Modelling Jobs in Australia – How to Prepare

They say you should be prepared for anything on a modelling job. But what does that mean? The fact is that anything can happen on modelling jobs in Australia, while some things may be out of your control, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself. You will most likely be doing something different every day, it is important to be flexible and adaptable so you can tackle any obstacles that you’re met with, and perform to the best of your ability. Read our tips on what to expect on a modelling job to help you prepare for life as a model.

By Phoebe O’Halloran

Long Hours And Early Rises

Many modelling jobs in Australia may demand you to be on set early in the morning or late at night to capture a desired setting.

Ensure you get at least 8 hours of sleep before a job so you can prepare for the long hours you will most likely spend there.

Try to remain positive.

Expect a lot of waiting around.


Next on our list of what to expect on a modelling job is travelling.

Most modelling jobs will require you to travel around the city, the country, or even overseas.

Plan your journey ahead of time and be prepared for traffic and public transport issues.

Punctuality and reliability are essential in making a great impression at a shoot, and arriving early on set will also be looked upon favourably.

Expect the Unexpected

If your shooting on location expect the unexpected.

Using props, live animals or relying on weather and natural lighting means that it is hard to know what to expect on a modelling job.


Expect to be moving your body in different ways and posing in unusual positions.

Try your best to take direction from the photographer and continually move your body in new and interesting positions.

Learning to Change Quickly

Part of what to expect on a modelling job is changing outfits hair and makeup all the time.

You will need to be able to keep up the pace and learn how to change quickly.

Be prepared for the fact that not all shoes and clothes will fit you perfectly and you just have to deal with it.

Check out our article on how to become a model in Australia for more information!

Expect Feedback

Expect to receive feedback on the job, at castings or at meetings with agencies. Not all feedback will be positive and you will inevitably face rejection.

This may be because you simply do not meet the criteria of the role. Learning how to deal with rejection is a vital part of what to expect on a modelling job, but if you can be adaptable, you will have fun.

No two days are the same in that #modellife.


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