Petite Model Search Winner | Olivia Alarcon

As the winner of The Photo Studio’s “Petite Model Search,” Olivia is a strong believer that the modelling industry isn’t as diverse as it needs to be and notes that, ‘in Australia it’s changing very slowly.’ After overcoming numerous obstacles, Olivia is ready to stand for a more inclusive modelling industry. ‘Don’t stop because they tell you to. If I had stopped when the first agency told me that I was too small, I would not be where I am today.

By Rosa Ablett-Johnstone

‘From that first photo shoot, I knew. I knew that this was what I wanted to do, this was what I felt so alive doing, I just knew this was it.’ Olivia began to apply for agencies, however was unsuccessful. ‘My lack of experience, knowledge and portfolio were some of the reasons that I didn’t get into an agency, but the main reason was my height.’  This didn’t stop Olivia, however, and she has now built an impressive portfolio. ‘I still don’t have the height, but that will definitely not stop me from going after what I want.’


Photo Source: The Photo Studio Australia

Standing at 5ft 1in, Olivia is a pioneer for better representation of petite models, and also explains that accepting and celebrating the body that you’re in, is a beautiful and important step in your journey to self-love. Olivia, an advocate for more diversity in the modelling industry explains that, ‘far too many groups of people are being under-represented and are not receiving the credit that they deserve. I will never be 5ft 7in, but that’s okay, because I am just fine the height I am.’


Although Olivia believes in embracing our bodies for their own uniqueness, she too has struggled with loving her body completely and wholly. ‘I struggled a lot with body image throughout my teen years. We have to stop comparing, stop trying to copy and just be our honest, pure and best self.’ Olivia has been taking steps to overcome these obstacles by maintaining a healthy lifestyle; ‘if you feel good physically-your body will thank you. I eat well and work daily to make sure that my body is happy and healthy.’ Now a proud member of the ‘Self-Love Club,’ she explains that positive self-talk is one of the most important things to remember in your journey to self-appreciation.


Photo Source: The Photo Studio Australia

‘If you’re constantly feeding yourself negative self-talk, your body will be like a plant that you never water. It will never grow to its full, beautiful potential. Stop the negativity, stop the excuses (I’m not beautiful because…) and stop the need to look like everyone else or the people you see on social media. We are constantly thrown pictures and videos of ‘perfect bodies,’ and a lot of the time they aren’t real. I will always have an hourglass figure; that’s simply the shape of my body, and I would rather be happy and confident in my own skin than try to fit into the ridiculous beauty standards that society has set.’


Photo Source: The Photo Studio Australia

‘Anytime that I walk into a new studio or work with a new photographer, it’s always nerve-wracking.’ Olivia’s struggles with mental health and anxiety were another roadblock in her journey, however she won’t let them get in the way of achieving her dream! ‘The trick for me is to not fight it, to keep breathing and to remind myself that I can do this. It’s amazing how self-confidence shines on camera.’


A big thing that Olivia wants to reiterate is that self-love is not an instantaneous phenomena; ‘Feeling comfortable in your own skin is not something that will happen overnight, it will take time and a lot of love. I am constantly working to love myself more and I encourage everyone to do the same.’


Photo Source: The Photo Studio Australia

‘After my shoot with The Photo Studio, I am incredibly proud of my portfolio and I feel that I have a very diverse portfolio. Two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to create these photos. My self confidence wasn’t there, the love for myself just wasn’t there. But in these photos, I shined. And I can’t thank The Photo Studio enough for showing that through these images.’


Photo Source: The Photo Studio Australia

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