The Best Posing Tips From Our Favourite Clients

Posing in front of the camera can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s easy to fall into the repetitive trap of the same movements and facial expressions. We reached out to some of our beloved male clients and asked them to share their posing tips. Each of them embrace and utilize different tools and methods to pull off the perfect pose. Modelling is about self branding and discovering what best works for you. It’s time to get creative with your posing and these aspiring models can tell you how!

By Natalie Dawson

Joseph Primerano says, “I took advice from my photographer.”

I took advice from my photographer. Where to look, how to stand, it helped a lot.”

Joseph Primerano humbly denied having the best posing tips, but his photographs suggest otherwise.

Once you start doing a few poses, you’re like — okay, I’m getting comfortable with this angle — and then you can experiment a bit more with other [more creative] poses.”

Joseph praised his photographer for posing inspiration. He said how he’d repeat their direction over and over in his head, reminding him to keep moving for the camera. Eventually, as he became more comfortable new poses came with ease.

“A photo shoot is little bit more than the nightclub photos.” Joseph’s nightlife retail job provides him with plenty of opportunity to pose for the venue photographer. “You take the angles and the lighting you’ve got there and put it in more of a professional setting,” he joked.

Naveed Bahram says, “be yourself and show your strong features.”

Be yourself and show your strong features. That’s the best thing you can do.”

Naveed Bahram’s advice for finding inspiration in front of the camera came straight from the heart. “Just be yourself. That’s the best thing you can do.” 

It’s clear through Naveed’s creative fashion sense and unique style that he has confidence by the boat load. He said he’s often complimented on his jawline. He angles himself to best emphasis his strong bone structure, using it to his advantage for the best poses.

I think of the camera as an admirer, so basically when I’m in front of the camera, I put the best version of myself forward.”

Naveed’s posing tips rely on understanding oneself. Through trial and error he has learnt how to accentuate his best features. “Be natural. You won’t look like you’re trying to hard if it’s just you being you.”

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Abwi Deng says, “have fun in the moment.”

“The advice I would give a modelling novice is work with what you have and have fun in the moment.”

Seen through his photographs, Abwi Deng can confidently pose from his head to his toes.

Abwi knows exactly how to use his hands to compliment his strong bone structure and brilliant smile. His positive relationship with his face and body is his secret modelling ingredient.

“My poses are an extension of myself,” he explained.

His “long physique” being the core inspiration for his innovative poses. Abwi’s best tips for the wannabe model involve being proud of your unique features and using them to your advantage. 

Abwi’s positive outlook made him a breeze to shoot in our Melbourne studio.

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Finley Ireland says, “it takes time to appear confident.”

“Remember it takes time to appear confident or find your groove during a shoot.”

Aspiring male model Finley Ireland has one major piece of advice for fashion: “remain relaxed and loose.”

Looking at Finley’s photographs it is evident that he knows how to take advantage of his space to pull perfect poses.

“No pose is necessarily wrong and there are poses that come out of the movements to and from still poses.”

The in between motion between pose A to pose B is a goldmine for the photographer. It’s evident through his own images that Finley has mastered movement.

“Use accessories like a scarf or a coat to create movement which in turn could create a great pose.”

The camera loves Finley, but he acknowledges that “it takes time to appear confident and find your groove.”

Puot Diet says, “posing for me is about comfort.”

Posing for me is about comfort and feeling comfortable.”

Puot Diet says comfort is critical in order to pull the smoothest poses.

“When I’m comfortable and relaxed that’s when my best shots are taken.”

During his shoot Puot quickly relaxed in front of the lens. His natural ability to use his hands effortlessly had us in awe.

For any aspiring male models out there, Puot’s top tip is to be courageous! “Be bold and try new experiences,” he said.

The aspiring male model also touched on how modelling is such a “peculiar” act to most people.

Critique and criticism are common so it’s important to act confident and have faith in your abilities.

Kye Stephan-Lowery says, “let the energy flow.”

Let the energy flow and let yourself outside of the box without worrying about what people will think.”

Kye Stephan-Lowery uses his surroundings effortlessly to pull astounding creative poses. Be it a prop; like a sunflower or a street pole, Kye rocks it.

“Taking your own photos and looking at yourself in the mirror will help you gain confidence,” he said.

Kye suggests these posing tips as they are great techniques in order to explore your features. Finding what lighting and which angles works best for you will aid the progression of your posing.

“You have to walk your own path with confidence!”

Kye poses like nobody is watching, he encourages others to do the same. Worrying, especially about what other people think, will show through your photographs. Relax, have fun and enjoy the moment!

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