Why body diversity in the modelling industry is good for brands and good for us

As body positivity is on the rise and beauty standards shift to accurately reflect the world around us, the inclusion of curvy and plus-size models has contributed to more positive feelings about body image, and brands have noticed that size diversity and inclusion is better for business.

Looking at all we’ve gained from ditching a few beauty stereotypes, our bet is that curves are here to stay!

Source: Glossier

How does seeing different body types in the media make us feel?

Demand for more realistic and diverse representations of bodies is not new, however in recent years we have seen the rise of plus size super models, as well as all kinds of businesses embracing body diversity in advertising. These campaigns garner huge amounts of positive feedback and consumers are loving it.

People of all sizes, genders, ages and backgrounds experience troubles with body image at some stage, and feeling represented by the media we consume all day, every day, is something we should all get to enjoy. 

There have been a number of studies that have shown we respond to images displaying diverse bodies with better feelings about our own body, although we probably didn’t need scientists to prove that.

Women of all sizes have loved to see the rise of plus-size super models such as Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday and Kate Wasley dominating catwalks and campaigns.

Body positivity account @i_weigh, run by actress and activist Jameela Jamil, is one of many social media communities discussing the negative impact of narrow beauty standards and the importance of representation in helping us love our bodies.

Source: Cosmopolitan
Source: Universal Standard
Source: Skims

What have businesses noticed?

Given that the average Australian woman wears a size 14-16, it is a wonder that it has taken so long for clothing businesses to embrace larger sizes and shapes in their stock, let alone their advertising.

As brands are always trying to stand out from the crowd of advertising we see each day, including models that aren’t just the traditional body type is a clear strategy to being memorable to customers.

Plus-size clothing is one of the fastest growing segments of the apparel market, meaning businesses that authentically create products and campaigns for plus-size women are looking at being extremely successful. 

Consumers have long been calling for greater inclusion of body diversity in advertising.

In this era of #StayAtHome, online shopping has gained another victory over retail, making the accurate representation of clothing on a variety of body types no longer just feel good marketing, but an operational necessity.

As the Melbourne-based influencer duo Twice Blessed described, most women have trouble buying clothes online and are frustrated with brands making “it so bloody hard for us to spend our money”.

Let us know what you love about seeing the rise of diverse body types in the industry!


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