10 Accessories To Bring Your Photo Shoot to Life

Accessories can take your photoshoot looks to the next level. Show off your individuality by layering jewellery, throwing on a hat or putting on some chic sunglasses! During your shoot it can be frustrating if you don’t have a range of accessories to choose from – but what accessories are a good idea to bring to your photoshoot? Here are 10 photoshoot accessories ideas to inspire you.

By Meg Swain

1. Rings

Mix up your look by introducing statement rings into your outfit. Rings can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit and always look amazing on camera. Bring a variety of different rings to your shoot – you can layer them or simply opt for a single vibrant staple ring.

Source: The Photo Studio

2. Wide Brimmed Hat

You can easily throw on a wide brimmed hat during photoshoot and straightaway you will have created a whole new look. A wide brimmed hat is one of those rare photoshoot accessories that can transform the vibe of your whole look. Whilst you may think hats should be reserved for wear outside, they produce a chill, boho vibe when worn in photos. A wide brimmed hat is an essential accessory to bring to your photoshoot for both men and women.

Source: The Photo Studio

3. Watch

It’s about time you wore a watch in your photoshoot! Watches are a classic accessory that can jazz up your look. They are also incredibly versatile; you can wear a watch with a suit or it will look equally good when worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans, making it one of the best photoshoot accessories.

Source: The Photo Studio
 Source: The Photo Studio

4. Sunglasses

One accessory which is perfect to experiment with during your photoshoot are sunglasses. You can’t go wrong with classic ray bans – but play around with different coloured lenses and even reflective sunglasses. Sunglasses can tie together your whole look and elevate your cool factor by a gazillion.

Source: The Photo Studio

5. Earrings

Funky earrings look amazing on camera – especially during close-ups and headshots. Whether they are hoops, dangly earrings or cute studs, earrings are great photoshoot accessories to have on hand during your shoot. Bring a variety of your favourite earrings to your shoot so you have a range of options to choose from for each of your looks.

Source: The Photo Studio

6. Cap

We’ve already covered that wide brimmed hats are one of the essential photoshoot accessories – but we can’t forget about another type of hat, the cap. Caps are perfect for casual, streetwear and urban photoshoot looks. Make sure you have a cap on hand during your photoshoot if you care shooting these types of looks.

Source: The Photo Studio

7. Bracelets

It can be easy to forget to bring along bracelets to your photoshoot because after all, your face and body are being photographed, not your wrists. But bracelets can add extra interest to your photos, showcase your edgy side, or be layered to create different textures in photos. They are perfect photoshoot accessories because they look great with each and every photoshoot look!

Source: The Photo Studio

8. Necklaces

There are so many different types of necklaces for you to rock during your photoshoot: chokers, chains, long necklaces, statement necklaces, the list is endless. Sometimes all an outfit needs to work is a is a necklace. Bring a selection of necklaces to your shoot, make sure you consider which necklaces you could potentially layer over each other too!

Source: The Photo Studio

9. Glasses

Not only do sunglasses look amazing in photos – so do regular glasses! If you have glasses with unique frames or that make you feel like yourself, bring them along to your shoot. You never know which outfit will look incredible when paired with glasses. Bring them to your shoot so you have the option to wear them.

Source: The Photo Studio

10. Bags

Throwing a bag over your shoulder can add movement to a shot and look awesome on camera. Bags can be fun to experiment with during your shoot – a handbag, back pack and even a duffel bag can show off your playful side and make your shots stands out. We suggest bringing along a couple of bag options to shoot with.

Source: The Photo Studio

Pro Tip: The more photoshoot accessories you bring to your shoot, the more options you will have during your shoot. By simply changing up your accessories you can diversify your portfolio and create a variety of different looks with the same outfit. So make sure you bring a variety of accessories to your shoot!

We hope that these 10 photoshoot accessories ideas have inspired you to bring fun accessories to your photo shoot! What accessories will you be bringing to your next shoot with The Photo Studio team? Let us know in the comments.


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