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Site Manager Damian Manczal was already a budding Freelance Model when he decided to enter one of The Photo Studio Australia’s Instagram competitions, hoping it would help him build up his modelling portfolio.

“Contestants had to submit a direct message using 25 words or less to describe why they felt that they should win. From there I got a call with an offer to do a shoot and I was in.” Says Damian.

Damian describes his style as a mix between traditional and modern – something you would see sprawled out on the pages of any issue of GQ or Esquire. It is this use of tradition and subtle rules in menswear that he believes is just as critical now as it was 50 years ago.

“I have always believed that dressing appropriately for an occasion is still just as important today as it was in years past. A wedding, funeral or ball shouldn’t be the only time that attention is paid to what attire should be worn.”

“Casual and everyday clothing should still follow the same basic traditional rules, even if today’s fashion is broader. So although I like traditional rules, I also enjoy being creative with an occasion’s dress code when appropriate.”

It was this level of certainty and refinement in his style and ability to coordinate outfits that Damian took in with him into his shoot. The ability to construct an effortlessly cool outfit was the goal, and Damian pulled it off perfectly.

“I wanted a stylish shoot that was relaxed disheveled, something that had a cool and effortless vibe. I wanted to avoid strong poses or being too neat. The crew knew exactly what I was after and exactly how to capture the right mood. I learned a lot, particularly with the photography.”

Damian says he draws on both his inspirations, Ex Bachelor Star Tim Robards and F1 Driver Daniel Riccardo, not in terms of style but in terms of outlook and how to go about living life.

“Both are cool guys, but more importantly, they have a ‘work hard and have fun while doing it’ attitude to life. They are obviously very successful in their careers but they still have humility – an underrated quality.”

“This motivates me to apply my focus on a task wholly and succeed at whatever challenge I take on, in turn pushing me to think outside the square and become more creative.”

While not a racecar driver like Riccardo, Damian maintains the same amount of humility. He might have effortless charm, style and marketability, but he simply says he is a diamond in the rough.

“I think I’d like people to look at my photos and think they look effortless. With so many photos on Instagram now, it’s usually only the natural looking shots with cool composition that catch your eye and make you want to scroll back for a second look.”

Currently looking for more modeling opportunities, this cool, calm, and collected approach to modeling might just be what helps Damian crack it.


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