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Working Fulltime in sales, and part time as a Barber in his own studio, Ashton Booysen came into The Photo Studio Australia to finally step into the world of male modelling.

When describing his personal style, Ashton says he tries to create a mix of old meets new. Combining garments like tailored pants with pristine white trainers, he finds the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down.

“My personal style would be a mix of old school and also new, influenced by street fashion, music and hip-hop – as I used to dance. I say ‘old school’ in the sense of wearing suits, shirts and pants.” Says Ashton.

“I like to mix old and new to make it my own style. I’m a very black, white and grey type of guy, although I do like wearing colours to match my outgoing personality.”

With an outgoing personality and diverse approach to fashion, Ashton wanted to create a series showing off the essence of who he is.

“For my photo shoot I wanted to bring outfits that match who I am and my vibe, as well as showcasing new trends.”

“I enjoy wearing Streetwear as well as modern dressed up fashion. Showcasing all the things I like when it comes to fashion such as brands, winter clothes, jackets, shoes, jewelry and accessories was all important. I wanted to paint the picture of matching my style to my personality.”

Ashton’s influences extend far beyond hip-hop and Streetwear. Art, family and friends, and an overall healthy lifestyle motivate him everyday. Living by the saying, ‘If not now, then when? If not me, then who?’ Ashton strives to be the best version of himself.

Ashton wants people to notice the amount of work that went into his shoot. He is hopeful his subtle sartorial choices will give a sense of who he really is.

“I hope people see the attention to detail in both my fashion and the photos. Meaning the clothing pieces I put together, the fit of the fabrics, and in the brands worn. Also, to see how you dress is a reflection of who you are and what you are trying to become – being able to where clothes that make you feel better.”


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