What to Wear for a Photoshoot – 32 Outfit Ideas

Trying to figure out what to wear for a photoshoot can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Let us help you pick the perfect look to really showcase your personality and style. Here are 32 outfit ideas for a photoshoot.

By Monique Courtney

1. Winter Woollies

A chunky knit sweater or a blanket scarf is a great way to add a cosy yet bold element to your look and tie your outfit together. This kind of look is absolutely perfect for autumn and winter.

2. Neon Dream

Bright clothes, colourful makeup, and eye-catching hair are all easy ways to elevate your look and add extra oomph to your photos.

3. Africana

African prints and styles are completely stunning. Let us help you showcase your most beautiful African-inspired looks.

4. Yesteryear

Looks straight from the 1930s, 40s, or 50s are always fun and really pop in photos. Our hair and makeup artists will help you complete your vintage look and take a step back in time.

5. Flower Power

Next on the list of what to wear for a photoshoot is florals. Floral prints are beautiful and can make your photos come alive, especially paired with our fresh flowers.

6. Plain ‘n’ Simple

If you’re really struggling with what to wear for a photoshoot, sometimes a simple jeans-and-t-shirt combo is the way to go. It’s exactly what you need to shift the focus away from your outfit and onto your hair, your makeup, or your already-gorgeous face. Neutral colours and simple styles put extra emphasis on YOU.

7. Fit and Fabulous

If you’re someone who loves being fit and active, an activewear look can make for some really strong, fun photos—not to mention you’ll be super comfy!

8. Over the Rainbow

Let your colours show! Try some bright, colourful, festival-inspired looks. Flower crowns, tie-dye, and the funkiest pieces in your wardrobe will make for a really exciting shoot.

9. Bad ‘n’ Boujee

Have some really radical pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve been dying to show off? This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your most unique looks.

10. Be a Good Sport

If you play a particular sport, use your shoot as a chance to show that off! Wear your uniform or bring in your gear to capture your true passion.

11. Get Down to Business

A well-fitted suit can make anyone look like an absolute boss. Chuck on a shirt and tie or a t-shirt under your blazer to complete the look. For an even sexier look, forget the shirt and go nude under the jacket.

12. Party Like It’s 1999

Put on your choker necklaces, slide on your dark lipstick, throw your hair into some space buns, and tie a flannel shirt around your waist. Or if you’re more Clueless than Pulp Fiction, take your plaid skirt and knee-high socks out of storage for a totally 90s look.

13. Back to Black

Wearing black from head to toe can look edgy, bold, and classy all at the same time. This type of look is timeless and beautiful in both colour photos and black-and-white photos.

14. Beach, Please

Channel some summer vibes with a beachy look: shorts, summer dresses, t-shirts, even a cheeky bikini. Paired with our summer props, you’ll feel like you’re jetting off to Bali.

15. Neither Hair Nor There

Is your hair one of your best features? Does your hair draw attention wherever you go? Instead of worrying about what to wear for a photoshoot, make your hair a focal point in your shoot. This is great because it doesn’t require any crazy outfits or props—the focus is all on you and your mane!

16. Bollywood

Traditional Indian looks are so beautiful and mesmerising. Shine in a colourful sari, mountains of jewellery, and stunning hair and makeup.

17. Dressed to the Nines

If you have some formal pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve worn once and are dying to pull out again, this is the perfect opportunity! With styling from our hair and makeup team, you’ll feel even more glamorous than you thought possible.

18. Sweet Tooth

Another great way to take the pressure off deciding what to wear for a photoshoot? Make your shoot extra sweet by incorporating your favourite snacks—cupcakes, lollipops, fruit, fizzy drinks, the works! This type of prop can make for some really fun, unique, delicious photos.

19. Groovy, Man

Go for a totally far out 60s or 70s look with flared pants, bold prints, big headbands, or slip dresses. Period-themed shoots are always great fun and the results are funky and beautiful photos.

20. Strip it Down

Feel confident, sexy, and beautiful in a boudoir shoot. Create amazing looks with your favourite lingerie or really show off your body by going completely bare.

21. Grease Lightning

Take some inspiration on what to wear for a photoshoot from everyone’s favourite greasers. Whether you’re a Sandy, a Danny, or even a Rizzo, channel your inner Pink Lady or T-Bird in your shoot. Grab your leather or denim jacket, roll up your jeans, and let us style you to Grease perfection.

22. I Dream of Jean-ie

A double denim look is eye-catching without being overwhelming. Dress up this look with heels or Chelsea boots, or keep it casual with a simple white tee and sneakers.

23. Street Style

If you have a unique, fashion-forward style, show it off in your shoot! Pairing pieces that other people wouldn’t think to put together showcases your keen eye for style and makes for stunning photos.

24. Brunswick Look

Go for a hipster vibe in your shoot for some really amazing photos. One-of-a-kind pieces and accessories, ironic 90s band t-shirts, or mismatched pairs like Birkenstocks with socks are all fun ways to express your quirky personality through your look.

25. Rock ‘n’ Roll

If you’re nuts for Guns ‘n’ Roses, crazy for The Strokes, or maybe you just love the band-tee-and-leather-jacket look, a rock ‘n’ roll-inspired look is perfect for you. Skinny jeans, crazy hair and makeup, and leather anything are requirements for this edgy style. This look will guarantee some bold and fun photos.

26. Out on the Town

Ladies, grab your highest heels and sexiest dresses. Fellas, throw on a button down and some desert boots. A party theme will result in photos that are not only fun, but also eye-catching and sexy.

27. Preppy

Polo shirts, slim-fit sweaters, pleated skirts, and khaki pants are all key for a preppy vibe in your shoot.

28. Love is in the Air

A shoot with you and your better half can be fun, romantic, and a great bonding experience. Try coordinating the colours in your outfits or wearing similar outfits for some really eye-catching photos. Or for a sexier vibe, opt for a boudoir shoot with your partner.

29. Roaring 20s

The 1920s were all about fringe flapper dresses, dapper suits, and debauchery—channel that in your look! Themed shoots are so fun and make for some of the most exciting shots.

30. 80s Babies

It’s time to dust off your mum jeans and colourful windbreaker—the 80s are back! Go for a girly, sweet, Sixteen Candles look or an edgier, Top Gun-inspired looked.

31. Dancing Queen

Show off your moves! We want to capture your passion for dance. Wear whatever you’re most comfortable dancing in, from leggings to a tutu, and we’ll style you to look your absolute best while you bust a move.

32. Monochromatic

Don’t be afraid to put together a monochrome look: pick a colour and stick to it, head to toe! This kind of look is very eye-catching and striking.


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