Top 5 Instagram accounts for Photo Inspo

With roughly 1 billion active users on Instagram alone, there can be some serious pressure to make your fashion photographs stand out and shine.  

There will be times when you’re vibing yourself in that cute outfit, or have visited a funky location which makes you want to share it with the world.  However,  you have absolutely no idea where to begin when it comes to taking a good photo with a good pose.  Don’t fret, we’ve got you.  We have searched far and wide to find you content that will suit the energy you are aiming for. Plus, they are easier to achieve than what you think.  

Take a look at these five Instagram accounts for some groovy inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing.  

Millane Friesen @millanefriesen

If the term ‘chic’ was a person, Millane Friesen would no doubt be it.  Millaine’s Instagram feed keeps it simple, which is a perfect starting point for beginners.  A key theme throughout Millane’s photos is that she uses white backgrounds to not only make her photos appear refreshing, but also keep herself as the camera’s focal point.  You could replicate her look by posing in front of a wall using flash photography, or standing in front of a curtain to add some texture.

You could even go in front of your garage door! Keep in mind, Millane always keeps the top half of her body in picture, or uses a closeup angle to let her unique features stand out.  If you experiment with these tips, you’ll no doubt get yourself that clean-looking selfie that stands out from the rest, trust us!

Tip:  Think about a colour palette you want to explore.  Millane uses white, nude and black hues, for example.  You could also experiment putting a sepia filter on top of Millaine’s colour pallete to create warmth.  Explore Millane’s earlier posts for some amazing examples of this!

Nicole Stephens @nico1eodeon

If you’re outside on a sunny day, take a leaf from Nicole’s book as she never fails to make the most of her surroundings. To follow in her footsteps, all you have to do is put on a buoyant outfit, chuck on some gloss, go outside and soak in some vitamin D! 

We can see on Nicole’s profile that she centres herself in the most basic of backdrops, whether it be a gate, brick wall, soccer oval, or even a blossoming hedge.  Anything can work, as long as you smile and have fun showing off your outfit! To add vibrancy like Nicole, slightly enhance the colour concentration of your pictures and ta-da!  You have a bright, colourful and carefree photo that looks super natural. 

Tip:  Try experimenting with low angles from a distance to catch your full body and the sky!   The sky will always add life to your pics.

Tiffany Wang @tiffwang_

If you’re a bit camera shy, this is the Instagram account for you.  Tiffany Wang is a digital creator who specialises in fashion and interiors, and her feed focuses upon the appreciation of her clothes and settings.  If you dread getting your face in a photo, try Tiffany’s signature mirror selfie of covering your face, squatting down, and getting your full funky outfit in. 

Tiffany always centres herself in her photos.  If you simply want to appreciate the outfit you’re wearing, use a self timer to take a snap of your clothes, and crop your head out of the frame!  Turn up the warmth of the photo, and  NOW you’re talkin’ *sophistication*.   Other ways to shift focus from your face in an Instagram post could be to take a full body shot in front of a groovy background, wearing a mask! Talk about protecting yourself from the virus and making it fashion!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about looking ready for the photo.    

Tip 1:  Make sure you have good lighting and a tidy setup.   There is nothing worse than a low quality, grainy photo with too much shadow.  This way, you will enhance your shot’s features and make an aesthetically pleasing photograph.  

Tip 2:  If you find a space that has a beautiful appearance, you could explore looking to the side, or showing the back of your body (just as Tiffany does here).  You cannot go wrong!

Violaine Carossino @viola3000

Is this not the cutest Instagram page you have ever seen? Violaine Carossino (Viola for short) adopts a vintage style, with preppy twist.  Long story short, if you want to achieve Viola’s look, colourful clothes and scenes are your best friend.  Striking and vivid colours such as hot pink, lime green, lavender and electric blue will always make a statement. 

Add that with an eccentric background and voila, (pun intended) you have a photo that screams *artsy* .   Viola ensures that her clothes are always the first thing you see, and that is achieved by consistently making herself the centre of the photo. You could also try to emulate her style with her creative approaches to photography.   For example, take a photo of yourself looking in a hand-held mirror, or use a mirror that’s encircled by beautiful tiles and/or framing to take a mirror selfie.     

Tip:  Viola’s poses are very simple when you think about it.  You could: look at your phone, touch your hair, look away and strut, look into some hand-picked flowers, lean your elbow against a tree.  The possibilities are endless!   With all these colours, there is no filter needed, just good lighting!

Megano Welsh @meganowelsh

Megano Welsh’s Instagram page will solve all your posing struggles.  Whether it be from her leg kicks, stair squats or pole leans, Meg never fails to pass the positive vibe check when showcasing her street style.   

Meg’s Instagram displays that any place is a photo opportunity, as long as you add the razzle dazzle of your unique personality!  She does this by strutting her stuff in front of laneways, sitting in front of old-school doors or laundromats, and cheekily smirking in a public toilets.  Long story short, you can go absolutely anywhere, as long as you keep your avoid shadows and keep your confidence game strong.   Meg radiates her cheerful aura by not only wearing colourful outfits, but also smiling in most of her posts.  To replicate this mood, try grabbing a few friends and make your own mini photo shoot!  Capture the laughs you have with your pals, and show everyone what they’re missing out on!  Even if you don’t like smiling, you could kick out your leg, poke out your tongue, or show off your iced latte!

Tip 1:  Meg posts multiple photos in a single post to depict a sense of ‘liveness’ to her followers.  Scrolling through various photos within a post allows viewers to grab context behind the primary photo shown on the feed.  You can tell that the photos in these slides are candid, fun and real, which highlights that not every photo has to be squeaky clean and perfect.

Tip 2:  You can freshen up your photos by enhancing its ‘lux’ and ‘saturation’!  You can find these within Instagram’s editing tools.

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