Fun ideas for a kids photoshoot

There’s nothing more exciting than capturing a moment in your kid’s life: innocent jokes, funny poses and –of course- cute looks. Preparing a photo shoot for your kids can be an amazing experience, especially when you include their ideas into the creative process of the shoot. We’ve come up with some ideas that could make your shoot an unforgettable experience for you and your kids.


Include their hobbies in their shoot

Kids are usually very passionate about their activities outside of school: soccer, ballet, art lessons, swimming, horse-back riding, playing the guitar – you name it, the possibilities are endless. The best part about making their shoot about their hobbies is that we get to capture what makes them the happiest.

Let’s make it playful

We love when kids come to our studio and see our amazing flamingo! When you include fun props like balloons, inflatables, confetti, bubbles, or anything colourful that will let your kids have fun on set.

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Mette Kortelainen; Tegan Monahan
The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; Mette Kortelainen; Tegan Monahan

Themed shoot

This is a time where you can be as creative as you like. By theming the shoot it can allow your child to smile and enjoy it! You could make it fairytale, circus, Christmas, candy land…let your imagination run wild. This opens it up to endless props and crazy wardrobe choices. How could your kid not have fun dressed as their favourite superhero!


Family Photography

You’ll have these photos forever so why not bring down the whole family. It will allow all of the kids to have fun together, even with their parents. It’ll make the shoot more natural and will allow them to feel more comfortable sitting next to their brother or sister.

Let them be themselves

Let them have a say in the creative ideas for the shoot, as it’ll help them to feel confident when they come into the studio. If they want to bring their toy they’ve had for 10 years let them, as they will feel more relaxed. Therefore they will be able to have more fun.

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