Model Success Story | Kai Kuti

‘My favourite part about modelling is that it is really fun and I like people seeing my work. I like trying different things and the photo shoots are really fun and really cool.’

After his shoot at The Photo Studio, Kai’s mum began applying for agencies, and after speaking with a few different ones they decided on Munchkins. As Kai had a lot of interest from different agencies, the decision ultimately fell with his mother Katrina. It was all new to her, however she went with her gut and decided on Munchkins.

Kai’s main goals are to get as many opportunities to child model as possible, explaining that if he doesn’t get certain jobs, he doesn’t let it get him down, and rather is happy to ‘try again next time.’

Katrina explains that modelling has given Kai’s ‘self-confidence a huge boost.’ Reiterating that they have only had positive experiences. ‘I’m totally okay with Kai being in the industry. The agency he is with is caring and understanding and work totally in his best interest.’

‘Don’t push your child into it if they are not absolutely sure that this is what they want. Kai had wanted for a few years to do fashion modelling and I was dubious to start with but he was so desperate that he googled photographers and rang The Photo Studio himself. The Photo Studio gave me a positive impression of the whole industry.’

Katrina explained that at Kai’s shoot here at The Photo Studio, ‘he was made to feel very comfortable in front of the camera and the results were outstanding. It was difficult to select which photos to buy but again we were led professionally through that process also, so that we could present a range and style of photos to agencies.’

‘The photos showed Kai’s personality and achieved the looks that agencies are after. There is no way that we could we have produced these results at home.’

Kai speaks fondly of his experience building his portfolio at The Photo Studio explaining that, ‘The Photo Studio gave me some skills for camera work which helped me to build my confidence. They also gave me heaps of ideas and advice for posing and helped me in getting signed with an agency. The staff were really nice, really encouraging and they helped me feel like this was something that I could actually do. They also made me realise that I could move how I wanted in front of the camera and I felt pretty free to find a style.

Agency: Munchkins

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