Model Success Story | Candice Vo

Agency: JustKHOO

Candice got in touch with our studio and landed her own photo shoot! Passionate about diversity and Asian representation in media –  Candice was keen to get in front of the camera. Soon after, she signed with JustKHOO! We caught up with her recently for a little Q&A session, you can read it below.

How did you find out about The Photo Studio?

It was all thanks to the Instagram algorithm! Everything started with a “why not?” mentality. I’m really passionate about diversity in the media, and just one day, I suddenly felt like researching if there were any modelling agencies in Melbourne that were big on representing Asian people. Funnily, Instagram picked up on that and started advertising photography studios to me! At the time, The Photo Studio was holding a competition for a model search, which showed up in my ads, and I entered because “why not?” I didn’t win the competition, but a few days later I got a call from Rose from the bookings team saying she loved my answers in my competition entry, and she loved the voice acting content I posted on Instagram, so she encouraged me to come in for a photoshoot anyway! Now here I am!

How helpful was The Photo Studio in kickstarting your modelling career?

VERY. I had absolutely no knowledge about the modelling industry, and it had never been something I’ve actively pursued before. I’m a freelance voice actor, and studying education at Uni, and being in front of the camera was something I would daydream about here and there but I’d always brush it off because I never felt that it could be a possibility – I’m short, and as I grew up, I hardly saw people who looked like me on screens or in the media, so how could I possibly make it out there? Fast forward to entering the studio, everyone was so welcoming and it’s easily been one of the best experiences I’ve had! It was truly the people on the team who made it so worthwhile for me – Anna, my producer, walked me through all the details with such patience and enthusiasm, my makeup artist and hairstylist, Anna (different to producer-Anna!) was so witty and made me feel so beautiful! And finally, my photographer, Satomi – she made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and all of this has happened because of her! After our session, she sat with me and told me “You should try applying for this agency called JustKHOO” and her belief in me encouraged me so much! I started doing my research on the agency, looking at their Instagram, and I fell in love with the way they treat their talent. I fell in love with their values, their acceptance of all heights and sizes but most of all – I love their Asian representation!! It took me a few months to build up the courage to apply. I felt that I wasn’t ready and that I had to get my social media in “perfect order,” before giving them my portfolio. But I realized, that sometimes you just have to “go for it!” So, I did. I figured the worst they could say is “no,” and I would keep trying until they said “yes.” But that didn’t happen! They took me in on my first try!

What agency are you signed with?

JustKHOO Agency!


Are you enjoying modelling?

YES! It’s been so much fun and a lot more chill than I thought! There’s so much more to this industry than just magazine covers, high-fashion runways, or editorials. There are TVC’s, retail campaigns, and other products that need people of all different body types and looks! It’s also so empowering when you get to see the finished products, and you think to yourself “wow, that’s actually me.”


Any campaigns you have featured in?

I just booked my first TVC as a featured talent, but it’s currently a secret!

What kind of modelling are you doing now?

I’m currently not booked for any modelling gigs at the moment since I only just signed onto my agency about a month or so ago, and I’m super new to the modelling world!


What is your next big goal in your modelling career?

I would love, love, love to model for some of my favourite brands, and hopefully be affiliated with them too! I would love to dive into all my favourite geeky and nerdy things from brands like Zing – it would be so awesome to model some Pokémon merch one day! I would also love to model or be an influencer for my favourite ethical and sustainable fashion brands such as Dorsu Cambodia and Kowtow! Until then, it’s baby steps!


What was your favourite portfolio photo and why?

The one where I’m leaning on the couch! I love the lighting in it, the outfit, the position and the expression! It just looks so effortlessly cool.

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