Kid Modelling – 5 FAQ’s Before Getting Started

Kid modelling is a competitive industry and getting started can be a challenge. But the opportunity to work among people who share your passion for the business and want to see your kid succeed makes the journey all the more worthwhile. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before delving into the exciting world of kid modelling.

Does My Child Love The Camera?

Kid modelling thrives on talented kids who are energetic and have fun in front of the camera.

They are typically kids who are excited to socalise with new people and have great communication skills, as they need to take direction and work promptly with clients.

You’ll know your kid is enjoying the modelling process if they are invested in the task at hand such as a photo shoot or audition. As a parent you are entering the modelling world also, with that you are investing your time.

So, make sure your child is excited about the opportunity and has that drive to succeed.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

Time is the main source of investment when entering the kids modelling industry. Driving to various castings and shoots is apart of the busy modelling lifestyle.

In terms of investing, you will also need to put together a portfolio of your child’s best photographs.

A portfolio is kind of like a modelling resume that gives clients the opportunity to see your child’s personality and look.

It is a good idea to invest in a professional team when building a portfolio, as they will provide advice to you and your child on how to make it in the industry.

Which Agency Should I Choose?

There are plenty of talent and modelling agencies for your child throughout Australia. Talent agencies offer opportunities for your child outside of modelling, inclusive of film and television work.

Talent agencies may ask for payments, but make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting for this price. These types of agencies will understandably take commission from your earnings, but you shouldn’t be asked to pay prior to signing a contract. Modelling agencies, such as GIANT Junior have no fees as they are prohibited from charging upfront fees.

Here is our kids modelling agency list Australia to get you started! The safest approach to navigating scams is to thoroughly research and read the reviews of the agency your child is signing with.

Protect you and your child by getting everything in writing.

How Do We Act At Castings?

It is best to go into a casting being yourself and feeling confident. Keep up a professional front and be polite when meeting clients and new people in the industry.

There will be times where your child has to wait around and essentially do nothing. Providing snacks and activities to keep them occupied will prevent temper tantrums or unresolved boredom associated with modelling gigs.

Think of castings and auditions as job interviews, it is completely normal to be unsuccessful sometimes. In terms of rejection don’t dwell on it too much.

It is a learning experience, each casting will help your child mature and improve upon their skill for their next opportunity. Keep a positive mindset and don’t take it to heart because the right job will be on its way.

What About School?

High school can be a challenging and demanding time, throw in a modelling career and your child may begin to feel overwhelmed.

Modelling jobs are usually an all-day occurrence; therefore, weekends will be the only available work time. As a parent, understanding and teaching your child about Australia’s Child Employment Laws is vital.

Each state varies slightly but considering the busy schedule of your talented tot it’s beneficial to know these details.

Children can only work between four and eight hours depending on their age and location.

Need more information? Check out our ‘How To Become A Model in Australia‘ article for all the answers.

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