Top 10 Petite Fashion Styling Tips

Petite fashion is an exciting, but often overlooked branch of fashion. Just like petite models are neglected by the fashion industry, so is petite fashion. Some brands have created petite fashion clothing lines, but the fashion industry still has a long way to go. We understand the difficulties of styling if you are petite, so have created these petite fashion styling tips to help you!

By Meg Swain

1. Make layers your best friend

Experiment with lightweight layers on your top half – think jackets, scarves, jumpers and coats. This can create the illusion of perfect proportions and produce balance in your look.

Source: Fashion Landscape

2. Cuff long jeans

If your jeans are too long and bunching at your ankles – cuff them! Not only are cuffed jeans super chic, they help make your legs appear longer than they are.

Source: The Photo Studio

3. Embrace mini skirts

Mini skirts create the illusion of extra height. How you say? Well, they show off more of your legs, which makes you seem taller. It’s magic.

Source: Reformation

4. Rock monochrome

Monochromatic looks are a staple of petite fashion. A monochrome outfit consists of one single colour. This means that the eye does not stop at any point in your outfit. This elongates your body, adding height to your frame.

Source: The Photo Studio

5. Say hello to vertical stripes

Vertical stripes stretch your body vertically, allowing you to fake extra height. Vertical stripes also slim your figure and lengthen your legs. They are an essential in petite fashion.

Source: The Photo Studio

6. V-necks all the way

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Deep V-necks elongate your torso which makes you appear taller. Higher necklines shorten your body. Opt for V-necks to balance out your proportions.

Source: Pinterest

7. Don’t wear all black

Many people love all black looks because they are very slimming and flattering. However, all black looks are a no no for petite fashion. If you are petite, black can shrink your body instead of lengthening it. If you love darker colours, choose charcoal, grey or dark blue instead of black.

Source: The Fashionisto

8. Avoid horizontal stripes

Just like how vertical stripes stretch your body vertically, horizontal stripes stretch your body horizontally. This is not flattering for most people – but is especially not cute for petite individuals. Embrace vertical stripes, instead of horizontal stripes. Trust us.

Source: Benhance

9. Accessorise your top half

Drawing attention to the top of your body elongates your body, and accessories are perfect for this! Accessorise with a scarf, sunglasses or a hat. Be brave with your accessory choices – accessories are where you can show your personality and individual flare.

Source: The WILD Magazine

10. Make sure it is a perfect fit

If you are petite, you are familiar with the eternal struggle of the fit of your clothes. Sometimes the arms of your shirt are too long, or your jacket doesn’t fit right – but you don’t have to live with poor fitting clothes just because you are petite! The solution? Take your clothes to a tailor. A tailor will perfectly fit your clothes to your body. When your clothes fit properly, your body looks more in proportion and your entire look becomes instantly more flattering.

Source: The Photo Studio

We hope these petite fashion styling tips have helped you! Which tip do you want to try for yourself? What tip surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.


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