What to bring to your male model casting

Your first casting is always going to be a little scary. What you bring and how you present yourself to the client is crucial in determining whether you’ll be chosen for the job. Speaking to fellow Calvin Klein model Nik Morris, he says “you will tailor what you’re going to wear based on the company you’re going for”. Make sure what you wear and what you take will be essential in fulfilling the client’s brief.

What to wear:

Skinny jeans:

Denim is versatile and can be worn both smart and casual. Those who are judging your casting want to see you in your natural form. Jeans can look relaxed and refined at the same time.


Consider the environment you’re walking into. If you’re going to a Hugo Boss casting – a t-shirt may be inappropriate and too casual. However, if you’re going for a casting at a store like General Pants, or Industrie, a t-shirt is a suitable choice. They’re comfortable, stylish and they portray ones’ biceps beautifully.

Smart Casual Shoes:

As relaxed as they want you to be, you still need to look somewhat sophisticated, and as though you take pride in your appearance. Smart casual shoes are classy and chic.

Tailored Shirt:

Tailored shirts should be worn for high-end designer castings. Morris suggests that “the whole industry is based on aesthetics, so if you can make yourself look very presentable, then all the better for you”.

White and Black jocks:

What majority of males find to be the most confronting aspect of a casting, is being asked to strip down and present their physique. While you may feel anxious, this is the only way casting agents can determine whether you’re suited for the brand. This is why it is pretty vital for you to wear nice underwear! We recommend preferably black and white underwear. Classic colours that will stand out in photographs.

What to bring:

Comp cards:

Comp cards are the best form of marketing for yourself. They’re a compilation of your best photos – essentially like your own business card. They give an insight to your casting agent of how well you can photograph and if you will suit their brief.


You should always take in your portfolio so that the casting agent can get a sense of your versatility and modelling technique. This gives you a broader scope to display your favourite imagery and show how much you can rock it on camera.

Little Black Book:

If you’re forgetful – your little black book is your best friend. You can log your jobs, your hours, details, personal notes, anything you think you’ll need to remember. Don’t forget to bring it along to your casting!

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