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Mens Summer Fashion – Top 10 Trends for 2019

Summer is slowly approaching, but there is no need to scramble for new summer pieces for your wardrobe. If you want to keep up with the trends of 2019, here’s the ultimate guide to look and feel your best.

By Joyce Sung

1. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were first introduced around 1900s for fishermen as protection from the rain.

They became popular with rappers in the 80s and resurfaced as a fashion accessory these past years.

A colourful or plain bucket hat can significantly add personality to your outfit.

Match the colour of your bucket hat to your outfit to create cohesion and balance from head to toe.

It isn’t mens summer fashion without a bucket hat to keep you cool and stylish.

2. Slides

The origin of slides can be traced back to ancient Rome, however, it only started becoming popular in the US in 1960.

Not only is it convenient for mens summer fashion, but it also comes in a variety of colours, textures and brands.

It is usually designed with the brand name or logo across the front of the sandal.

This is quite popular among street wear brands like Supreme, Adidas, and Nike.

High fashion brands like Gucci, Valentino and Versace have also come out with their own.

3. Skatewear

Skatewear has become the go-to style for its comfortable and slouchy appearance.

This style first arose around the 60’s and 70’s as functional sports clothing but transitioned into a global fashion trend in the 90’s.

With the combination of hoodies, skater shoes, and baggy pants, it is curated for those who are looking for a casual but still trendy appearance.

Throw in a few brand logos to upgrade your mens summer fashion!

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4. Rugby Shirts

These ‘preppy’ looking jumpers were first created in the 1950’s for American teens to show off their sports team spirit.

It peaked as a clothing trend in the 1980’s-90’s and made a comeback in the past few years.

Rugby jumpers are perfect to throw on during an unexpected summer breeze for an extra layer of warmth.

These shirts mainly have vertical or horizontal coloured stripes, adding onto the outgoing personality of summer.

Mens summer fashion that can be worn all year round!

5. Bright Chunky Shoes

Sleek and thin shoes definitely dominated the footwear industry for the past century, until ‘Dad shoes’ became a trend in the mid-2010’s.

This style of chunky sneakers has been ever-growing, attracting more and more attention from fashionistas and brands.

A bright or white pair styled with a basic mens summer fashion outfit can serve as a statement piece.

This is especially popular in street wear however can also be dressed up for public and social settings.

6. Short Shorts

In the 1970’s disco era, men’s short shorts were the norm in society.

From athletic to jean shorts, casual to formal wear, men were not afraid to show off their thighs.

These were soon taken over by longer shorts as men’s style became more modest.

As the weather gets hotter, 70s-length shorts are making a comeback in 2019.

These shorts dominated the spring and summer runway shows, making an appearance from high fashion brands like Prada, Fendi, and Off-White.

7. Graphic T-Shirts

It is safe to say that graphic t-shirts are the easiest article of clothing to incorporate into mens summer fashion.

There is a range of graphic designs to accommodate different interests.

Choosing the right t-shirt can determine your aesthetic of either grunge or casual. The popularity of graphic tees skyrocketed in the 1950’s.

Rock bands from the 70s started creating merchandise with their band name and logo, resulting in the vast array of graphics available nowadays.

Logo shirts are also one to consider since they are relatable and recognisable from a crowd. These retro tops are perfect for a casual daytime outfit.

Pair them with denim jeans and a leather jacket to complete the look!

8. Utility

Utility clothing was introduced as CC41 in the United Kingdom during World War 2.

In 2019, it has become a clothing trend many men long to follow.

Cargo pants and a utility vest is all you need to complete a statement look that stands out from the crowd.

This style is popular amongst men as it gives out a strong and masculine vibe.

Choose army green for a pop of colour that still ties in with the overall aesthetic.

9. Quarter Socks

As the ‘mankle’ trend started to die out, people have been taking it one step further with quarter socks.

Wearing a colourful and patterned sock in their everyday outfits seems to be the new trend.

Pair these with shorts to draw more attention, if you are looking for a subtle look, go for pants that reach your ankles.

This is a fun way to spice up your everyday look even if you’re the only one who knows what’s underneath!

10. Cuban Shirts

The origin of these shirts dates back to the 18th century but arose again in 2014.

These flowy button-up shirts are not only versatile but also flattering on the body.

Whether it’s a casual beach day with friends, or a night out with your significant other, there will be a Cuban shirt suitable for you.

The slim fit and open collar elongates the body and creates the visual effect of a broad frame.

These shirts come in a variety of patterns and colours, don’t be afraid to experiment!


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