Child Models | Advice for Parents

Here is our top tips for parents of child models on how to successfully manage and support them through their exciting career.

Understand Commitment

If your son or daughter is just starting out in the industry and they are under 16, they may need accompanying or chauffeuring to castings and jobs.

These excursions can take up a large part of your a day!

Parents of child models must know that there is a level of investment needed from the both of you in order for your child to be successful.

Agency Preparation

Build a relationship with your child’s modelling agency.

It’s recommended to meet directly with an agency/agent before child models signs any paperwork.

This way you can form a good relationship with the bookers and they can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Once you’ve done this it’s time to step back and let the agency take over the reigns on all things modelling.

Trust the Professionals

When attending jobs and castings for child models, try not to be too controlling or input your opinion too much.

Above all it is your job as a parent to look out for your child’s well-being, but you also need to trust that the client is professional and let them do their job.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

Child models have a busy schedule. Some jobs can go for a whole day without much chance for a decent meal break.

As a parent it’s a good idea to plan ahead and prepare some healthy snacks that your child can nibble between shooting.

How to be a model

Don’t Be Pushy

The best thing to do as a parent of aspiring child models is to be supportive and let them explore the industry for as long as they still enjoy it.

It’s important to ensure your child is pursuing modelling for the right reasons and never to fulfil the dreams of someone else.

Child Models Finances

If your child is a successful model, the money can come in hard and fast. 14 year olds are generally not mature enough to manage that kind of money.

It’s a good idea to open up a bank account specifically for model earnings and sit down with your child and discuss a savings plan that you manage until they reach a certain age or maturity level.

Health & Well-Being

It’s no secret that the modelling world can come with a fair amount of pressure to look a certain way or maintain a certain body shape. The same is for child models.

If gone unnoticed, these pressures can form unhealthy body image issues and even unhealthy eating habits later down the track.

As a child model’s Parent/Guardian it’s important to keep a closer eye than usual on your child’s health and well-being and always keep the lines of communication open.


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