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Modeling Agencies in Sydney

There are many reputable modeling agencies in Sydney, but it’s vital to find the perfect agency for you! In depth research of your desired representation will not only benefit your career but prevent the chance of getting scammed. Sydney is the perfect city for the aspiring model to find their footing.

By Natalie Dawson

1. Chadwick Models

Chadwick Models is responsible for launching the careers of many influential models, including Elle MacPherson, Megan Gale and Jessica Hart.

Not to mention, Chadwick was home to male and female model turned actor Travis Fimmel,  you might know him as Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings.

One of the top tier modeling agencies in Sydney, Chadwick’s also operates across Sydney and Perth.

Founded in 1976, Chadwick Models maintains the same high level of professionalism as they continue to source the freshest faces.

Aspiring fashion models can apply via their website. They require your height and measurements alongside simple, brightly lit DIGI’s.

2. Bettina Management

Aliyah for Bettina Management

Bettina Management is known for its ongoing professionalism and success within the industry. Unlike other childrens talent agencies, Bettina doesn’t require a fee for interview.

Bettina Management has been representing children between the ages of 3 months to 16 years of age since 1992.

They are an industry leader for the placement of children within television, film and catalogues.

Bettina tots also feature in fashion parades, musical theatre and other types of promotion or events.

Some of their reputable clients include big brands such as Bonds, Channel 9 and Huggies.

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Amanuel for Bettina Management

3. Chic Management

Since its humble beginnings in 1992, Chic Management has become one of the top modeling agencies in Sydney. Furthermore, Chic’s global success is unparalleled. They represent talent who have appeared on the covers of intentionally magazines and runways.

Alyssa Sutherland and Samantha Harris are just some of the big names Chic Management has nurtured.

They specialise in an array of different modelling divisions, inclusive of high fashion and commercial work. Chic supports their talent through assistance with branding and they provide photographic practice projects for their models.

Chic also manage ‘Atelier Talent’ which represent talent in film, television and theatre productions.

They have also recently included a Chic Bloggers Management division for digital strategising and influencer support.

4. Scoop Management

Scoop is the commercial division of Chic Management. The commercial division specifically books clients in film, TV commercials and for mainstream fashion brands.

Scoop prides themselves on delivering models who are able to work long-term in the business and secure successful careers.

They were founded in 2006 and are considered to be a leader amoungst commercial modelling agencies.

They provide both national and international work for their clients.

Scoop models have done campaign work for big brands such as Lorna Jane and Harpers Bazaar.

5. Six Wolves

Six Wolves isn’t your standard editorial and commercial casting divisions.

This agency offers a unique street casting sector which steers away from your traditional talent and offers up edgy and exclusive looking models.

Six Wolves has worked with clients in TV, campaigns and independent projects. Not only representing talent for jobs in Australia but also internationally.

Some of their notable clients include Nike, Billabong and Vogue.

They pride themselves on celebrating non-conventional beauty and “employing unconventional methods” when casting talent.

6. GIANT Management

Founded in 1989, GIANT Management has a vision to deliver consistent professionalism and the highest level of dedication. Nearly 30 years on GIANT is one of the most reputable modeling agencies in Sydney and furthermore more, Australia.

GIANT aim to oversee and support their talent every step of the way. Their guidance has landed models both big Australian campaigns and international work.

Their motto is to treat their talent as family. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing family excel in their passion.”

GIANT Management covers a spectrum of modelling and creative talent. They work hard to provide the best for their clients and ensure their talent is represented to their full potential.

7. SILVERFOX Management

Silver Fox is all about having an age positive culture. This agency works exclusively with models aged 30 to 80+ years old.

50% of Australia’s population if over 37 years old, so why not have an agency exclusively suited to that market, it’s genius.

If you have always wanted to model don’t think it’s too late because Silver Fox talent is booking commercial campaigns and can be spotted on TV.

Silver Fox has agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand and they prodominantly work within the commercial and editorial divisions.

Founder Bridgette Warne is constantly seeking to promote age-positivity within the fashion and beauty industries.

8. IMG Models

IMG is certainly worthy of a spot on our list of top modeling agencies in Sydney.

IMG have offices located around the globe who represent some of the most renowned models in the business. They are located in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Milan.

These supermodels include Candice Swanepoel, Kate Moss, Ashley Graham and Bella Hadid to name a few.

The agency takes care of their talents well beings and thrives on individuality.

There is no doubt IMG could give you international acclaim.

9. FiveTwenty Model Management

Boutique modelling agency Five Twenty are known for selecting models with unique features who can effortlessly represent global fashion trends.

Five Twenty is one of the top modeling agencies in Sydney because they represent talent who are passionate, professional and of course not too bad on the eyes.

They mainly focus on commercial and editorial work and represent both men and women.

Some of their notable clients include Vogue, Fashion Journal and Harpers Bazaar.

10. Kult Australia

Kult began exclusively as a male modelling agency in Germany in 2001.

Kult opened its doors in Sydney, Australia in 2016 and by 2017 they added their female division to expand their brand and make more offerings for clients.

With 16 years experience in the modelling industry, Kult models are renown for booking campaigns with high-end fashion houses around the world.

Big brand names such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Valentino and Dior often reach out to Kult for talent.

11. Vivien’s Models

Vivien’s Models is internationally recognised as one of the leading modelling agencies within Australia. They were originally founded in Sydney but has since become one of the most reputable modelling agencies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

It is the second longest established agency worldwide.

Vivien’s Models and their talent is renowned amoungst the fashion and modelling industries. The Australian agency represents famous faces, such as Coco RochaBelle Lucia and our Melbourne Studio’s very own success storyBillie Smolsy.

As one of the more elite modelling agencies, Vivien’s requirments for their talent can be a little more constrictive. They have a ‘Be Discovered’ page which lists the requirements for any aspiring models.

12. Brooklyn MGMT

Established in 2006, Brooklyn MGMT is one of the leading modeling agencies in Sydney. They represent and work with clients both throughout Australia and internationally.

As a boutique agency, Brooklyn MGMT prides itself on its nurturing and hands-on approach to its talent. They provide training, development and guidance to aspiring models ensuring they reach their full potential.

Brooklyn MGMT also shares the same attentive and caring approach with their clientele. Ensuring brands find the perfect model for their campaign.

The family-owned business offers partnerships with models aged between 15 to 40. They have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney and have worked with name clients such as Sportsgirl and Mecc Maxima.

13. Priscillas Model Management

Priscilla’s manages some of the biggest names in the modelling industry including Alessandra Ambrosio, Cody Young and Anja Kostantinova, who is featured as one of top 9 petite models who changed the fashion industry.

With a diverse range of talent, Priscilla’s is one of the very top modeling agencies in Sydney.

Their very own Ajier Manassah was photographed at our Sydney Studio!


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