The body-positive Instagram accounts filling our feeds with good vibes

Instagram can be saturated with accounts showing non-realistic and heavily photoshopped images; it can make it hard to remember that we aren’t all supposed to look a certain way! These accounts make an effort to keep representations of bodies real and are the best daily reminders of all the ways that beauty can look.

I Weigh- @i_weigh

This account founded by Jameela Jamil is all about body positivity for people of all sizes, gender identities and races. The educational posts span a whole range of body issues as well as current affairs and inspiring clips from the I Weigh podcast. 

Megan Jayne Crabbe – @bodyposipanda

Megan’s Instagram account is one of the happiest places on the internet. She is all about embracing and celebrating her body – and encouraging all of us to do the same. She has even written a book about Body Positivity, ‘Body Positive Power’. Her posts urge her followers to make peace with their bodies and live their best lives. Follow her for her inspirational captions, carefree dancing videos, and support of the Body Positive Movement.

Kellie Brown- @itsmekellieb

Kellie is a body positivity activist and influencer who runs fashion, beauty and lifestyle website And I Get Dressed. Her posts are full of priceless styling tips and reminders that you don’t need to look a certain way to dress however you want! With her new podcast, Fat Icon, launching soon, she’s definitely one to follow!

Carmen Rene – @eatthecaketoo

Carmen is a model, speaker and body acceptance activist. She encourages her followers to have their cake and eat it too (hence her Instagram username) – to be career women and supermums, curvy and fit and just step outside the box society places us in. Carmen developed Lymphedema as a child. This condition impacts her lymphatic system, causing swelling of her legs, ankles and feet. She uses her Instagram account to empower others to love the parts of their body that make them the most vulnerable, by posting photos featuring these parts of her body. Follow her for her fierce looks, uncensored authenticity and her killer captions that remind you that ‘all bodies are good bodies’.

Harri Rose – @harri_rose_

Harri Rose is an Unapologetic Body Acceptance Coach, so naturally her Instagram is full of inspiration to love your body and make peace with food. Every single post she makes is paired with an empowering caption which will instantly brighten your day. She’s all about helping you change your mindset and learn to love and accept yourself, just as you are. Let’s be real – we all need some of that positivity in our lives and our Instagram feed, so go follow her!

Dru Presta – @drupresta

Dru is an L.A. based model who was born with a form of dwarfism and describes herself as a “fashion advocate for little people”. She motivates her followers to follow their dreams, love themselves and build each other up. Follow her for her stunning photoshoots and her captions that will inspire you to work hard and go get your goals.

Marquis Neal – @marquimode

Body positivity is not just for girls – Marquis is a body positive dude serving looks and providing representation for queer people on Instagram. He’s all about inclusivity, diversity, body acceptance and wearing whatever you want.

Stevie Blaine- @bopo.boy

Stevie uses his Instagram page to promote body positivity and acceptance for men and the LGBT community. In his captions he reflects on his own journey to body acceptance. He shares personal anecdotes and inspirational messages to encourage his followers to love themselves just as they are. His Instagram account is full of good vibes and positivity.

Jessamyn Stanley- @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is a yoga instructor who wants her students and followers to turn their focus from how they look to how they feel. Her posts are authentic and refreshing as they touch on everything from her regular online yoga classes, her book and podcast, to self reflections and raw discussions about how we treat our bodies.

Imogen – @the_feeding_of_the_fox

Imogen uses her Instagram page to increase representation of disabled bodies in the body positivity movement. She was born with a genetic impairment and fights for the rights of those with disabilities. She posts about the struggles of living with a disability and how society perceives her and others living with impairments. She shares her journey to love her body through her Instagram posts and encourages others to do the same.

Shay Neary – @watchshayslay

Shay is the first transgender plus-size model to be featured in a major fashion campaign. Her Instagram page is a combination of fashion shoots, selfies and moments of her life. In her captions she shares parts of her personal journey to love herself, advocates for trans rights, speaks about mental health and talks about finding body acceptance.

What are your favourite body positive Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments.

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