Male Modelling: Secrets to Uncover Your Signature Pose

Are you looking as bland and boring as one of the Queen’s Guards in your photoshoots? Come on lads, loosen up a little and unleash yourself! Lets see how you can find your signature pose and ramp up the heat in your shoots. 

Let’s get one thing straight. A male and a female model’s posing requires different approaches. While ladies attempt to emphasise their curves, us gentlemen should focus on the angles in the face and jawline. When it comes to male modelling, don’t be shy to reveal your ego. Embrace that self-confidence and stay cool!

1. Posture

To highlight your masculinity, what you first need is good posture. If you got a spectacular jawline and chiselled face, but you stand slouched over, your results won’t be as spectacular as they could be. A slouched posture is especially noticeable in taller men, so the towering lads must make sure they fix this first! So as Eminem wisely said, ‘‘straighten up, little soldier’’.


2. Jawline

Posture – Check! Let’s take a look at that jawline now. A man’s face is the first thing that stands out when looked at, so flaunt your face lads. You want it to look as angular and defined as possible with the jawline. So stand firm, face in the direction your jawline appears strongest. I’m saying this because not all of us have symmetrical faces with strong jawlines on both sides of the face. My jawline, for example, appears blunter when I look to my left. Typically, a frontal or slightly tilted head position can help show a more balanced jawline. If you’re not sure how to accentuate your jawline, don’t fear. Our photographers will guide you every step of the way. Bonus tip: rock neatly trimmed stubble or a beard to ramp up jawline definition for your shoots.


3. Eyes

So we got the jawline part of the face covered. What about your eyes and facial expressions? Along with your posture, facial expressions are the other element that will make or break your shoot. Here you want to appear confident and powerful through your expressions. Squint those eyes a bit, look away with a sly grin.

Appear a little cheeky and playful yet confident at the same time. If you’re not good with pulling off the bad boy looks, then smile and laugh away, boys! Remember, your expressions define how the viewer perceives your picture. So be genuine and express your true personality. Yes, that means you can be weird and put on some weird expressions. Our photographers love to see fun and new expressions from models.


4. Body

So the face is done and dusted. Now the body. What do you do here? Here we need to accentuate the broad shoulders and get that v shape going. One significant factor that confuses us males is hand positioning. My hands feel restless when they’re just free-floating for some reason. So if you also face that issue, do something about it. No, literally, do something! Throw them in your pockets, fix up your outfit with them (this looks classy btw), have one hand in your pocket while the other loosely holds a jacket over your shoulder, or hold a prop. 

Now, if you’re going for full body shots, leg positioning is vital. Standing or sitting cross-legged and leaning against a wall are great positions to emphasise a cool and confident look.


5. Lighting

And now, enter the light. Use light to your advantage, my friends. It sets the mood of your picture and enhances your pose. Get creative with natural sunlight and see how you can add flair to your pose with it. In general, though, you always want to face the light. Photographers can also use lightboxes and strobes to help illuminate your poses in indoor situations.


So there you have it, folks! There are a few simple and powerful secrets that can help you find your unique pose. Share and let us know what your unique pose is and how you discovered it!

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