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Incorporate 90’s Fashion Trends Into Your Photoshoot

It’s 2019, yet trends from the 90’s remain on the frontline of fashion. We clutch to the memory of glittery butterfly clips and velvet scrunchies. While hip-hugger jeans and spaghetti strap dresses are getting the revamp they deserve. Modern style icons are taking inspiration from the successes and fashion failures of the 1990’s. No need to raid Winona Ryder’s wardrobe, you can spice up your shoot through simple accessories and statement pieces.


Your double denim combo doesn’t have to be as jarring as Britney and Justin at the 2001 American Music Awards. Interchange the floor length denim gown with some ripped jeans and the denim cowboy hat for an oversized jacket.

Supermodel in the making Gigi Hadid is the Queen of doubling up on the denim. She’s often spotted sauntering through the city streets pairing her acid wash jeans with a button-down denim shirt.

If the sea of blue is a tad daunting, break things up with a pop of colour or a basic top. 90’s fashion was all about integrating bright colours or plain white tees.

Mix up your denim ensemble with a denim skirt (knee length for that extra 90s flare). A cropped jacket with frayed sleeves could be a casual yet cute addition to your shoot. Throw that bad boy over your shoulder and play it cool like Pam.


What is a slip dress? Traditionally a slip dress was exclusively worn under one’s clothes. It was also referred to as a petticoat and electricity hadn’t been invented yet. Thankfully, the 90’s inspired slip dress is far more appealing than the 1855 petticoat.

90’s fashion innovators rocked underwear as outer-wear all throughout the 90s. The sensual slip hugged every curve and gave the illusion that the wearer had rolled out of bed (in the most glamorous of ways).

A slip dress is the perfect foundation to build upon to create a killer look. 90’s fashion encourages the juxtaposition of styles. Try a baby pink slip dress paired with some chunky jewellery and combat boots.

Slip dresses are ideal for layering; skivvies (of any complimentary colour) or t-shirts turn your night look into day.

Or allow your garment to guide you, simplify your look and pair your dress with a dewy makeup look à la Kate Moss.


Not only has the turtle neck remained in style throughout the ages, but so have the accessories associated with it.

The perfect winter look, a turtleneck accompanied by an oversized coat will undoubtedly keep you warm. Layering up your top with knitwear and jackets is both a modern and 90’s fashion must!

The more layers the you wear the more you have to play with for your shoot. Wrap your coat tightly around your body. Or fling it over your shoulder and show off your favourite turtle neck.

Additional jewellery such as chains or necklaces are an easy way to glamorise your look. A turtle neck is a brilliant option to pair with a smart blazer or something more casual such as an oversized jumper.

Alternatively, a statement brightly coloured turtleneck can steal the show on its own.


The 90’s fashion phenomenon of small specs was purely fashion over function. These small shades were hardly reflecting rays and preventing sun damage. In fact, celebrities often added the tiny accessory to a night time look to truly emphasise their ‘cool’ factor.

Modern celebrities as young as Millie Bobby Brown love incorporating these 90’s inspired lenses into their look. Small shades is the additional accessory needed to pull together and spice up a casual look.

Pair your vintage spectacles with a chunky pair of hoop earrings, beanie or if you’re truly feeling the 90’s vibes, a bandana.

Toying with some small sunglasses throughout your shoot will surely inspire some creative poses. Peer over the top, or place the frames in your tussled hair and simply use them as a prop.


The perfect print is hard to find and a colourful shirt can make or break a look. The fear of failure was not a 90’s vibe. Big name celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio (circa Romeo & Juliet) are the reason behind your dad’s Hawaiian shirt collection.

Between quirky prints on socks and ties, funky shirts have simultaneously made a comeback. Pair your shirt with a crisp pair of chinos and if you dare a DiCaprio inspired curtain hair cut.

Quirky clothes are a quick way to spice up your style for your photoshoot. Keep all your other articles of clothing clean and neutral and let your printed shirt walk the walk.

A printed shirt can also be feminised. Tie the ends together around your waist and turn your oversized shirt into a beach inspired crop-top.


The late 1990’s was a minefield of ostentatious hairstyles. Celebrities bedazzled their luscious locks with glitters, clips and gemstones, embracing a childlike aesthetic on the red carpet.

Accompanying an array of colourful accessories 90’s hair was often twisted and pulled, braided and crimped. There was no line and the whacky and wonderful was highly encouraged.

Bantu knots were popularised by the ‘bantu people’ (a generic name for over 300 African ethnic groups) yet credit for the hairstyle often falls onto caucasian singers Gwen Stefani and Björk. Styles such as bantu knots along with box braids, cornrows and dreadlocks hold cultural importance. The nativity of the 90’s is no longer acceptable.

There are plenty of inspiration images to be used to create a marvellous mood board for your photoshoot. Use large clips such as barrettes or scrunchies to add a 90’s impact to your outfit.


There are plenty of options for plaid outside of the infamous ‘Clueless’ yellow mini-skirt and jacket combo. Plaid can act as a perfect way to break up solid colours, especially black, grey and white. The bold pattern has enough energy to bring together a look with minimal effort and few accessories.

Plaid isn’t just reserved for school uniforms and mid-Western farmwear. Feature the 90’s fashion statement through a button up shirt or swishy pair of wide-leg culottes. Modernising plaid is easy through the concept of layering.

The days of matchy-matchy outfits aren’t entirely over, but if you are a big fan of minimal style incorporate plaid subtly.

Hiding your plaid underneath a slouchy jumper or a chunky pair of boots reduces the impact of the intricate print.


Bandanas are often forgotten as a 90’s fashion statement. The subtle yet convenient  accessory can be used in a myriad of ways. Iconic celebrities such as Tupac, Beyonce and Axl Rose brought bandanas to life onstage.

Predominantly used as head wraps, bandanas or more so their iconic print has been used to create crop-tops and even undergarments.

Bandanas are a perfect way to change up your look between sets. The simple square of fabric could be tied around your wrist or ankle, or for a more dramatic effect incorporated into your hair.

Mimic the infamous Tupac and tie a knot at the front, or perhaps fold up your bandana and use it as a headband (another 90’s fashion must!) like Rihanna.


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