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13 Male Models Who Prove That Bald Is Sexy

Research shows that 3 in 4 men have had to cope with receding hairlines and thinning hair before they turn 50. Yet despite the staggering statistics, most men portrayed in the media have thick hair—not a hint of balding in sight. The fashion industry doesn’t fare any better. Almost all modelling agencies cite “a head full of hair” as one of the prerequisites to signing a male model.

We have compiled a list of 13 male models who prove that bald is the new sexy. These men are a testament to the fact that you don’t need hair to kick ass. To all the bald men out there, keep on rocking! #NoHairDon’tCare

By Marcelyn Wijaya

1. Tyson Beckford

Rise up against all odds

Source: Ssam Kim

Born and raised in Jamaica, Tyson Beckford often found himself subject to his schoolmates’ cruel taunts due to his looks. Little did he know, it was his unique features—a result of his African-Chinese-Jamaican heritage—that would catapult him into worldwide stardom. Discovered by a talent scout in the streets of Bronx in 1992, Beckford has since gone on to become the face of Polo Ralph Lauren. In 2014, Vogue Magazine crowned him the greatest male supermodel of all time

Fun fact: He has also starred in the satirical comedy Zoolander and Britney Spears’ 2009 hit Toxic


Source: Ssam Kim

2. Ben Whit

Fame in unlikely places
Ben Whit 2

Source: Ben Whit’s Instagram

Becoming the UK’s first ever brawn male model was beyond Ben Whit’s wildest dreams. A former personal trainer/gardener, Whit described himself a ‘normal working-class man’.

Whit used to joke with his girlfriend about having ‘the looks of a model’. In a bid to shut him up, his girlfriend bought him a photo shoot. He sent the photos to Bridge Models and, to his surprise, got signed. Now, Whit is a relentless warrior for body positivity


“The world is ready for larger men,” he said. 

Ben Whit

Source: Ben Whit’s Instagram

3. Sung Jin Park

South Korea’s gem


Recently styled in head-to-toe Hermes for GQ Australia’s biggest issue ever, GQ’s Creative Director/Fashion Editor had nothing but praise for the Busan-born model. “It really doesn’t get much better than working with Hermes and Sung Jin Park,” he said. But his achievements didn’t stop there. He has appeared in numerous editorials, including Vogue Japan, Harper Bazaar’s Thailand, and Elle Men China. His runway career have been nothing short of impressive either; Kenzo, DKNY, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein are some of the household brands he’s walked for. 


Fun fact: A Hermes flagship store in Korea has two sculptures of Sung Jin Park on display.



4. Bice

A beacon of inspiration for people with alopecia

Source: Bice’s official page

At the age of 3, Bice was diagnosed with alopecia universalis, an autoimmune disease that causes complete loss of hair. Growing up in a society that labeled him different, he credits his family for normalising the condition—letting him use normal shampoo and conditioner—which made him feel less insecure. Now an up-and-coming model himself, Bice seeks to inspire self-love in kids who might be going through the same ordeal. 


“If a kid who has what I have sees me, he is going to feel less alienated or less ugly,” he said, “he’s going to feel alleviated because he has that kind of representation.”


Source: Bice’s official page

5. Paolo Roldan

A model with an impeccable sense of style

Source: MP Management

The Philippines-born, Toronto-raised model has always had an eye for fashion. As a kid, he was fascinated by the art of expressing himself through clothing—he’d draw and match outfits in his sketches. Suffice to say, his passion for fashion has finally paid off. Dubbed the first Filipino male supermodel by Medium, Roldan has walked for the likes of Givenchy, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, and Armani to name a few. His latest project also sees him modeling and styling for Phillip Lim’s lookbook. 

Coincidentally, asked whose closet he would raid, he replied, “Well, Phillip Lim has quite the arsenal. His taste is impeccable and he covers all the bases.”


Source: Adam Katz Sinding

6. Abde Maziane

Born to stand out
abde 2

Source: IMDb

Abde Maziane was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic deficiency that damages the structure of his skin, prevents his glands from producing sweat, and hinders his body from growing hair. Still, Maziane refuses to let his condition stop him from dreaming big. Originally from Morocco, he moved to France and became a national basketball player. It was then where photographers flocked him and showed interest in capturing his unique looks. Now signed with Wanted Models Agency, Maziane turned what made him “different” into an asset.


Fun fact: Maziane has branched out into acting—he secured a debut role in BAFTA-winning director Luc Besson’s sci-fi flick “Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets.”


Source: Marie Ployart

7. Sergio Delavicci

A man of many talents
gio delavicci

Source: Winter Film Awards

Sergio Delavicci is a hugely successful supermodel who has walked over 250 runway shows, won multiple Top Model of The Year awards, and graced over a dozen magazine covers. As if that string of accolades are not impressive enough, Delavicci has also conquered other professions. His Instagram bio speaks for itself—“Actor, Pro Tennis Trainer, Boxer, Motivational Speaker”. On top of that, he is a masseuse who is fluent in three languages. 


Fun fact: Delavicci is Channing Tatum’s stunt double. 

gio delavicci 2

Source: Dennis Madigan

8. Weah Bangura

Raising awareness on albinism

Source: iMUTE Magazine

Shot in The Photo Studio Sydney

Back in Sierra Leone, Weah Bangura was forced to live in fear. His albinism made him vulnerable to the witch doctors who believed albino hair, blood, and bones contain supernatural powers. Arriving in Australia as a refugee in 2003, Bangura was glad that his looks no longer made him an outcast. In fact, they drew attention for all the right reasons. At the age of 19, he has made his runway debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, walked for Justin Cassin at the Australian Fashion Week, and is the brand ambassador for Adidas Australia. 


Fun fact: Bangura has a tattoo on his chest that reads, “Live a life that leaves a mark on the world.” 


Source: iMUTE Magazine

Shot in The Photo Studio Sydney

9. Xu Meen

Proud to be different

Source: Collectible DRY Magazine

Xu is an androgynous wonder from South Korea. His sharp features, flexible poses, and boldness to deviate from gender norms have cemented him as one of South Korea’s most sought-after models. Discovered while walking down the street, Xu has since made his debut at Seoul Fashion Week and become the face of Givenchy x Onitsuka Tiger 2019 campaign. In an interview with, he credits his close friend for being his rock when he’s unsure about the future.  


“My friend told me: You are the person that is closest to your dream,” he said. 


Source: Collectible DRY Magazine

10. Dan Richards

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Dan Richards 2

Source: Dan Richards’ Instagram

Shortly after arriving in London from Afghanistan, veteran Dan Richards got into a motorcycle crash that took his right arm. It would have been perfectly human to wallow in misery after such a traumatic accident, but Richards refuses to give up. The goals that he has set and accomplished are nothing short of miraculous. Starting from something small like feeding himself and writing his own name, Richards then went on to be the first amputee rider in the history of his regiment, learned to rock climb, fly a plane, wing walk, and of course, became a model. Looking back, Richards chooses to credit the accident as “the best thing that happened to me”. 


Life is like a game of poker,” he said, “It’s not how you play the game, but how you play the hand you’ve been dealt.”

Dan Richards

Source: Dan Richards’ Instagram

11. Jeremy Meeks

a.k.a. Hot Felon

Source: White Cross Management

It seems as though Jeremy Meeks was cursed and trapped into a life of crime from the moment he was born. But life had other plans. Meeks’ viral prison mugshot, which features his chiseled cheekbones, prominent jawline and piercing blue eyes, has turned his world upside down into one of high-end fashion modeling. Even before his prison sentence was up, Meeks was already signed with White Cross Management. He has walked for New York and Milan Fashion Week, and is to date one of the most in-demand male models


Fun fact: Meeks is gearing up to launch his own fashion brand, targeted to the high-end fashion market. 


Source: White Cross Management

12. Will Devaughn

A charming smile and boy-next-door vibes
Will Devaughn

Source: Will Devaughn’s Instagram

Born in Germany and currently residing in The Philippines, Will Devaughn is of Filipino, African-American, and German heritage. He has come a long way from not speaking a word of Tagalog when he first arrived in 2004 to starring in the biggest Filipino TV game show: Pinoy Big Brother house. In a sit down with, Will admits his bald look is not a premeditated decision. He wasn’t fond of his haircuts (courtesy of his stepfather), so he ventured to buy his own razor kit, shaved his head clean, and has rocked that look ever since.


Fun fact: Devaughn’s debut as a commercial model came about when he landed a role in a McDonald’s TV ad in 2006.

Will Devaughn 2

Source: Will Devaughn’s Instagram

13. Kelly Slater

A pro surfer who’s got it all

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps more well-known for his record-breaking 11 World Surfing Championship wins, Kelly Slater has channelled his surfing prowess into modeling for Levi’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection. However, his new modeling gig doesn’t mean he has fully abandoned his passion for surfing. In fact, Slater has managed to combine the two. He’s currently plugging his very own surfwear label, Outerknown, as well as modeling for it. Speaking to, Slater admits modeling sits outside his comfort zone, but he always welcomes challenges with open arms.


“Everyone should have a challenge in life because it keeps you sharp,” he said. 


Source: The New York Times

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