5 Props For a Fitness Photo Shoot

Fitness photo shoots require more thought in the styling department than you would think!

Sure, you need your usual fitness attire, some killer muscle definition and an attitude to match. But to make your photo shoot more striking, you should consider what props you can bring in to set you a bar above the rest. Props are a small yet effective way of adding drama and authenticity to a shoot. They can provide all sorts of textural dimension, excitement and fun in your photos.



Rope is such a simple yet effective prop to use in a fitness shoot. Think about the many poses you could do with a simple rope. You can pull the rope towards you or wrap it around your body to help accentuate your killer figure.


Medicine Ball

Want to show off those hard abs in your photo shoot? A medicine ball gives you the chance to do so many poses, that don’t even require you to stand up! You can do crunches, a plank, ab twists, chest passes and mountain climbers – all with your medicine ball. It may be a small prop, but it can be utilized in so many different ways to enhance your photos.


You can’t have a fitness photoshoot without a pair of dumbbells. Just imagine you’re Mr Olympia on the day! Your aim is to highlight those defined arms. Curl your dumbbells up and down towards your shoulders whilst flexing, to emphasize your muscles on camera.  Now you want your deltoids (shoulder muscles) to shine. Turn your back to the camera, maintain a straight posture, holding the dumb bells in the air and flexing.

Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are quite possibly the easiest prop to bring to your photo shoot. They’re compact, light and will again add a bit of drama to your shoot that will help your snaps stand out from the rest. Think of the many poses: a punching stance, a fist pump, crossed arms.. Anything to highlight that small but useful prop!



Chalk might not be the first prop you would think to bring to your fitness shoot, but using chalk in photographs leads to beautiful, creative art. This is an example of a small prop having the ability to provide your photo with textural dimension. You can clap or rub your hands together with the chalk, throw the chalk in the air – anything to give your photo that sense of drama and excitement.


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