All About Male Fashion With Our Stylish Clients

Male fashion is incredibly versatile. It can be unapologetically ostentatious or clean, classy and simple. There are no rules when it comes to male style as it is a reflection of yourself and your unique personality. We asked some of our awesome clients to share their fashion do’s and fashion don’ts. All of them work with similar guidelines, but incorporate their own flare to create a male fashion custom look. Learn from the best before you redesign your wardrobe!

By Natalie Dawson

Kye Stephan-Lowery says, “you can pull off anything.”

“If you have the confidence and passion you can pull off anything.”

Kye Stephan-Lowery knows how to find the best fashion pieces for the best prices. He sources his “clothing and accessories from op-shops and markets.”

Clothes that are specifically special and fitted to you is the key to being confident”

One of Kye’s fashion guidelines is to seek out matching or contrasting complementary colours. Its crucial to a “visually pleasing outfit that catches the eye.”

He leans against wearing outfits without some sort of colour to draw attention, but Kye has no firm deal breakers.

“You have to find your own passion for your own style,” he said. Suggesting that if you love what you’re in, no one will question you.

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Puot Diet says, “simplicity and minimalism.”

“My particular style is all about simplicity and minimalism.

Puot Diet was adventurous enough to mix up his styling during his photo shoot.

He swapped from a classic grey sweater and shirt combo, to a bold yellow sports top with more adjustments between.

The aspiring model mentioned that his style is just a “consequence” of his personality.

Puot keeps his clothing clean, classic and stylish.

“I recommend defining an individual style, wear something that makes you feel relaxed.”

Puot also mentioned the importance of well-fitting clothing. An ill-fitting suit can ruin a great photograph, it’s crucial to feel comfortable, yet snug in your clothing.

Finley Ireland says, “I gravitate away from big brand clothing.”

I gravitate away from big brand clothing. There’s something about keeping clothing plain and simple .”

When we asked Finley Ireland about his must-haves in fashion, Finley shared his love for a neutral toned, classic looks.

“Vintage appeals to me more than going with the mainstream but I’m not completely opposed to it,” he said.

“The classic t-shirt and jeans combo has always been a go-to for me.”

As seen in his images, Finley likes to layer bomber jackets and long coats. His use of layers give dimension to relatively simple, but clean outfits.

“I prefer to keep casual although when the opportunity arises, a classic suit is always enjoyable to wear.” Finley makes the most of anything he’s dressed in.

“I tend to steer away from piercings and jewellery,” he mentioned, “although a nice watch is desirable.”

Abwi Deng says, “avoid being basic.”

My goal is to avoid being basic and really stand out from the crowd.”

King of incorporating colour, Abwi Deng styles himself “to feel confident.”

When we asked Abwi what his fashion-dos and don’ts were, the aspiring male model had this advice:

“All I can give is to be different and don’t follow the crowds. Express yourself!”

Abwi uses fashion to look and feel bold, he encourages aspiring male models and fashionistas to do the same. Abwi balanced a classy act of neutral tones and bright pops of colour throughout his shoot.

He enjoys trying “all types of different colours to see what works together.” Abwi’s confident and colourful fashion choices made him a joy to photograph.

Joseph Primerano says, “I think my fashion sense is a little bit different to others.”

I think my fashion sense is a little bit different to others. I mix it up a little.”

The ever so stylish Joseph Primerano let us in on his style secrets. He discussed Melbourne’s love for fashionable, yet comfortable street-wear and his own desire to “keep things different.”

Male fashion is getting more adventurous! Joseph mentioned that once upon a time floral prints and accessories would’ve been a no-go for him. However, he is now finding himself slowly integrating them into this wardrobe.

“I like using neutrals. You want to try and create a WOW factor without making it look like a mixed paint palette.”

Joseph explained that while he follows trends, he also likes to mix things up by seeking out less popular accessories and fashion pieces. “I’m always thinking of different colour combinations, or different bits to put together.”

He joked that despite his willingness to be flexible with fashion, Joseph can’t picture himself in “junners” anytime soon.

Naveed Bahram says, “confidence comes from within.”

Confidence comes from within. I think it is in you, not on you.”

When we asked Naveed Bahram about how he styles himself, he gave us some great insight on how exactly he exudes confidence no matter what he’s wearing.

Naveed mentioned that he (as of the last few months) has been really getting into turtlenecks. He likes to add a stylish button up shirts over the top of t-shirts and turtlenecks, which can be seen through his images.

“Also, my hair. My hair can be straight, but it’s naturally wavy. I put curling cream products in it to emphasize the curls.”

When asked about the rugged slit in his eyebrow, Naveed explained how it was a scar and not a style choice. “It was pretty bad to get,” he said.

He’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time, as an innocent bystander. Despite this, the look suits him and only adds to his appeal. “I don’t know if I should thank the guy,” he joked.

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