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Male Model Height Requirements

As the national average height has increased over the past decade, so has the agency-represented model height requirements. While this might come as bad news for some, the rise of diversity and acceptance has also opened up opportunities for male models of various heights and sizes.

By Joyce Sung

Andreas Wilson – 5’7″

Source: Sussie Mellstedt

Runway and Fashion Male Model Height Requirements

On the runway, male models are usually over 6’ tall, however, commercially photographed models are within 5’11” – 6’2″.

It is believed that there are a few different reasons for these measurements. 

“The model must fit the piece, not the other way round.”

When designers create their pieces, they tailor the clothing to the mannequins they work on, which are usually slim and tall.

In turn, the models that showcase these items on the runway have to be relatively similarly sized as the mannequin.

On top of that, fashion runways of the same collection are usually held across several countries and cities, and it is likely that there is only one piece of each item.

The universal size of models acts as standardization for runway models.

Due to the fact that many pieces are made for taller models, it is presumed by some that those who don’t fit in the frame of standard agency represented requirements are less aesthetically pleasing. 

The average male height in Australia is 5’10”, which means a majority of the male population meets the height requirement!

But what if you fall under that?

Breaking Social Norms

Although some high fashion modelling agencies are still strict about height requirements, many short male models have managed to make a breakthrough in the industry.

Andreas Wilson is a Swedish actor who starred in the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Evil’.

Despite being 5’7”, he models for the fashion clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

This came as a surprise for some as this brand usually promotes models between 5’10”-6’0″.

Aaron Frew is from the United Kingdom, and he also shared the struggle of being a short male model.

When he first applied to the model agency D1, he was refused at first for his height but they decided to give him a chance.

Six weeks from getting signed, he received a job from the globally-known underwear brand Calvin Klein. He has also modeled for Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR, and been starred in the reality TV show Big Brother.

Being a tall male model gives you a definite advantage in the fashion and runway modelling industry.

However, it is your passion and perseverance that defines your place in the world of modelling. It is now up to you to make a change and defy the social construct of modelling.

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Aaron Frew – 5’7″

Source: D1 Models


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