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Top 10 Tips for Fitness Model Posing

 1. Hold a Solid Pose in Front of the Camera 

For sitting and squatting poses, remember to breathe and hold a solid posture. Steer clear of slouching and loose limbs. Keep your muscles engaged and hold a strong position, placing one bent leg slightly in front of the other for balance as well as depth in the shot.

2. Nail Those Standing Poses 

Standing poses can feel a little flat so here’s some ways to make them more striking. Elevate your elbows slightly and avoid having them flush against your torso as this extends the mass on your arms and disguises the appearance of muscle. Don’t hide those biceps! Aim to make shapes with your body such as widening your stance, placing your arms on your waist or resting them over your head.

3. Incorporate Movement & Props into Your Posing Sequence 

You got this! Time to sweat it out by incorporating some props such as kettlebells and resistance bands to capture those muscles in motion and add a sense of authenticity to the set. Use exercises such as bicep curls and lunges to create a variety of poses.

4. Try Some Natural & Relaxed Poses 

Create some levels with your posing. To really see those muscles elevated, have a seat on the floor and rest your arms on your knees to get a nice level shot. This natural and relaxed position will really pop on camera!

5. Work With the Studio Lighting 

Lighting is your best friend. You want the light to draw the shape of your muscles so it’s important to avoid facing the light source straight on. Instead, face it diagonally to allow the light to create more depth and enhance your muscle definition.

6. Attempt Some Action Shots 

As Dan Wieden once said, Just do it. Keep moving, whether it’s kicking, jumping or leaping to really activate those muscles and get that natural tensing of the body. Action shots create a perfect balance between doing and posing as it automatically engages muscle groups without you intentionally having to do so.

7. Explore Different Angles 

Have some fun with angling your body in different directions so you can find your best angles. To accentuate the waist and create a more flattering figure, turn your hips and torso on a diagonal angle towards the camera while leaving your feet planted on the floor to provide dimension to your figure. Added bonus… it also makes your bum look great.

8. Don’t Neglect Facial Expression

‘What’s going on in your head, you’ll produce that expression naturally.’ – Photographer Michaela Dutkova. Be confident in your space and keep your face nice and relaxed. Avoid a frightened expression and wide eyes, instead relax, smile with your eyes and maintain that eye contact with the camera.

9. Make Your Gaze Intentional

Whether you’re staring directly into the camera or peering out into the distance, finish your pose strongly by committing with your line of sight. Convey focus and determination through your stare because representing mental strength is just as important as physical strength in your fitness poses.

10. Embrace Your Body!

Be confident in your body when you’re in front of the camera and let your uniqueness shine through in your posing. Get your professional photos done with us at The Photo Studio where we’ll capture the strongest version of yourself.

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