Is The Photo Studio Australia Legit?

So, you’ve received a phone call from The Photo Studio Australia (TPS) about doing a photo shoot and it sounds like an amazing opportunity.
A professional hair and makeup artist, a stylist, a fashion photographer and an entire creative team at your service; what’s not to get excited about?

But there is one unanswered question on your mind – is The Photo Studio Australia legit?

We decided to answer the most common questions that people can have around that.

1. Did I win a competition?

The Photo Studio is famous for running model searches Australia-wide. The prizes usually consist of a free modelling portfolio + a contract with a top model agency. It’s important to know that these model searches only ever have one winner; that is announced via The Photo Studio’s Instagram and email newsletter. If your name is not on the winner announcement posted directly after the competition ends, then you did not win a competition.

2. Why did The Photo Studio call me?

The reason The Photo Studio called you is because you either entered one of their competitions or sent them a direct enquiry. After they run a competition and announce the winner, they sometimes call people who entered to see if they are still interested in doing a photo shoot as a paying client. They often run special promotions / discounted shoots which are booked over the phone with a TPS Booking Stylist.

3. Do the photos cost money?

Unless you are a competition winner then you will have to pay for photos in order to take them home. The way it works at The Photo Studio is that you pay a booking fee before the photo shoot and then you have the opportunity to buy photos during your viewing session. The booking fee is a small expense to secure your spot in the calendar. The majority of the cost is incurred if you choose to buy photos.

4. Do I have to buy the photos?

The Photo Studio operates under a no-fee guarantee, meaning you don’t have to buy photos if you don’t want to. Most people do buy photos (around 95%) and the prices start at $280 per digital image and $1680 for a starter portfolio.
No one is going to pressure you into buying; photos are a very personal thing, and can create vulnerable moments that lead to emotional decisions. The Photo Studio Australia is a business and they survive by selling photos. It is the responsibility of The Photo Studio Australia and all other photographers to be aware of this emotional vulnerability and not take advantage of it.

5. Is The Photo Studio a model agency?

The Photo Studio is not a model agency. It’s a photography studio where you can gain modelling experience, build a portfolio and gain the confidence to take your modelling to the next level. The Photo Studio can provide you with advice on which modelling agencies to apply for but they themselves do not represent any models.

6. Do I need a professional portfolio to apply to agencies?

Some model agencies require professional photos as part of the application, but most don’t. As the world moves online, physical model portfolios are becoming less relevant. Your online presence, namely your Instagram profile or personal website, is beginning to replace the traditional ‘model book’ as your primary platform for putting yourself out there and getting work.
However, when a model already has professional images that can be used by an agency this means that your profile can be uploaded on the agency’s website and you can start getting booked for go-sees and paid shoots without having to wait for the agency to arrange content test shoots for you. This is where investing in a model portfolio can really come in handy.

7. Will I get work as a model after the shoot?

There is no guarantee that if you build a model portfolio then you will get work as a model. The modelling industry is extremely competitive and those who succeed do so through natural talent and hard work. Just like a university degree doesn’t guarantee you a career, in order to get work as a model you have to be committed and determined to achieving your goals. If you are serious about a career in modelling then building a model portfolio is just the start of your modelling journey.




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