Fun Prop Ideas for a Ballet Photo Shoot

In preparation for your next ballet photo shoot, we came up with a list of creative prop ideas that will help portray your dance personality and make you shine on camera.


From leaves to flowers, feathers to floral crowns, your luscious, abundant blooms will give endless ideas and fun. Not to mention the textures and depth that they give to a shot.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Chloe Burton; Jordan Kim
The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Chloe Burton; Jordan Kim


Using fabric in your ballet photo shoot can act as a prop to create movement and accentuate the lines you make with your body. With a sense of bold drama, it can excite your audience and produce those stand out shots.

Point Shoes

If you’re thinking about leaving them behind, maybe think again? Point shoes don’t just have to be worn, they can be used as a prop to dress your shoot and enhance the visual theme. They’re a classic dance accessory and are bound to introduce an element of elegance into your shoot.

Fashion Session for  Meg Willis.


A simple tool with such incredible effects when used in your ballet photo shoot. Coloured chalk or dust can expose energy, power and emotion. So much theatre from one little prop!


Mirrors are a great way to enhance the visual aesthetics of your shoot and convey genuine emotion. Why not bring a small vintage hand mirror or a length mirror to add an extra layer to your shoot?


A tutu has a dramatic silhouette and rich texture making it the dream item for a ballet photo shoot. Every tutu can evoke a completely different emotion dependent on colour, shape, style and use. Bring it along and see the potential unfold.



‘Ella, ‘Ella, ‘Ey ‘Ey! Both parasols and umbrellas create interesting shapes and lines that can be captured alongside your flawless moves.


Last but not least, how are you expected to give the show of a lifetime if you don’t have your favourite songs blasting from the speakers and creating an incredible atmosphere for you and your team? Only thing left to do now is work it!

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Erin Collett, Lily Foligni

So now you’re all kitted out with great props for your next ballet photo shoot, time to enjoy yourself and let your body do the talking.

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