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10 Tips on How to Become a Male Model

Have you ever thought about a modelling career but don’t know where to start? Well we’ve done the hard work for you – compiling a checklist of 10 tips on how to become a male model. These tips will point you in the right direction and get you one step closer to achieving those #lifegoals.

#1 Discover Your Strengths

Do you have ripped abs perfect for fitness modelling? Or long legs and a chiselled jaw ideal for runway? Our first tip on how to become a male model is to discover your strengths and which type of modelling you are best suited to. This will help you narrow your focus when approaching agencies and starting out in your career.

#2 Get Confident on Camera

Our second tip on how to become a male model is to familiarise yourself with being on camera. It’s normal to feel nervous at first, but the more practice you get in front of the camera the more natural it will become.

#3 Learn Your Angles

There is more to modelling than natural good looks. You need to learn your angles and how to work them for the photographer. Nobody has a 100% symmetrical face and therefore it’s important for models to practice in front of the mirror and learn what works.

#4 Be Willing to Invest

Like any career, modelling requires an investment of time and money when starting out. You don’t just wake up one day with experience, a portfolio and agency representation (unless of course you’re Jordan Barrett).

#5 Build a Portfolio

Your model portfolio is like your resume. It’s what you use to approach agencies with and what agencies use to represent you. Our fifth tip on how to become a male model is to build a high caliber portfolio. Having an amateur portfolio is like having a hand-written resume. Don’t sell yourself short!

#6 Gain Exposure

It’s all well and good to have a professional portfolio but if you don’t gain exposure then how are you supposed to find work? These days a lot of models are scouted on Instagram and other social networking sites. Create a professional account separate to your personal one and start tagging modelling agencies in your posts!

#7 Network

There are dozens of ways to build connections in the modelling industry. Online groups like ‘Melbourne Creative Network’ or ‘Last Minute Models’ are a good place to start. Even volunteering on unpaid jobs can help get your name out there as a model. Our seventh tip on how to become a male model is to network!

How to Become a Male Model 4

#8 Sign with an Agency

Some people prefer to take the freelance modelling route – however our eighth tip on how to become a male model is sign with an agency. Both have their perks, but having an agency means that the big job of finding clients is looked after for you.

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#9 Avoid Scams

As a model you will need to recognize a red flag when you see one. As a rule of thumb – if an agency asks for a yearly fee to be signed with them, they probably aren’t the best agency to go with. Also remember to keep a paper trail of all payment agreements – the fashion industry is notorious for people not getting paid properly!

#10 Be Persistent

Some models get work instantly and some models never make it. Truth is, there is no knowing the outcome. Our last tip on how to become a male model is to be persistent. Just because you don’t get accepted the first time doesn’t mean you won’t the second, third or fourth time. You need thick skin to make it in the modelling industry and persistence pays.


So, think you’ve got what it takes to become a male model? For a free modelling consultation, submit an enquiry form below.




I’m Scottish living in Melbourne. 6’8” and athletic. Many people seem to think I am model, it is something I would like to do. Am I too tall?




Hi, everyone is Beautiful in their own ways, just be confident and Do you. Showing confidence is What makes clothes, lifestyle etc look cool

Timothy Valensworth

I think 6’8″ is a bit too tall. Usually, male models fall under 5’11” to 6’3″. However, this shouldn’t stop you AT ALL. It may be hard to book a job for the runway, but you could definitely find a career in commercial modeling If you got the looks!

Steven Timothy

hello, im just wondering if i’m 169 cm tall. is that too short to become a model? thanks…

Steven Mimms

I’m Canadian living in Nova Scotia. I’m 6’6. Everywhere I go, i get asked if im a model. I wonder if we could make it a reality?


Hey my whole life I’ve been told I’m pretty good looking. Although I’m not very photogenic id like to see if modeling would be for me. I’m 6 1 medium build and have a light skin complexion. I also live 15 min from NYC

Elijah Kinsale

My name is Elijah Kinsale, I’m 6’7 and I’ve always wanted to do modeling, but every agency I’ve looked into looks fake. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ibrahim Sodiq

Hello am Ibrahim, am 18 still in university and I would really love to become in other for me to see some cash to finance my schooling



I’m a Cameroonian living in Douala. I’m 6’7″ tall and very athletic in physique. I feel pressure from friends all around me to be a model. I think it’s worth going in for right now.



Jordan Seufzer

I’m a pro mma fighter an work alot of different types of jobs.. I been slowing cutting off weight an building mass.. On top of getting ready for a fight. I never done a photo shoot an like to build up to one.
I was in a movie back in high school called Reeseville murder and mystery


Hey ,

Am Katlego living in south Africa. Am tall black and would like to become a model



Christopher (Socrates) Irby

Heyy my name is christopher irby but i go by socrates and i’m 5’9 with a somewhat bodybuilding like build,dont know if i got what it takes but have been told i have great skin. And i wouldnt wont to go through life not knowing if i could have made it so im going to take this risk and give it a shot!

tami poingdestre

Could you give more information of the process.
What kind of photos are needed?
Whats the cost for these approx, ?
Who would you recommend to take Portfolio ? [Melbourne]

Jamie Settineri

I am Jamie and live in Syracuse NY. Whenever i travel i am asked if i am a model or famous musician, especially in airports. I am 6’-6’1”, 30-31inch waist and have a thin build. I would like to see if there is any possibility of some print/catalog work as a male model.

Thanks, Jamie


Hi, I am confuse and I really appreciated if you can help me. Being a model is a dream for me but I don’t know where to start , so it will be nice to hear from you what you can do for me..
Thank you.

Edwin Rodrigues

Most of my friends think I am quite photogenic and can pursue modeling as a courier. While studying for my Master’s in Singapore the institute used my picture on their add in Straits Times. I was a guest in one of the Mega events in Singapore and was captured on the camera by the cameraman. surprisingly, I discovered that i was showcased holding one of the electronic gadgets in their event magazine. Since then, I felt I must give it a go at least once in the modeling industry.

Joshua Vazquez

I am a Hispanic man who was born in New York and I am 5’8″ and I am athletic as well. Am I too short to be a model?

Thank you


Azhyrion johnson

I am African American living in living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am 16 years old and I have a strong passion of being a model. I am 5’8 inches tall and skinny but I am good looking. I have dark brown skin and light brown eyes. My hair is in a curly Afro aka “thot fro”. My number is(501) 240-5100

Harry Todman

Hey there, how’s it going!

I’m 6 ft 1, living in Central London and essentially looking to see if I’ve got what it takes to cut it as a model.

I’ve got a strong athletic build, similar to that of a light heavyweight boxer.

Would be great to have a consultation and see where it goes.



Mohammed sabir

I’m Mohammed sabir from India and I’m 18 years old… I’m tall about 6.1 or more..I have long legs..But I’m skinny…. What I should do to be a model?? Because being a model is my big dream since childhood… I used to pose in cameras… Please kindly reply to this. I’m confident

Jaevius Smith


My name is Jaevius. I live in Alabama. i’m 6’0” and very athletic. I’ve received comments and people have actually told me that i could pursue modeling. It’s something i’ve been looking forward to doing since I started high school. How can I start?


6’0” perfectly shaped abs, great jaw line, bright GREEN eyes, long full hair (that is a huge compliment everywhere I go), full shoulders and arms. Not too muscular that I will affect clothes fitting but great looking body all around.

Emillio Cubillo

My family suggested that I should take up modelling, I don’t know where to start, what to do or who to see. I’m 6’0″ maybe 6’1″ now. I don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer to build a portfolio.


I am from Syria
I’m a sportsman and long 187cm and I’m currently planning to be a mile model
But in my task it is difficult

Dylan wolf

I’m 15. Chiseled jaw and awesome abs. My all time dream is to become a Hollister model! What’s the youngest age to become a model? And where should I start?


Hey…I am 26 years old.. My height is 181cm ..I weigh 68kg I have a good body with good abs I go to gym 2 times a day ..I want to b a model ..I have being rejected based on picturea I uploaded ..and incorrect chest size… I need help getting angency ..I have a picture which got 780 like on facebook…coz its because I’m only wearing boxer struggle is clothing

Naveen Kumar

I’m 5’5”and my eyes are brown and everyone is telling that I’m looking like a model and English man


I’m half German half Turkish im living in turkey I want to become a model my instagram name is esad_as



I’m Dominican 6’0” got a cute smile and my skin color is like light-dark or as some people say (yellow) plus my eyes are like a clean light brown. Modeling is something I see myself doing even when walking down the streets. My friends say that I’m handsome and I can show more diversity in the modeling industry but I don’t like my body shape because I’m just average not like fit or athletic.


I am a single mother trying to put her 19-year-old son through veterinarian college, my son is very good-looking 6’3 and very athletically built I was wondering if there is anyway to get some side jobs for him as a fill-in model or something without actually having a model career because that is not his career choice but I do feel that he is handsome enough to get recognized and chosen as a fill in model for sure. Any advice is greatly appreciated

Adams Dwell

I have never tried modeling before and i just wanna give it a trial. I am 6’0, and I’m really shy in front of camera. No kidding. I hope this won’t hinder my progress or hope to become a model.


I’m interested in modelling but my height is 5.6
am I suitable for this career?

Josh Hale

Hi Team!

Found your article very helpful! I’m currently new to this industry have done a lot of unpaid shoots though. Would love and very much appreciate a free modeling consultation.

Thanks for your time and help!


please,I need help
being a model is my dream since my childhood days and up till am coming out in my school magazine each year as a model of the year but i still need your help

Steven Timothy

Hello there. My name is Steven Timothy. I am 20 years old. I am planning to become a photo model. I have been working out for the past 3 years. i am still trying to sculpt my body proportionally. I’m not the bodybuilder type. I am just working out in the gym to make my body muscular, but not too muscular though. Only to have a good and a proportional upper and a lower body. So I believe I have what it takes to become a model. But the thing is, I don’t know how to get things started, or register to an agency.

Mason Arnold

I am about 5’7″ and have been told I should do modelling and I have done some thinking about it. I realized that I should start now as a 15 year old so I can do better later. Am I too short though?

Mohammed afrar zahran

I’m 5’9 tall. my ambition to become a male model. I can do it.
I will do all kind of hard work. I will never give up.

Jacob Moreyra

I’m 6’4, Athletic, Green eyes, Brown hair, straight white teeth, jawline, would I be a good model? I mean a lot of people say I look handsome and hot and I really want to do modeling but I have no idea where to start if you could give me advice or anything please contact me on instagram @jacobmoreyra it’ll mean so much to me, thank you


I want to get into modeling, my age is 26, I’m fit,but I don’t know the route, where I should go and I should talk to right person. Pls kindly help me….

Gautam Thapa

My friends and brothers are telling me to join modeling but I don’t know how and where to begin ?


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