Undergarments to Bring to Your Photo Shoot

You’d never forget to put your underwear on when you get ready for work, yet in the excitement of boudoir photography, it’s quite easy to forget to bring in the basics. We can’t stress enough how important it is to bring the correct undergarments for your photo shoot. Here’s our top tips on what skivvies to pack for your next shoot…


No, no… I’m not saying that you should go nude (unless you want to!). Instead think about bringing a nude coloured underwear set to your shoot. Just in case your photographer wants to put you in that gorgeous, slightly translucent shirt. You’ll need something that isn’t going to grab people’s attention underneath it.

Strapless Bra

This one goes out to all you ladies. Surprisingly this is the one item most people forget about! Don’t make more work for the retouchers… if you bring a strapless bra along to your shoot we will be able to have the sultry shirt shrugged off one shoulder look without those ghastly bra straps.


If you’re planning on celebrating your body and showing a bit more flesh in a boudoir style look, then make sure you bring your best undies. A matching set will always look brilliant but don’t be afraid to wear beautiful mismatched pieces either to show a wild side! Top Tip: wear loose, baggy clothes before a lingerie shoot as tight clothing could press unsightly lines into your skin that can be enhanced by the camera and studio lighting.

Shape Pants

We all have those lumps and bumps and of course they should be celebrated. But if you want to give yourself that extra bit of shape under a fitted gown, you can bring your shape pants to suck you in and make your booty pop even more.


Make sure you hunks bring your best pair of jocks along with you. This is the time to show off your Calvins but also bring something without such an intruding waistline to make sure we can have some variety. Make sure you fit in a laundry day before your shoot boys, no slacking!

Socks and Stockings

If you’re debating whether to bring your socks, suspenders or stockings to your shoot then we say bring them! They can help to hide imperfections on your legs and they add great texture and layers to a shot. Don’t forget to bring spares just incase you get a hole in your first set!

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