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When searching for modeling agencies in Melbourne its crucial to do your research. Not only do agencies appreciate talent knowing a thing-or-two, but diligent investigation prevents getting scammed. Melbourne is the hub for any wannabe model, we’ve compiled its most reputable agencies just for you.

By Natalie Dawson

1. Vivien’s Models

Vivien’s Models is internationally recognised as one of the leading modelling agencies within Australia. They were originally founded in Sydney but has since become one of the most reputable modelling agencies in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

It is the second longest established agency worldwide.

Vivien’s Models and their talent is renowned amoungst the fashion and modelling industries. The Australian agency represents famous faces, such as Coco Rocha, Belle Lucia and our Melbourne Studio’s very own success story; Billie Smolsy.

As one of the more elite modelling agencies, Vivien’s requirments for their talent can be a little more constrictive. They have a ‘Be Discovered’ page which lists the requirements for any aspiring models.

2. Bettina Management

Vincent for Bettina Management

Bettina Management is known for its ongoing professionalism and success within the industry. Unlike other childrens talent agencies, Bettina doesn’t require a fee for interview.

Bettina Management has been representing children between the ages of 3 months to 16 years of age since 1992.

They are an industry leader for the placement of children within television, film and catalogues.

Bettina tots also feature in fashion parades, musical theatre and other types of promotion or events.

Some of their reputable clients include big brands such as Bonds, Channel 9 and Huggies.

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Ivana for Bettina Management

3. Chadwick Models

Chadwick Models is responsible for launching the careers of many influential models, including Elle MacPherson, Megan Gale and Jessica Hart.

Not to mention Chadwick Models is home to Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Duckie Thot. 

One of the top tier modeling agencies in Melbourne, Chadwick’s also operates across Sydney and Perth.

Founded in 1976, Chadwick Models maintains the same high level of professionalism as they continue to source the freshest faces.

Aspiring models can apply via their website. They require your height and measurements alongside simple, brightly lit DIGI’s.

4. SASS Model Management

Callum Casserly for SASS Management

SASS Management have a wide variety of talent to choose from. The reputable talent agency has been casting for over 10 years.

From acting to modelling to promotional work, SASS Management pride themselves on providing job opportunities based on their talents skill set, looks and personality.

SASS is a commission based agency which means they earn when their talent does. Meaning no upfront fee is required prior to getting work.

SASS Management have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth with their head office in the Gold Coast.

Represented models are diverse in age, ethnicity, gender and body type.

SASS encourages anyone of any look to apply and chase their dreams.

Amanda Blanks for SASS Management

5. Reelfaces

A relatively new agency compared to Vivien’s Models and Chadwick Models, Reelfaces aims to represent a vast pool of experienced talent.

Reelfaces opened its doors in 2007 providing “skilled talent at tailor made prices.”

Everyone from extras, presenters, to actors, musicians and dancers.

Reelfaces has high demand for all ages, sizes and ethnicities.

Reelfaces talent has successfully booked jobs in TV, print and received extra work in shows like Blue Heelers and Underbelly.

6. Brooklyn MGMT

Established in 2006, Brooklyn MGMT is one of the leading modeling agencies in Melbourne. They represent and work with clients both throughout Australia and internationally.

As a boutique agency, Brooklyn MGMT prides itself on its nurturing and hands-on approach to its talent. They provide training, development and guidance to aspiring models ensuring they reach their full potential.

Brooklyn MGMT also shares the same attentive and caring approach with their clientele. Ensuring brands find the perfect model for their campaign.

The family-owned business offers partnerships with models aged between 15 to 40. They have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney and have worked with name clients such as Sportsgirl and Mecc Maxima.

7. GIANT Management

Founded in 1989, GIANT Management has a vision to deliver consistent professionalism and the highest level of dedication. Nearly 30 years on GIANT is one of the most reputable modeling agencies in Melbourne and furthermore more, Australia.

GIANT aim to oversee and support their talent every step of the way. Their guidance has landed models both big Australian campaigns and international work.

Their motto is to treat their talent as family. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing family excel in their passion.”

GIANT Management covers a spectrum of modelling and creative talent. They work hard to provide the best for their clients and ensure their talent is represented to their full potential.

8. Chic Management

Since its humble beginnings in 1992, Chic Management has become one of the top modeling agencies in Melbourne. Furthermore, Chic’s global success is unparalleled. They represent talent who have appeared on the covers of intentionally magazines and runways.

Alyssa SutherlandCatherine McNiel and Samantha Harris are just some of the big names Chic Management has nurtured.

They specialise in an array of different modelling divisions, inclusive of high fashion and commercial work. Chic supports their talent through assistance with branding and they provide photographic practice projects for their models.

Chic also manage ‘Atelier Talent’ which represent talent in film, television and theatre productions.

They have also recently included a Chic Bloggers Management division for digital strategising and influencer support.

9. Pride Models

A considerably new Australian agency Pride Models has quickly become a source of top tier talent throughout the fashion industry. Launched in 2008, Pride Models now has offices in both Melbourne and Adelaide to which they encourage their models to travel between the two.

Their focus is on nurturing aspiring female models, including teens/tweens. Pride Models work with the parents and guardians of their talent to ensure that modelling doesn’t negatively impact academic priorities. All Pride Model staff members are required to hold a Working with Children Certificate.

Pride Models represent children aged 10 and up and are currently the only agency with a specialized “tween” board.

Their talent has posed for publications such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and walked runways across Paris, New York, London and Milan.

10. Scene Model Management

Scene Model Management opened its doors in 1997 and is now one of the leading faces of the fashion industry.

Their team of dedicated professionals seek to promote the best of Australian talent to international markets.

They build their models careers through personal management and accompanying them throughout their career.

Scene Model Management represents both men and women. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply via their websites.

On their contact page you can see what images need to be submitted and the requirments for doing so.

11. Covergirl Promotional Models

Covergirl Promotional Models consider themselves to be one of the top modeling agencies in Melbourne. Their passionate and professional team is invested in getting their clients into the spotlight.

Covergirl casts their promotional staff and event models in campaigns all over Australia, including Melbourne.

In anything and everything from music festivals to corporate events, Covergirl Promotional Models uphold a high standard of fitness and hospitality.

Joining Covergirl Promotional Models is as simple as registering yourself through their website. There are a few forms to fill out, plus it’s important to upload any previous modelling work you may have done.

You do NOT need to fill out any payment details until your first job as a Covergirl Promotional Model.

12. Casting Kids

Vincent for Casting Kids

Casting Kids has become one of the most respected childrens talent agencies over the last 15 years.

The reputable modelling agency prides themselves on the personable experience they give their clients.

Casting Kids represents babies to children up to the age of 16 years old. Talent is individually interviewed and the agency is “confident in obtaining them work.”

This is what some might say a more ’boutique’ agency, each child being selected for their individual talent and uniqueness.

Thea for Casting Kids


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