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Incorporate Classic Blue Into Your Photo Shoot

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is CLASSIC BLUE! Outside of its annual colour selection, Pantone is predominantly known for the Pantone Colour Matching System; a system that allows different manufacturers to replicate colours without direct contact with one another. Every year since 2000 Pantone has announced a certain shade as the inspiration for the year to come. Colours have included the iconic Cerulean (2000), the effervescent Honeysuckle (2011) and last year’s gentle Living Coral (2019). Classic Blue may look like a simple choice, but incorporating the bold colour might be scary for some, especially if your wardrobe is black, black and more black! Never fear, we are here with ten great ways to style your wardrobe with Classic Blue (dependent on your love for bold hues).

By Natalie Dawson

1. A Dainty Detail

On a budget? Or simply looking to test the Classic Blue waters? The cosmetics aisle is where you’ll find sanctuary. Throwing a Classic Blue polish into your basket during your next trip to Priceline is a one tip trick to fashion for 2020. A few coats and instantly you’re in style. Nail polish is a dainty detail that can bring Patone colour of the year to life!

Much like nail polish, makeup is a perfect – easy to remove – method of expression. If you’re feeling bold, test out some pigmented shadows and give your eyes the pop they deserve. If Jasmine Sander’s powerful blue smokey eye isn’t your idea of a good time, try something softer. A blue eyeliner can be used to create a fierce wing or even just colour in your water line. Makeup is meant to be creative!

2. Sunglasses and Scraves

Slip, Slop and Slap on your sunglasses this summer!

Being SunSmart can be fashionable. Pair your swimwear with a fresh set of Classic Blue shades. It’s a small nod to Pantone’s colour of the year without going overboard!

Alternately, prepare for the winter blues by purchasing a brand new scarf to keep the chill-out. A warm, blue scarf can brighten up your winter wardrobe instantly.

Not only is it fashionable and wearable, but it’s necessary for a large portion of the year.

(You can thank Australia’s temperamental weather for that!)  

3. Belts, Bags and Berets

Cramming your belongings into any ol’ thing can ruin a good look!

A bag is far more than a vessel to lug your belongings around. It can be a stylish staple piece to bring together any outfit.

A simple t-shirt and jeans can be turned up a notch by a classic blue purse. Details such as belts, bags, and berets are small accessories with a big impact.

Pair your new bag with your belt, or your beret with your shoes. These items are long-lasting and don’t face regular washing-machine wear and tear.

A beret is a fun alternative to a beanie and is increasingly becoming more popular.

4. Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Almost everyone owns a pair of trusty blue jeans; if not, they’re a great investment! Chances are if you’ve been rocking a pair of ripped, bell-bottom or skinny blue jeans, you’ve been wearing Pantone’s colour of the year without even knowing it!

Blue jeans are a staple for any wardrobe. Classic blue denim can be dressed up or down and depending on how daring you feel paired with more denim!

Take things a step further and turn your white shirt into a denim shirt. Everything is made out of denim these days: coats, skirts, shoes, dresses. Wear it on its own or mix and match with neutral basics.

5. Blue Suede Shoes

No one will step on your new shoes if they can see them from a mile away! Pantone’s colour of the year can be incorporated in all kinds of unique ways.

Classic Blue may feel like an unusual choice for a pair of shoes, but they’re sure to make a statement. Stilettos, boots, slides or even runners can break up the neutral tones of an outfit.

Should you be lucky enough to find your new favourite shoe, wearing them every day will be too easy!

A less extreme alternative to your fancy footwear could also be a delicate pair of Classic Blue socks. A simpler, cheaper solution.

6. Statement Piece

If you wear your confidence on your sleeve the best place for Classic Blue is front and centre. A trench coat or a bodycon dress can truly cause a stir as you saunter down the street.

A statement piece engages every ounce of attention and your outfit would be incomplete without it. Build upon your blue dress or finish your look off with a cool jacket, jumper or knee-length trench.

It’s the perfect option for those who don’t want to be blue all year round. A few select outings or special occasions provide the opportunity for you to pull out your Classic Blue frock.

7. Try Textures

Want to take things up a notch? Classic Blue doesn’t have to be reserved for woolen jumpers and cotton trousers. Sequins, velvet, and chiffon aren’t the most common of textiles but they are exciting.

Throw on a Classic Blue sequin blouse and sparkle under the evening sky. Even glitzy designs can turn a monochrome t-shirt into a stately spectacle. Beads, buttons, and sequins bring a new level to an otherwise simple article of clothing.

A velvet pantsuit is a perfect way to steal the spotlight. An unusual take on an outfit designed for those oozing with confidence.

8. Blue All Over

Why do things to a halfway point? Go big or go home, we say.

Dress in Classic Blue from your head to your toes. Sweaters, shirts, jumpers, dresses, jackets, trousers, and boots. Then put them all on at once.

Chances are if you’re willing to let Classic Blue take over your life you’re already a big fan. There are no definitive rules with fashion, mix and match your shades, colours and textures. Who says you can’t be as blue as you want to be?

Violet Beauregarde eat your heart out!

9. Blue Hair, Don’t Care

Aside from worshiping at the altar of Pantone’s colour of the year, a more permanent approach is hair dye.

Many men and women choose to drastically change their appearance at the salon. Hair dye has been a trend for quite some time.

Some of the industries’ biggest celebrities have been rocking blue hair for years. It’s time to bring celebrity style into everyday fashion. You’ll surely be the talk of the office.

If dying your whole head feels like too much of a power move, start small. Extensions or temporary dying the ends can create the look you want, without committing entirely.

10. Big, Bold & Blue-tiful

There aren’t many occasions that call for a Classic Blue ball gown, but the heart wants what it wants! If you’re keen to really make a scene pull out your ball gown and own Pantone’s colour of the year. You may get some strange looks strutting supermarket aisles in a Rihanna-inspired frock, but do it with confidence and no one will question you.

Not to mention the avalanche of blue tulle that graced the runway at Fashion Relief SS20 .

Indirectly quoting Miranda Priestly; ostentatious displays of colour start on the runway but eventually trickle down to become more wearable designs. A gorgeous Classic Blue gown may be an unrealistic addition to your wardrobe, but there is an option for everyone.

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