How I Got My Son Into Child Modelling – Troy Cabuenas

Troy Cabuenas is a star in the making. He may only be 8 years-old, but he is already a child model signed with a major agency. How did Troy get signed? What qualities does he possess that makes him a great model? What advice does his Mum have for other parents looking to get their child signed by an agency? Read this article to find out.

By Meg Swain

This year, Troy was signed by JR Management. His mum, Jessica, used the photos taken of Troy at our Melbourne studio to grow an Instagram following. She launched his Instagram account, @troy_ismyname at the start of the year. Jessica runs this account, which she started to capture memories. She is a sentimental mum, keeping whatever memories she can get, be it his first drawing, the first jeans he ever wore, or even his first taste in music. Instagram was a platform that allowed her to cherish those special memories. Since starting Troy’s account at the start of the year, she has grown her followers to over 3,000. What started out as something Jessica hoped Troy would be able to look back on when he is older, became a launching pad for Troy getting signed to an agency and becoming a child model.

Source: The Photo Studio

Troy was and still is, a shy boy. Performing and becoming a child model was not something Jessica would have predicted for him – but an event at a family wedding changed everything. ‘A few years ago Troy developed a love for Bruno Mars music’, Jessica explained. ‘We attended a family wedding and before you know it, Troy had an impromptu solo performance of ‘That’s What I Like’. He danced for the entire song! Nobody in my family saw it coming!’ Jessica said she was in tears, tears of joy, when she saw Troy dancing. She realised that this was his passion, and she needed to do something with his gift. ‘I love making people happy, it makes me happy’, Troy explains. Jessica started Troy’s Instagram account and enrolled him in Young Australian Broadway Chorus, where he takes acting, dancing and singing classes once a week. He also takes weekly guitar lessons.

Source: The Photo Studio

Beyond performing, Troy had always loved being photographed. Troy says, ‘I love being in front of the camera and trying all sorts of expressions that I don’t do every day’. Becoming a child model made sense for him, and he came into our studio to gain modelling experience and develop a portfolio. Jessica posted images from Troy’s portfolio from his shoot on his Instagram account. Those images, along with Jessica’s beautifully curation of Troy’s Instagram account and his charisma and enthusiasm for modelling and performing, got him 3 offers from modelling agencies. Jessica decided to sign Troy with JR Management in July of this year. Below is her sage advice for other parents interesting in helping their kids become a child model:

Jessica’s Advice:

Source: The Photo Studio

1. Choose your agency carefully

A good model agency will save you time, money and stress whilst helping your child’s modelling career. They should help you find the best job for your child. The right agency will ensure your child’s needs are put first and the law is complied with.

2. Do not rush into signing a contract

Take the contract home to read. Genuine agencies are keen to meet your child first in person and will even tell you if they already have enough kids who have the same features and talent as your child. A good agency will allow you to take home the paperwork and read it in your own time.

3. Make sure everyone is having a great time

If either you or your child stops having fun – don’t do it.

We are so excited to see all that Troy will achieve in the future. We know that he will brighten the lives of everyone he encounters and spread his light around the world. We feel lucky to have been there for Troy as he starts his modelling career. If you think your child has the potential to become a child model just like Troy, get in touch below.

Source: The Photo Studio

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