Top 10 Trends for a Teen Fashion Photo shoot

Wardrobe Styling

Like anything, the key to nailing a photo shoot is preparation, preparation, preparation. But when your wardrobe is a minefield, it’s not always easy to decide what to wear! So we thought we’d do the hard work for you… here’s our pick of 10 top trends for a teen fashion shoot


1. Off Duty Model

Even when models have been frantically walking the fashion week circuit, they still manage to look impossibly stylish at ALL times. What’s their secret? It’s all about rocking the basics!

The key to this photo shoot look is to act as if it’s all been thrown together in a few minutes. Even if you’ve spent endless hours wardrobe styling and sat in the hair and makeup throne for so long you’ve ended up with a numb bum!

Relaxed, casual clothing is a must – skinny jeans and your favourite plain T shirt, a leather jacket with the perfect cut and statement ankle boots is the simplest way to own this look. Couple this with loose waves or a model-worthy messy bun and the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look!

2. 90’s Playground

Who knew that those 90’s playground scenes in the movies could actually be one of the most fashion forward eras? It’s funny how fashion can change so much over time, because dusting off some old 90’s attire could make you the chicest gal for your shoot.

We’re talking double denim, floral dresses and Vans trainers, hair scrunchies, neck chokers and overalls. If you want to go all out, you could add some coloured mascara and white eyeliner with a slicked back high ponytail or small braids. Nailing the 90’s trend in your shoot is basically about stepping out and combining fashion faux-pas to make one fun look.

3. Grunge Revival

Anything goes when styling an alternative look! You can embrace your inner rock chick so it’s all about un-styled hair, heavy makeup, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, doc martens and oversized leather.

Look for kooky props and fun accessories too as it’s these that really make or break a grunge inspired look! You could bring your guitar or your old film camera, or even that spooky giant skull ring!

4. Oriental Influence

Take a cue from the far east and stir a little oriental flavour into your shoot. Inspiration lies in the the streamlined Samurai silhouette, the elegant Japanese Geishas and even the dramatic Harajuku girls!

Remember you don’t have to go for the full fancy-dress look to nail this styling idea. Styling is all about the details! Instead you could opt for gold embroidery, delicate florals, polka straight hair, silk clothing and small red lips.

5. Tomboy

The Tomboy look has been ruling the runways from Burberry and beyond, so why wouldn’t it make our top 10 looks for a teen fashion shoot? When you’re wearing something that’s comfortable to you, you’ll look at ease and confident; so if you’re all about relaxing in your ripped boyfriend jeans, cruising on your skateboard and sporting some sneakers then work that look.

Alternatively, if you’d like to take it one step further… you could go totally androgynous and work a boyish suit, Cara Delevigne style! You’d be surprised at how well the masculine look transpires into flawless fashion photography!

6. Bali Babe

Who doesn’t look good on holiday with salty hair and sun-kissed skin? How about freckles? Even better! The beach-babe photo shoot trend is effortless and fun. You don’t have to strip down to your swimwear to pull off this look. You can be playing with a beach ball and be embracing the wet-look hair trend, nude contouring, and dewy skin or be donning sunglasses and a beach dress! You want to look naturally disheveled and definitely not preened!

7. Festival Gypsy

Your inner bohemian goddess is a real free spirit. She is creative, romantic and carefree. To evoke these emotions in a photo shoot, it’s all about the styling. Floral dresses with billowing sleeves, flowing lace and flared soft denim can evoke romanticism.

Festival gypsies are earth babies, naturally lusting after all things floral. Blooming flower crowns, ferns and floral backdrops give us a true bohemian sense of style.

Don’t forget, it’s not all about the personal styling! If you can dress your shoot with folk-inspired props, you’ll have everyone spell bound. Think dream-catchers, mineral quartz rocks and hanging flower baskets.
GIL_Jemimah Giles-Cook

8. Editorial

Good editorial photo shoot ideas are everywhere, tucked under even the most mundane every-day experiences! If you can work with your photographer to enhance a vision of yours into a cool editorial look – you’ll be a cut above the rest! Our fashion photographers love to shoot high fashion shoots because it’s all about getting creative and telling a story.

You could channel your look from a bed-sheet or garbage bags, cling film or newspaper. The stranger the better!

9. Spring Prom

Is there that one prom dress in your wardrobe you look at longingly every day wondering if you’re EVER going to get the opportunity to swan around gracefully and feel like a prom queen again?

Oh snap! Why not bring it along to your shoot and watch our Queens of hair and makeup transform you into a Prom Princess? You can have a beautiful up-do or long flowing curls mirrored with elegant makeup and that perfect smokey-eye! You’re gonna be excited to show your stunning photos to your prom date!

10. Dance Life

Dance is the language of our soul. It allows us to express ourselves in ways that words never will. Dance photography doesn’t have to be limited to giant leaps and perfect pirouettes. While technique is certainly important, there are tonnes of creative ways that you can show off your passion while still capturing your personality and beauty.

Point shoes don’t just have to be worn, they can be used as a prop too! Fabric is a great way to create movement in a dance shoot, while umbrellas fill a frame beautifully and create interesting shapes alongside your flawless moves.

Behind the Scenes of a Teen Modelling Photo shoot with Ashi Ross

Take a look Behind the Scenes of a Teen Modelling Portfolio Photo shoot! It was an action packed day in the Sydney studio with Ashi, her mum Joy and her dance teacher Rebecca Davies.


Behind the Scenes of a Teen Modelling Photo shoot with Ashi Ross

“So grateful to the whole Photo Studio Team. They are extremely welcoming, kind, caring, energetic and just really great people. They gave me an unforgettable opportunity and I’m very thankful. The experience was so easy and exciting from start to finish. I highly recommend for those wanting to chase their dreams”

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