Top 10 Australian Influencers Breaking Sterotypes

Instagram houses the opportunity for those with drive and passion to make their voice heard. We’ve compiled our Top 10 favourite influencers who use their platforms to break barriers and change societal expectations of the beauty industry. These Australian gems are driven to make their space known and eager to actively spread important messages regarding health, acceptance and positivity.


By Natalie Dawson

@avalon.hope (17.8k followers)

No one quite exudes body confidence and sex appeal like Avalon Hope. Her unapologetic allure makes her a must follow for a daily dose of strength and feminist inspiration. Her carefree attitude paired with a bold lip and a fierce liner prove that she is a force to be reckoned with. An incredible advocate of body acceptance, Avalon knows her worth and encourages other women to love what their mama gave them. Her sharp social commentary and creative energy make Avalon a constant muse for the modern woman. Don’t like her? Avalon doesn’t care. She’s too busy kicking goals and smashing archaic stereotypes.

@iamlaurawells (80.8k followers)

Self-titled Ocean Conserver, Plastic Reducer and Climate Activist, Laura Wells is a model on a mission. Holding degrees in both Law and Biology, Laura is an ambassador for environmental change. Her flawless photoshoots are intertwined between educational videos and informative posts regarding the health of our oceans. She supports Australian businesses and sustainable fashion, doing her part of working for a brighter future. Laura’s wholesome perspective on life and our Earth is both inspirational and important. “Without a healthy ocean, we don’t have healthy humans!”

@sumeyya.offical (26.4k followers)

Bouncing between Melbourne and Istanbul, Sumeyya Hadi shares her fantastic style and fabulous smile with her 26.4k followers. Sumeyya is incredible representation for an otherwise lacking avenue of influencers. A model for many modest fashion brands, Sumeyya glows in an array of colourful and uniquely styled hijabs.  Sumeyya has battled through cultural adversity and inspires her followers to take the time to help those in need. She is proud of her heritage and her gratefulness for life is evident through her uplifting posts and content. A campaigner for womens rights, Sumeyya is a firm believer in independence and personal flourishment. Through her solo travels, modelling for Istanbul’s Fashion Week and graduating from La Trobe University, Sumeyya proves anything can be achieved through determination.

@andthatsjacob (27.8k followers)

Owner of a flourishing Vegan beauty brand, Jacob Stella is killing the makeup game with his colourful looks and barefaced talent. Made a recent new face for Benefit Cosmetics new campaign, Jacob is breaking the stereotypes associated with gender and beauty. His indescribable abilities are shared through his Instagram via selfies and tutorials. Through the use of Instagrams carousel feature, Jacob uploads both versions of a photograph. The first, being edited and the second, not retouched. This acts as an active reminder to his followers that he also has flaws and blemishes, no one is perfect.

@flex.mami (17.1k followers)

No one compares with Lillian Ahenkan’s vibrant personality and ferocious sense of style. Lillian, primarily known as “FlexMami” is making noise through all avenues of the entertainment industry. DJ tours, radio cameos and opportunities in television, FlexMami is a continuously growing icon representing creative influencers in Australia. Flex preaches kindness, happiness and is passionate about educating her audience. Her feed is made up of progressive thoughts on sexual liberation, bold makeup and self-love. “In business, if someone says no to you — you’re talking to the wrong person.” Flex advices those around her to push and pursue their dreams through hard work and drive. “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” A visual sensation, Flex’s beautiful personality radiates through her colourful feed. Flex is definitely someone to watch!

@suzie_stevens (17.1k followers)

It’s impossible to miss the vibrant flicker of Suzie Stevens’ fiery waves as you scroll through Instagram. Her glorious hair is only one of the many captivating attributes about the Australian influencer. Her powerful poses and artistically organised feed are a visual carnival of colour and strength. A loyal supporter of all things floral, bright and patterned, Suzie’s accentuates her curves with her bold style. Breaking barriers, Suzie flaunts all she’s got and is an advocate for women’s rights and self-love. “Don’t mind me, just living my best life in my plus sized body,” she wrote to compliment one of her recent power posts. Suzie supports big brands that are advocates for diversity and calls out those who are falling behind. Her passion, drive and engaging content make Suzie a must follow!

@jaymejo_ (448k followers)

The hair envy is real when it comes to influencer Jayme Jo’s bouncing curls. The Lebanese-Australian dancer stuns with her piercing blue eyes and luscious locks. With her big dreams of making it into the limelight Jayme Jo’s unsurprisingly bubbly personality is engaging and infectious. It’s hard to believe Jayme Jo used to straighten her hair, but now she fully embraces her natural curls. Her hair tutorials and tips encourage her followers to love every hair on their heads. Her beautiful photos are always accompanied with a spout of joy and inspiration. Jayme Jo hopes to use her space to encourage and build others up. The young influencer preaches “remember to be kind, you never know what [is] truly happening in someone else’s life.”

@robynlawley (201k followers)

Robyn Lawley isn’t your average influencer with a single message to address. The model mother uses her platform to engage and educate on matters far outside the realm of the beauty industry. Her feed encompasses messages of body positivity alongside a plea for her followers to think deeper about the state of our fragile Earth. Her posts and messages regarding climate change pull an array of unnecessary controversy, but Robyn never falters. A modern warrior, pioneering for equality, diversity and the reduction of her carbon footprint. Atop of this extensive list of battles to be won, Robyn openly speaks about her on going struggles with Lupus. “We are all human, we all have scars and are usually battling something… often in secret”.

@rowisingh (119k followers)

There is no such thing as too much colour when it comes to Rowi Singh. Pastels shadows, neon brows and effervescent accessories do not deter this influencer in the slightest. An avid festival goer, Rowi’s fashion sense is fearless as she combines traditional Punjabi culture with bold beauty statements. Her feed is bright and reflects her enthusiasm for creativity. Her unique looks aren’t like any other as she designs artworks far different than the average beauty influencer. Each post is a wave of colour and wit, providing your feed with the vibrancy it needs. Rowi is a proud brown woman “serving tradition and extravagance.”

@healthychick101 (129k followers)

A powerhouse of physical performance and paramedicine, Riley Hemson demolishes all negative ideologies associated with health and fitness. Her personality radiates through Instagram where she shares her authentic thoughts and feelings. Born in New Zealand, Riley now calls Australia her home where she maintains a perfect balance of fit and fun. Her confidence is unparalleled as she chooses to embrace her body for what it is. “Out here with my stretch marks, cellulite, rolls and LOVING IT! While striving to be the best, healthiest ME I can be.” Riley urges her followers to enjoy a healthy and exciting life regardless of appearance or body type.


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