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High School Student Amy Griffin always played with the idea of becoming a model. So when she stumbled across a promotion for The Photo Studio Australia, she knew it was time to give it a shot.

“I saw an amazing opportunity to kick start my dream. Their creativity and passion for modelling and photography drew me in straight away.” Says Amy.

Amy describes her fashion sense as varied and diverse, with her day-to-day style switching between casual streetwear and a refined chic look.

“It honestly changes from day to day! I’m so indecisive at times and love to express duality through style and fashion. Some days it’s Nikes and an oversized hoodie, and others it’s heels and lipstick with sleek hair. But I will always love modern simplistic styles and a bronze makeup look.”

Amy wanted to take this eclectic approach to fashion and find a way to intertwine it into her shoot, creating a portfolio that emphasizes individuality.

“I really wanted to highlight that although styling can capture one’s personality and uniqueness, it’s all you. Anyone can do it with the right mindset and loving support of such a great team.”

“I feel that the simplicity of the hair, makeup and outfits really draws you more to the natural characteristics of the model, and I love that. Especially today we often struggle between how we look and how we think we should look, and so I think it’s important to show that style can definitely bring out the beauty in ones self.”

This natural aesthetic is crucial to Amy’s overall style, allowing her to feel confident and relaxed. Amy says Instagram models that channel this style, such as Alexis Ren, have been major influences on her.

“I have followed Alexis Ren’s modeling journey for some time now and cannot get enough. Her modern but unique style and confidence is something I have and forever aspire to – espiecally in the modeling industry.”

But as Amy explains it is not just models, she also takes influence from popular Instragram photographers such as Rocky Colbourne.

“[His] creativity never fails to inspire and connect with me with his talent for photography! Always capturing raw beauty through simplicity and minimalism, as well as his stunning curation of swimwear, I’m constantly in awe.”

Just as Ren and Coulbourne motivate her, Amy is hopeful her photos will inspire others to express creativity and authenticity.

“I hope people feel inspired to tune into their own personal style and creativity when looking at my photos, regardless od anyone else’s… just focus on what makes them feel the most themselves.”


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