Building The Perfect Model Portfolio

A model portfolio is the key ingredient to your modelling journey. Many industries (outside of fashion and beauty) require portfolios or resumes as proof that you can get the job done and get it done well. Modelling is exactly the same! Agencies and furthermore potential clients want to see your best work in order to decide if you’re the right fit. The better your portfolio is the better your chances are.

By Natalie Dawson

To Shows Your Skills

A model portfolio is quick and efficient way to show potential agencies and clients your best work. It’s not guaranteed that casting agents will see your Instagram posts. Presenting them with a neat book or composite card of all your killer poses is far more effective.

Keeping your portfolio up to date with your newest and best work is also crucial.

As you continue to get jobs your modelling abilities will undoubtedly improve, show this through your portfolio.

Read: Model’s Dictionary for more information on composite “comp” cards.

What You’ll Need And Why

The staple images that must be included in any modelling portfolio show off every angle of your face and body. Full length and quarter length shots and most importantly head-shots. Its beneficial to have head-shots of yourself both smiling and NOT smiling.

Avoid choosing too many images that look similar. Agencies and clients want to see your versatility. The more shots you can include that show off different poses, settings and looks, the more impressive your portfolio will be.

Portfolios are expected to have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 images.

Online Portfolio

If you’re willing to travel for work it might be beneficial to create your own online portfolio. This way overseas clients can see your work without physically having to see you or your model portfolio.

You can also put links to your social media pages and any upcoming projects.

For inspiration, check out Karlie Kloss or Kayla Arianne. These are fairly lavish examples, but the idea is to keep your profile simple, clean and easy to navigate. The last thing you want is potential clients clicking away because your website is too difficult to navigate!

Promote Your Niche

If you’re passionate about a specific division of modelling use your portfolio to promote that. You’ll still need neutral images (full body, head-shot, etc.) but your other images can be more selective.

Fitness modelling requires models to have toned figures. Show off your physique in your model portfolio.

Lingerie models know how to work their curves and aren’t afraid to flirt with the camera. Select images for your portfolio that are sultry and seductive. This will show agencies that you know what you want and where your skills lie.

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