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So, you have booked your photo-shoot and now you’re wondering: How do I prepare?

A photo-shoot should always be a positive experience, one that helps you feel empowered and confident.

To prepare for a photo shoot, means doing so physically but especially mentally.

Whether it’s a shoot for a modelling portfolio, a personal branding shoot or simply an experience you want
to get under your belt, it should be a celebration of who you are.

The process, even if it is your first shoot should feel safe and comfortable and take you one step closer to your goal.


What are your expectations?

The preparation doesn’t just start the night before, but before you book your shoot, when you think about what this experience means for you.

Knowing what you want to accomplish, but also what you can actually gain out of it, is very important.

Equally important is knowing how to get to that, meaning choosing the right photographer, the vibe you like, and the right photo-shoot package.

Be open about what you want and how your feel

Be open to your photographer, hair & makeup artist or creative director about your feelings and aspirations. No matter how experienced a team is, they can’t magically guess how you feel unless you are willing to express yourself.

Being open creates a connection between everyone involved, a safe space where you can get creative and respect each other’s boundaries.


What type of shots, poses, or lighting you’d like. Are you looking for specific props or backdrop colours? Showing your creative team images that inspire you can go a long way!

Any special requests like wanting your weight edited, scars or freckles removed, should be communicated with your photographer.

The same goes for when you don’t want certain features or blemishes retouched. A professional photographer will only lightly enhance the way you look with minimal retouching, rather than make you look like a completely different person.

When you prepare for your photo-shoot think about how many looks and styles you would like to have photographed.

If you have favourite poses and styles, you can prepare for your photo-shoot by practicing in front of your mirror wearing the actual outfits you are planning to shoot with. Don’t wait to try your clothes on at the studio.

Your photographer will of course guide you throughout the shoot and provide suggestions or create a whole new perspective for you but if you have ideas, bring them along!

Get yourself in the right mindset

Remember: You are not doing this for anyone else but yourself.

A photo shoot is a ritual towards empowerment, a way to solidify your confidence.

You are changing the tone of your relationship with yourself, you are celebrating yourself.

Don’t be afraid to look at your own reflection and practice giving yourself compliments. During this process you are owning your power; you are beautiful and strong.

The more you practice this, the more you change the conversation with yourself and learn how to appreciate your natural energy and features.

Taking care of your mental health and resting is also important.

If you are rushing to make time for everything then your photo-shoot will be yet another thing you do under stress.

Recharge and free up some time before the experience to take care of your physical self.

Looking your best

If you are ready to capture your true essence in all its realness, remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and as long as you are comfortable in your own skin, it is all that matters!

However, if you want to go the extra mile for that special day you can adopt some healthy habits and make sure you tick off the boxes in the checklist below:

Adopting a healthier lifestyle leading up to your booking is the best way to prepare for your photo shoot. Even a 10 minute workout a day, combined with a balanced diet will clear up your complexion and help you get rid of any bloating.

Drinking around 2 litres of water a day and reducing coffee and alcohol consumption will not only make you look better but feel great, too!

Use a moisturiser religiously but avoid changing products to minimise breakouts before your shoot.

Exfoliate regularly in the days leading up to the shoot but take a two day break to avoid dry or red patches. A great tip to prepare your skin is applying a sheet mask the night before.


When you prepare for your photo-shoot you need to also take body hair removal into consideration. Give shaving or waxing at least two days so your skin can calm down.

As freshly washed hair is harder to style, we would advise you to take care of that the night before. If you are planning to get a hair-cut or freshen up your hair colour before the shoot, do so at least four days prior so that your hair has time to look lived in. If you are not planning any drastic changes or touch-ups to your look, focus on moisturising your mane with a deep treatment.

Take care of your manicure and pedicure and opt for nude colours.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep and stay off alcohol the night before.

Best to be fully prepared than worry about these things during your session!

What to bring

Choosing favourite outfits that accentuate your favourite features is an important part of boosting confidence. The clothes and accessories you bring depend entirely upon the type of shoot you’re doing, but the most important thing is to be comfortable.

Wear outfits that bring out the best in you and if you’re interested in modelling or expanding your social media engagement also put together outfits that are classic or trending.

When you prepare for your photo-shoot, make sure that your clothes are not stained, pulled or torn. Bring underwear that is seamless unless you are planning a lingerie shoot. In that case, go all out!

Similarly, check that your footwear isn’t scuffed, damaged, or stained.

Add jewellery and accessories you can easily pop on and off like hats, jackets, scarves, belts etc to help mix-up your looks and have more options every time you change your outfit.

Feel free to bring props like a guitar, skateboard, boxing gloves etc.

If you feel more comfortable having a familiar face with you, you can bring a friend or family member for moral support.

Last but not least: Be on time! If you book a three hour shoot and arrive an hour late it means you only have two hours to shoot.

Now lean back, relax and enjoy being pampered whilst you unravel your most authentic and beautiful self.

What to expect at your viewing

You have now done your shoot and all you can think of is what your images will look like; how YOU look like.

If you felt beautiful, safe and empowered to express yourself on the day, then without a doubt you will be able to SEE exactly that.
However, it can often be hard to let go of control and allow someone to capture every single angle.

On the day you receive your images, be prepared to see someone’s interpretation of who you are.

The way someone else, and especially a professional sees you can be totally different to the way you see yourself but rest assured if you have chosen your team carefully, that they have your best interest in mind.

This is one important thing to focus on if you’ve never experienced a photo shoot before.

The other is to remind yourself what you initially wanted to get out of this experience: to capture your true essence.
Realness is key, whether you are creating your modelling or actors portfolio, whether you are building your brand and even more so when you are stepping into self-love and acceptance.

It takes a special kind of courage to be vulnerable in front of the camera and to allow someone else to translate your narrative.

Be proud of your accomplishment and cherish these moments.

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