A Guide to Styling an Adult Family Photo Shoot

Now your family have all grown up and blossomed into wonderful adults, it’s only natural to want to capture the moment in another family photo shoot.

But your children are no longer confined to the rules of mum. They have all got their own identities and personal styling choices so organising the styling for your shoot could be a little bit harder. Here’s some styling ideas to help you organise your upcoming family photography shoot.

Vanity Fair

Now that your kids are older, take advantage of their devilish good looks and style yourselves into a Vanity Fair shoot inspired by Photographer Great, Annie Leibovitz. You’ll need formal suits or even tuxedos for the men and beautiful flowing gowns for the ladies. This is a time to really shine and capture some of your family’s stunning elegance. Your hair and makeup choices will speak volumes over your shots so make sure you women ask for a smoky eye and soft lip to edge up the drama.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Jolanta Opiola; Suzanne McDonald
The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Jolanta Opiola; Suzanne McDonald


If dressing up formal really isn’t your thing but you have oodles of personality within your family, then why not use your individuality in your shoot. Using the same style of photography as the Vanity Fair shoot, you can each bring in props or clothing options that represent who you are. If Dad loves his footy whilst Son collects Ramone’s records; then bring in fitting props so they can be styled into your shoot for something truly unique to your family. You can have lots of fun collecting your props together and I’m sure it’ll bring out some nostalgia and old family anecdotes. Might be time to sort through the overflowing attic!


It doesn’t all have to feel like you’re playing dress up. Bring in your casuals like chinos, oversized knits, jeans and check shirts to capture your family’s relaxed side. The key to this family look is to make sure you all stick to the same colour way. You can opt for nudes, earthy colours, hints of pastels or even colour blocking. Just remember, whatever your theme, communicate this with your family and stick to it!


Does Mum never stop her reminiscing over the relaxed lifestyle of the 60’s; or is Dad always banging on about those punk rocker days in the 70’s? Well this is your time to shine! Pick an era and you can all (tastefully) dress like your part of it. Remember you don’t have to wear a full costume as small accents of an era through your accessories, hair and makeup or even background props can tell a story too.

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