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Working out how you want to style your photo shoot can be pretty tricky! It’s hard to know what your style really is and how to execute it on the day of your shoot. We thought we’d do the hard work for you so have come up with 10 key trends that will help you define your style from clothing to props!

Classical Vogue

If you are confident, traditional and admire beauty, than this is the style for you. You can create this look with neatly styled hair or full curls. Wear makeup that is clean, yet sophisticated.

This is the perfect time to bring out your favourite dress! You don’t need to bring as many props with you for this style as your classical and beautiful look is the focus. Instead think about bringing in statement jewellery like necklaces and earrings that will accentuate your classical vogue styling.

‘No make-up’ make-up look

The ‘no make-up’ make-up look may seem hard to pull off but with the right make-up, hair and stylists, you’ll look effortlessly beautiful in no time! Wear something plain and clean, such as a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. You could pair this with white converse sneakers or black ankle boots.

This look is about perfecting the basics! Your hair is perfectly styled, however looks like you could have woken up like that, such as a messy bun or loose waves.


If you are free spirited, gypsy-like and love the look that Kate Moss and Sienna Miller embody, then you’re a bohemian goddess. To style this look, search in your wardrobe for patterns and textures that are colourful and playful.

Lace tops, patterned denim jackets and of course anything floral will definitely work for this look. You can always accessorise this style with a paisley headscarf, beaded bracelets, anklets and big quartz rings.

It’s super important to complete the look with appropriate props! A hippie would bring along their dream catchers, fringes and even a hammock to the studio.


You want to feel confident and comfortable within this style. This is your chance to show your sexy side in a tasteful way. You can wear your lingerie or something ‘dreamy’, such as an oversized shirt.

To style this look you can bring materials such as velvet, bed linen and feathers. Get practicing your pin-up poses for the shoot.

Masculine Edge

This style is versatile and ageless! When combining your femininity with masculinity, you will need clothes that are comfortable and make them feel confident. Chanel even created the ‘boy bag’ to incorporate all the great aspects of men’s fashion.

For this trend you could wear a lose top paired with some boyfriend jeans, a cap and sneakers. However if you want to add an edgy spice to your shoot, rock up in a tailored suit and brogues for the real masculine vibes.

For this style you should embody a relaxed and casual pose. You can still look feminine and beautiful when you have masculine style.


This is all about being colourful and bold, yet relaxed. Having a nice summer glow and salty hair is definitely appropriate. Prints that are fun and dresses that you would wear to the beach are ideal.

You can style this shoot in many ways; if you want to be portrayed as a beach-babe you can bring in your thongs, bathers, sunnies and even a lounge chair. You could also wear a beautiful vibrant maxi dress, a statement necklace and wedges to complete this look. Think beach, sunshine and good vibes!


Alternative style is relative to those who are rock, goth, punk and grunge. This style represents a variety of looks. On the top you could wear a dark top, flannel shirt and leather jacket. On the bottom black ripped jeans and some black boots.

This look can easily be paired with curled hair, piercings shown off and some eyeliner. Bring in any props that align with this key trend like a guitar.


If you are wanting to show off your dramatic, outgoing and flashy self, then this flamboyant trend is perfect for you. You can wear anything from a bright coloured leather jacket, to a tutu skirt. There is no limit to what props to use to enhance this look.

This look allows you to be ‘out-there’ with your make-up and hair. This gives you a chance to bring out those bright coloured lipsticks and hairspray. Anything kooky and weird is down right fantastic!


The artistic trend is for those who would see themselves as indie/hipster and have a unique sense of style. You have a strong opinion on what goes together and like to shop from a variety of retailers, including op shops!

There is no right or wrong with this style! Feel free to bring in anything you’ve handcrafted yourself or that’s vintage. Hats, scarves and a mix of styles is all recommended for this key trend.


Active style is for those who have their go-to outfit as a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and runners. You’re energetic, outgoing and lively. To style this look you want to look fit, fearless and feminine.

You could be anything from a ballerina, dancer, or bodybuilder to someone who just enjoys exercise. This style allows you to be creative with poses and props.

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