Plus Size Models – 5 Tips for Beginners

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Plus Size Models

Have you ever wondered how plus size models get a start in the industry? The plus-size modelling category is experiencing a boom, with more and more work turning up all the time. This means the fuller figured woman is no longer excluded because of her size but is embraced within the modelling sector. Excellent news! Doing your research can only be a good thing, so it’s important to know the essentials before delving into this competitive industry. We did the hard work for you and collated everything you need to know about becoming a plus size model…

#1 Take care of your appearance

This should be pretty obvious. Plus size models still sell the way they look, so it’s super important you take care of your body. Here’s some points to take on board:

         Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking healthy and amazing.

         Eat a well-balanced diet

         Regular work outs to stay fit, healthy and in shape

         Moisturise your skin regularly

         Have regular trims to keep hair looking healthy and strong

         Shape your eyebrows and keep regular maintenance

         Neat a tidy nails and toes is essential. Treat yourself to regular manicures / pedicures.

#2 Build a portfolio

Your portfolio is often the first thing an agency, booker or model scout will see so you want to make an amazing first impression. Your modelling portfolio should consist of different types of shots including full lengths, mid lengths and headshots.

Think NATURAL – the agency wants to know what you look like and how your features sit.  They want to see your shape, so nothing too oversized or baggy. You want to wear clothes that accentuate your figure and compliment your hair and skin tone. Barefoot is always a good option, otherwise a sneaker of flat shoe is good.

As you progress in your career, your portfolio will change and become more creative.

Plus Size Models
plus size models

#3 Approach agencies

Whilst some plus size models work on a freelance basis, having an agency means that a lot of the work is done for you. Research and educate yourself on agencies and their reputations and schedule meetings with the ones you feel are right for you.

Different agencies take different approaches – some allow ‘walk-ins’ where you can simply turn up for a meet and greet. Others require a meeting to be scheduled or an application to be submitted via their website.

If you arrange to head to the agency, wear comfortable clothing such as high waisted jeans that elongate the leg, a top that’s not overly baggy and still shows your body shape and a smaller heel to give you a little extra height without being so obvious.

#4 Attend open castings

The career path for plus size models can be tough, especially when you are first starting out. When attending your first model casting, you may feel overwhelmed by the whole experience, especially as you are up against so many other hopefuls looking to make it big.

On arrival, you may be asked to fill out an extensive form before having the chance to speak with someone. Be honest with all of your information and measurements as you may be measured by an agency representative during the casting.

The more open calls you attend, the easier they get and the thicker your skin will become. It may be that you hear occasional comments on your figure and headshots. Try not to take this to heart – representatives are looking for a certain something and it’s absolutely nothing against you personally. Simply smile, thank them for their time and move on.

Persistence is also something to note here, as just like fashion trends come in and out of season, so do models. You might not be right for a particular agency In January, but come December you might be exactly what they’re looking for.

#5 Network

Three words – network, network, network. Plus size models aren’t just a pretty face – they are business people and master networkers. Try to attend as many events as possible where you might come across photographers, stylists, make-up artists, agents etc that you can introduce yourself to.

Meeting other plus size models is great too as they can help you with industry knowledge and it’s always good to make a new friend. Be light-hearted but professional when approaching industry insiders. If they like you, then they will remember you the next time a casting or job opportunity arises.

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