21 Photo Shoot Styling Tips for Men

By Keir Hale

1. Monochrome


If you think monochrome means just black and white, guess again. Of all of the styling tips for men, this is by far the simplest to achieve – keep your style clean, simple and classic with nothing more than white, black, blue and grey to accentuate the minimalist aesthetic.

2. Streetwear


Keep your photo shoot styling young and fresh by going for a Streetwear look during shoot. Fitted track pants, big logos and caps are all part of the Street fashion uniform. Pair with some Nikes or Adidas and you are all ready to go.

3. Leather Jacket


The leather jacket has been a staple of men’s fashion since the days of Elvis Presley. Nothing quite gives off the vibe of carefully not caring like a well worn in leather jacket. Pair with a black tee and jeans to really hit home your inner rebel without a cause.

4. Glasses


Do you wear glasses? Why not let them be the focal point of your outfit? Choose bold, well-shaped frames akin to Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer or Joaquin Phoenix’s Theodore Twombly to give off a classy and well thought out photo shoot style.

5. Tucked Tee


Recently the tucked tee has had something of a renaissance – being sported by style icons such as Frank Ocean, Joe Jonas and Brooklyn Beckham – the look is not just for your dad anymore. Pair with jeans and sneakers for a trendy and modern take on a classic look.

6. Muted Tones


Styling tips for men can often be understated, with the addition of muted tones into your wardrobe creating a subtle pop. By pairing deep greens and maroons with black and whites you can offer an eye-catching glint to your finished shots.

7. Activewear


Show off your sporty and athletic style by opting for activewear in your photo shoot styling choices. Create a casual look that both shows off your personality while also giving a glimpse into your healthy side.

8. Topless


Better yet, why not forgo the activewear all together and show off what all that sweat and hard work was for. Work with different angles and lighting to really show your physique and prowess when it comes to body aesthetics.

9. Thick Knit


Part of a timeless look, thick knits are the fashion statement that holds up year in and year out. Chanel your inner Steve McQueen and add a thick knit to your outfit to provide an off duty gentleman vibe.

10. Oversized


While the mantra usually goes that something that fits you perfectly will look better than something that does not, the oversized look has become an exception to that rule. Pairing an oversized tee or jumper with slim fit pants breaks up an otherwise tight look. Just make sure it is a tee that is meant to be worn bigger and isn’t just too big.

11. Rips


It has been around for a while now, but distressed clothing looks as though it is here to stay. A great way to update a classic look and make it more modern is with a rip or three. Be sure those rips are not too big and revealing and you should be fine.

12. Suiting


Nothing says quintessential styling tips for men like the idea of a well-tailored suit, but sometimes just a suit is not enough. Adding subtle flairs such as a knit tie, pocket square or lapel pin will show just how firm a grasp you have over menswear.

13. Dress up to dress down 


Even with suiting being an essential part of men’s styling, sometimes you need to dress up before you can dress down. Try swapping out the shirt and tie for a plain crisp white tee for a relaxed but refined look.

14. Denim on Denim


It may get a bad rap from time to time, but when done right, denim on denim is a powerful outfit choice that gives off rebellious style. Try the look by pairing your denim with different colours, distressed on non-distressed denim or different weights and washes.

15. Men in Uniform


We all know everyone loves a man in uniform. Whether you are a tradie, police officer or pilot, every guy looks great in his professional garb.

16. Props and Accessories


Photo shoot styling choices are not always about what you wear. While clothes help to shape your personality in a photo, different props get help to visualise your interests in a more vivid sense. A guitar, football or even a vintage squash racket will help create a more exciting photo shoot.

17. Wool Felt Hat


Not to be mistaken with the fedora, the wool felt hat has been a symbol of cool since prohibition gangsters first adopted it. Whether it is with a simple black tee and gold chain or a long flowing coat, the wool felt hat is the definition of suave.

18. Turtleneck


Bring out your inner super spy with a thick or thin thin turtleneck. These styling tips for men create the perfect balance between sophisticated and sexy, having you sipping martinis and protecting the nation in no time.

19. The rise of the Dandy


If the street shots from Pitti Uomo start your engine, take a leaf out of the book of dandy. Rather than standard tailored suits in navy or grey, switch out your jacket for a pastel pink or paisley cravat – the more bright contrasting colour, the better.

20. Boots


Choose a pair of sturdy boots to class up a fairly basic or minimal outfit. Whether it is Chelseas, Doc Martens or even dessert boots, a good pair of boots will show masculinity and subtle style, acting as the focus of an outfit while allowing the rest to stay basic.

21. Pushing Boundaries


Do not let the boundary-pushing stop at tailoring. While outfits often seen at New York or Milan fashion week might not have a place in day-to-day life, there is always an opportunity to spice up your wardrobe and create surreal photo styling. Look to designers such as Virgil Abloh or Raf Simons for inspiration.



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