a model
Jenny Kisun

4. Spec Work

Generating a full-time income through commercial modeling isn’t unheard of but can be difficult. During the commencement of your career you might find yourself working gratis. The industry works on speculation, hence the term “spec work”. Marketing teams often cast commercial models to test shoots prior to the contract being configured and accepted by the client. The hope, with “spec work” is to earn a paid contract plus an ongoing partnership. It is a risky maneuverer to pull off, but it’s the best way to acquire experience while simultaneously striving for a big break.


5. Tradeshows…

Outside of photo shoots, modeling for tradeshows or conventions is a popular and flexible opening into the business. Despite the long hours, representing or becoming an acting face of a company is valuable material for your resume. Tradeshow or promotional jobs can pay well providing you are reliable, outgoing and approachable in nature. Due to the personable nature of the job, it is expected that you can maintain and relay company information. Brands will cast models that best reflect their ethos and there is more opportunity for those who don’t fit into the “conventional” modeling criteria. Check out our ‘How To Become a Commercial Model‘ article for more tips!

Plus-Size Model Tips

Elissah Granger
Elissah Granger

1. “Plus Size”

A size 12 isn’t considered to be plus size amongst the general public. In fact, the average Australian female picks out a size 14-16 when on a shopping spree. Yet it is advertised as being on the smaller end of the plus size market. Within the category of plus size modeling, there are specific elements dependent on the type of modeling you aspire to pursue. For high fashion, plus size models are fitting 10 to 22 and for commercial 12 to 18. The rule of thumb is that your waist should be roughly 10 inches smaller than your hips to fulfill the hourglass fantasy.

2. Killer Confidence

Why does the beauty industry neglect curvy models? Once upon a time, plus-size bodies were not as widely accepted as they are today. The industry catered to a marginal group of men and women who fit within “societal standards”. While the acceptance and love for alternative body types has blossomed, there is still a stigma attached to outward differences. As a representation for a community built on societal insecurities, it’s important to radiate confidence. How much you love yourself and your body will reflect through your images. Being hyper-aware of your body and how it works will project that you are comfortable in your skin and others should be too.

3. Plus-Size Agencies

Within Australia there are only a select few reputable plus size modelling agencies with curvy divisions (another term for plus size). While the industry is slowly becoming more accommodating to those of varying shape and size, there is undeniable room for growth. Notable Australian agencies such as Brazen Models, Vivien’s Models and Bella Management all have flourishing plus size subdivisions.


4. Dismiss and Persist

Negative feedback is a given within the beauty community, models of all types experience it. Some industry professionals lack the bedside manner expected for human-to-human interaction. Regardless, most commentary about your appearance is made subjectively. Brands usually have a vision in mind when casting for their campaigns: a smiley brunette with sun kissed skin or a plus size blonde with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. These specifications aren’t to be taken personally and you should only change something about yourself IF it’s what you truly want.

Suad Rejk

5. Iconic Influencers

If you feel as if your beautiful body isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, build your platform on your own. A great starting place for aspiring models who break the status quo is Instagram. Use your profile to support and uplift those with a similar figure to you and help build acceptance within the industry. Create your own portfolio through companies like The Photo Studio. Share your opinions alongside your fabulous pictures and smaller brands that are experts in styling for curves may reach out.

Petite Model Tips

Shelae Macdonald
how to become a model

1. Petite Inspirations

The average Australian women is around 5’3, yet the stereotype in the fashion world is that models are slender with legs that skyrocket above the tallest of towers. This is why it’s time for modelling agencies to start signing petite models. Petite models make up some of the most influential faces of our time. Devon Aoki (5’3), Twiggy (5’4), Emily Ratajkowski (5’5) and Georgia May Jagger (5’6), just to name a few or many petite models. These women all have successful careers in different sections of modeling. Use these fabulous faces as reminders that regardless of height success is possible for anyone with passion and drive.

Vimbai Gutu

2. Too Tall To Ride

How tall is tall enough? Crazily enough, there are restrictions within petite modeling. Unsurprisingly you can be too tall, but you can also be too short to fit into the standard that is expected. Women must ideally sit between 5’1 – 5’7 and men should be above 5’4 and under 5’9. These requirements may vary an inch or two depending on your representative. The important fact to note is that the industry is full of jobs where height isn’t considered to be a vital attribute. Cosmetics, vehicles, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry and other products outside high fashion don’t need the tallest of men or women to create successful sales.


3. Body Confidence

For petite fashion, particularly for swimwear and lingerie brands, the importance relies on your physique more than your height. A healthy, fit and/or curvaceous body is crucial to the selling of these garments. Similarly, for men, a toned torso is more desired than exceptional height. Plenty of petite models find the most work through commercial modeling as agencies and brands are looking for a certain look versus a specific height.


4. Australian Agencies

Finding suitable petite modelling agencies for your petite frame is a little more difficult as petite models tend to blend in amongst the rest. A perfect place to start is WINK Models, they represent petite faces from all over Australia (their shortest male and female model being 5’2). Brazen Models and Vivien’s Models also represent a fair few female models specifically under 5’5. Make sure to select and apply for agencies that will understand and help your career flourish within petite modeling.

5. Model Abroad

Beauty is subjective, but it can also be culturally influenced. Australia is known as one of the tallest nations, so there is a demand for tall models. Petite models in the past have found success working for modeling agencies in other parts of the world, specifically Asian countries. In places like China, Japan and Indonesia, models with smaller frames are actually preferred. Designers often provide sample pieces of shorter models with small frames. Models who are 5’9 or over are traditionally considered too tall. If traveling works for you, try sourcing an Australian agency that has connections with countries perfect for the petite.

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Freelance Model Tips

how to become a model

1. Non Exclusive

The brilliant thing about becoming a freelance model is the FREE-dom that comes with the job. Instead of depending entirely on an agency for your work, you are able to find your own outside your representative. The more agencies you work non-exclusively with, the more opportunities you will have. Being your own boss means you can also search for your own work, building your portfolio quicker than models isolated to one agency.

2. Model Mayhem

One of the top websites for freelance models to find jobs is ModelMayhem. Underneath the “castings” tab on their website you’re able to select and search jobs in your area, all over the world. More niche job hunting sources are Facebook groups dedicated to creatives coming together to build their portfolios. Linking up with aspiring photographers, stylists and makeup artists will help you grow but also expand your network. Paying jobs won’t become a regularity until your portfolio develops and your name is recognized amongst the community.


3. Be Aware

Being cautious in all aspects of the beauty business is recommended, but specifically when working alone. Should you choose to venture down the path of a freelance model, make sure you truly know where your limits lie. Study and read any contracts thrice over before signing your face and photos away. There are a multitude of ways you can find jobs as a freelance model, some more legitimate than others. When using high risk websites be sure to investigate thoroughly before you hand over personal details.


4. Advertise Yourself

If you choose to take on the big bold business of modeling solo, networking is vital. Advertising yourself, your abilities and your level of professionalism goes a long way against agency models. Having a website under your name (quite literally shows potential employers that you are serious about your career. Above all, your Instagram can work as a window into your personality alongside your snippets of your work, but your website should be strictly professional.

Winda Astari


Want to get your foot in the door of a Melbourne modelling agency? Submit your details to receive personalized advice on how to turn your modelling dream into reality.

5. Alternative Options

Outside earrings and small inkwork that can be covered, modeling agencies tend to have a no-piercing and no-tattoo policy. Freelance work provides you with the chance to express your creativity and simultaneously get jobs. Alternative modeling is a fantastic niche for those who colour outside the lines. Usually specific to burlesque, latex, Goth and lingerie modeling, if you have an alternative look there is a world of opportunity to tap into. Building your portfolio through the means of paid photoshoots at studios will help you find your induvial and alternate style. You can then use these quality images to gain experience and book freelance work.

Fitness Model Tips

Akau Kuol
Akau Kuol

1. Taught & Toned

How to become a fitness model? It’s no shock that a fitness model needs to be constantly camera ready. Fitness modeling isn’t necessarily rippling muscles and a body-builder-bod, but a toned physique is a must. How to prepare for a fitness photo shoot? Having a love and dedication to health and fitness will make your modeling journey smooth sailing. Modeling is considered to be a fulltime gig, particularly if your body needs to be constantly at its best. Taking the time to develop a solid diet plan will take the pressure off last minute meal ideas. Regular gym sessions, either solo, with a partner or a personal trainer are the perfect way to maintain your fit, fabulous form.

Rhylie Nolan

2. Fitness Photographers

Industry professionals such as photographers, makeup artists and stylists can also have specific niches they grasp best. When trying to build your portfolio, getting work with those who understand how to make you look your best is beneficial to the entire team. Makeup artists with experience working with fitness models will highlight and contour your muscles to best accentuate them. Fitness photographers know how to coach the best poses out of you that work for your frame and sports stylists will dress you accordingly.


3. Competitions & Pageants

Between shoots, why not try your hand at a swimsuit competition or a fitness pageant? Scouts will often frequent these events looking for the next big thing and even participating will help give your name some status. These events truly rely on your figure, so what better way to maintain your muscles all year round by working the pageant circuit.


4. Hair, Teeth and Skin

Fitness models are expected to look healthy outside of their glorious glutes and abtastic abdominals. Having luscious hair, a megawatt smile and glowing skin is applicable across all avenues of modeling. However, due to the nature of fitness modeling, these attributes are particularly vital to the sale of the product and your lifestyle. Radiating health and giving up or reducing habits that may be detrimental to your health will help your career in a small but pivotal way.

5. Get Ripped Quick Schemes

Nothing happens overnight, especially not weight gain or weight loss. Fitness models dedicate their lives to building their bodies and they lead extremely strict lifestyles. There are alternate routes to achieving your body goals, but its best to work hard to see results. Know that patience and dedication is key, no matter where you begin your health journey. Fitness modeling could be the ultimate goal but try your hand at commercial modeling or fashion modeling depending on your height and current shape. Outside of a fit physique there are minimal restrictions, women can be between 5’4 to 6’0 and men anywhere from 5’10 to 6’3 or taller.

Child Model Tips

Antonella Santos
Ayanna Sehgal

1. Talent Agencies & Modeling Agencies

There are plenty of talent and modeling agencies for your child throughout Australia. Talent agencies offer opportunities for your child outside of modeling, inclusive of film and television work. Talent agencies may ask for payments, but make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting for this price. These types of agencies will understandably take commission from your earnings, but you shouldn’t be asked to pay prior to signing a contract. Modeling agencies, such as GIANT Junior have no fees as they are prohibited from charging upfront fees. Here is our kids modeling agency list Australia to get you started! The safest approach to navigating scams is to thoroughly research and read the reviews of the agency your child is signing with. Protect you and your child by getting everything in writing.

2. Get Ready To Wait…

Advice for parents: Modeling is an industry where a shoot day depends on the cooperation and coordination of every team member. There will be times where your child has to wait around and essentially do nothing. Providing snacks and activities to keep them occupied will prevent temper tantrums or unresolved boredom associated with modeling gigs. Therefore, as long as your child is roaring and ready to go, let them bring a book to read, music to listen to or colouring pencils just in case there is a lull in production.


3. Cuteness Factor

There is more to child modeling than being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Every child has the cute factor, so therefore their personality has to truly shine. Children with a bubbly nature and an ability to communicate will stand out amongst the rest. If your child truly wants to be in front of the camera, it will radiate off them. Listen to your kid/s and allow them to guide you. Modeling doesn’t work out for every child, but the experience can be benefitable for their confidence and growth.


4. High Fashion vs. High School

High school can be a challenging and demanding time, throw in a modeling career and your child may begin to feel overwhelmed. Modelling jobs are usually an all-day occurrence; therefore, weekends will be the only available work time. As a parent, understanding and teaching your child about Australia’s Child Employment Laws is vital. Each state varies slightly but considering the busy schedule of your talented tot it’s beneficial to know these details. Children can only work between four and eight hours depending on their age and location.

Jessica Cabuenas

5. Have fun!

After all, your child is a child, they deserve to enjoy themselves. Modeling can be draining, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. If your child loves performing in front of the camera and has natural ability, why not nurture this growing talent. A career in the spotlight can help your child make connections, but more importantly friendships at a young age. In addition, they will learn valuable lessons about work ethic at a young age and their successes will help shape their confidence.

Mature Model Tips

Ritchell Freeman
Theresa Mclaughlin

1. Better Late Than Never!

No longer is there a cut off for the astounding, anyone can become a model, at any time. Mature modelling is taking the industry by storm and showing that you can always look your best. Regardless if your new to the business or hitting the quote-unquote “deadline” of the model age bracket, there is always time to flourish. If you’ve got the face for it, there are a bounty of opportunities in both commercial and high fashion work. Celebrated mature aged fashion model Carmen Dell’Orefice proves to us all that beauty is timeless, as is her career.

Sheona Devin

2. Extra Work

Depending on how much time you have available, becoming a fulltime mature age model is a large challenge. You may have invested your life in a different industry or have a family to look after. Why not test the waters first and try modelling as a hobby? Specifically through TFP Shoots! TFP Shoots, or “trade for prints” shoots are agreements between models and photographers to work together minus the cost. There are plenty of opportunities and websites to find other creatives looking to trade together. Who knows, a bit of casual fun could spark an inner drive for success you didn’t know you had.


3. Ageless Agencies

SILVERFOX MGMT GROUP has recently surfaced in Australia and New Zealand. They actively and only represent men and women who are over the age of 30. The company pushes the idea that mature age models are more than just a publicity stunt. They want to represent “trailblazers, whose beauty and intrigue transcends age.” It’s agencies like SILVERFOX that are best to represent you and your niche as they evidently care about the representation and progression of mature age models. Check out our article on Top 10 Male Models Over 50 or our Top 10 Models Over 40 for inspiration!


4. Grey Hair, Don’t Care

If you’ve never been one to dye your hair or roots, put down the brush! Ignore the temptation to colour correct the white strands that begin to appear within your tangles. Your Christmas white or stunning silver locks are part of your desired character. Only if you have a history of colour correcting should you dabble at the hairdressers as most mature age model agencies love your tiny maturing details. Check out our article: 11 Styling Tips for Older Women for some fabulous fashion tips!

5. Print Modeling

Commercial print modeling covers everything from newspapers to billboards, catalogs to magazines. Therefore, there is a high demand for models who are from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups. It is the most lucrative pathway for mature age models. Should you choose to invest in the commercial industry, having lifestyle-centric images for your comp card will benefit you best. Print modeling can act as final destination and a route to high fashion jobs depending on your goals.

Parts Model Tips

Abbey Fynn
Tyeisha Patten

1. What is “Parts Modeling”?

If you have particularly soft hands, poised toes or luscious legs, perhaps parts modeling is the avenue best suited for you. Parts models can pose for anything from books, lotions, razors, jewelry, footwear where the full face or body isn’t required. Who knows what you could end up advertising! Teen fantasy series “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer sold more than 100 million copies. Parts model Kimbra Hickey delicately holds the ruby red apple centered on the first book of the saga.

2. Hands or Feet

The most requested feature for parts modeling is hands, arms, legs and feet. Though there is need for elements of the face and torso, such as eyes, lips, stomachs and backs. These features could be used for anything and everything, some of which isn’t so glamorous. Simply walking into the cosmetics aisle at the supermarket shows the array of medical products that need parts models. Parts modeling isn’t about exposure, it’s about getting paid work in the industry and building your modeling experience. It is key to know how to pose for photos and accentuate your feature considering you can’t rely on the rest of your body.


3. Take Care of Your Feature

It probably goes without saying that taking good care of your “part” is a success necessity. There may be extreme precautions you have to take, especially if your income is riding on your special feature. For some parts models if means soft shoes, gloves, moisturizing upwards of 20 times a day and prepping your nails for a photo shoot. There are no requirements as to what your part has to look like. There is demand for wrinkles, freckles and differing skin tones, but healthy, glowing features is vital.


4. Getting Your Foot In The Door

Unlike other avenues of modeling, parts modeling is a little more niche. Having connections with industry creatives that have experience in parts modeling is the best way to get involved. Seeing as it is such a specialized market there are only few agencies that offer assistance getting your foot in the door, such as WINK Models. Networking yourself and doing your own research is the quickest way to start booking parts modeling jobs.

Malis Tang

5. Payments

Professional parts models can earn approximately $1,000 per shoot day for television commercials and around $2,000 – $5,000 a day for print work. If you have a combination of parts that work in front of the camera, be it good feet and hands, ears and lips, or a glorious booty and fabulous legs, you could make up to $75,000 per year. Living in an environment where there is a high demand for prints, such as capital cities across the world, will help your career flourish quicker. Parts modeling provides a way for you to navigate a set and gain practical experience while also making extra money.

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